The Rules

Here are all the Red Mage rules gathered in one place~ I will add a real guide to playing Red Mage in the future.

August 07: 1 to 3

  • Keep the look Snazzy, make sure your feather is clean and your gear matches! (This comes from me switching gear around town as I hate to look bad, and imo if you look bad your a bad rdm!
  • You can tank! Alot better then most other jobs too. Keep ur refresh, haste, aquivail, spikes, phalanx, SS, blink, prot+shell up & shake that Fast Cast to show the critics who’s boss! Spam spells like Sleep, Bind and Dispel for hate. Full Af makes you a tanking machine. Its a constant struggle for me to get people to believe this!
  • The Party really needs you, so try to stick with it as much as you can! But things don’t often get better if it started bad, and you can get an invite within 2 mins of leaving a party >.> just saying…

September 07: 4

  • You need to actually play Red Mage to learn rules and get better.

October 07: 5 to 11

  • Keep playing Red Mage or you may loose your 1337 skillz.
  • Always put on full AF for cut scenes, it makes for mint screenies.
  • Learn how to kite! its fraking invaluable! Using Grav, then binding the mob and ruining around may seem simple but make sure u can do it well or you’re not a good rdm!
  • Don’t play when u are tired, you may find u suck monkey balls.
  • Keep your sub levelled, a lame and obvious rule but needs to be one!
  • A good rdm will keep enfeebs up throughout the battle, so try it if u can! That 15 mp slow could save on a several cures. (The exception are mobs that die very fast).
  • Take your time getting to 75, the longer you spend with Red Mage the more practice and experience you’ve got under your belt.

November 07: 12 to 13

  • When you’re feeling down, go to your Mog House and change to Rdm/Nin, exit and equip two swords. See how cool you look? you’re right, very cool. All better! (lolRule XD)
  • Remember to equip the right elemental staff for nukes, its +10% for matching the element and -10% for using the opposing. -.-; Nuking the NM I did so little dmg because I didn’t check what staff was equipied
  • Elles back!

December 07: 14

  • Sick of stressful, boring parties? Stuff them, do some campaign!

January 08: 15

  • Equip the right elemental staves for the enfeeb you’re using! Matching the element of the spell to the staff. My Sleep with a Light staff a few days ago isn’t the best way to do things >.<!

February 08: 16 to 18

  • Don’t listen to my rules, as I died against that easy mob!
  • We’re the best at Campaign o Points are based on casting; cure, enfeebling, damaging and protective spells allong with dealing physical damage and having enmity. Keep getting assessed to rest the skill caps and you can max out exp!
  • Use chainspell to skill up magic in Besieged :3 Revitaliser allows you to do this multiple times for mucho skill ups! Handy for dark magic indeedy.

March 08: 19 to 20

  • Get used to cycling Utsusemi: Ni and Ichi. Practice makes perfect and Avatars seem like a good enough way to ease into it while. Theyre easy enough, but you life is in danger still so you’ll be scared to screw up heehee.
  • Skill up sword to 240 at least. It will be under-leveled more then likely since you dont get to use it in parties. Having it 240+ really helps in soloing and allows you to access Savage Blade~ which rocks for dmg!

May 08: 21

  • Bare with the melees, compared to us mages they’re not very smart . Try to remember this before you get too angry with the melees and inform them where to shove it.

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