Peeps & Me

This post is unedited from 2008, and so is very outdated.

Alias: Millions Knives

Name: Aram

I’m the writer of this blog, Aram. England is my home nation in real life, I’m 18 and attend a really crappy art collage. I wont describe myself because it’ll probably be totally wrong, all l’ll say is, I’m often told I’m the best person ever.

What? I’m serious.

Fine >_> that was a lie.

I’m a big fan of Games and Anime, though I’m pretty selective in what I watch and play . Battlestar Galactica, FFXI, Evangelion and GitS:SAC are the first things that come to mind when asked what I like. I also have an interest in Art and Design, which will hopefully take me to university to study the field.

Vana’diel has been my second home for two years now. Way too addicted to FFXI and fully in love with my character, MillionsKnives haha! I also lead a social linkshell called SuicideMoogles. A few of my friends from real life play FFXI and at times, well, most of the time, its all we talk about! When we get into sharing stories about our lives in Vana’diel I remember whats so great about FFXI and why I play. Talking about FFXI is sometimes more fun then playing it. The blog is for myself really, so I can look back and remember all the fun times I’ve had in Vana’diel when my stay here comes to an end, if you’d like to take a read thats great too! Every post l update my play time to keep track of how much time I waste on this game (and laugh at it!) and whenever I find a new Red Mage Rule l’ll add it in. Get it? The title has a double meaning!! oh-ho.

Alias: Overlord Laharl

Name: Spen

Spens a real life friend who introduced me to FFXI two years ago :P Originally I wouldn’t play because of the monthly fee, but after seeing him run around Bastok i just had to be part of it! I quickly got to level 10 and then we epically ventured to San d’Oria together! Truly we were destined for greatness from the start. He’s known for picking the most standard and boring paths in game, being a default male hume, from Bastok, who’s a warrior.

Alias: Amith

Name: Dave

Awww look its Amith *pokes Amiths cheeks* heehee. I met Amith aaaages ago, didn’t get on all that well, crazy how things change, cuz now Amith is my favourite grumpy friend. I also remember thinking he was a girl for a long time haha. Most of my time in FFXI is spent with Amith, just doing random crap. For more info read this post.

Alias: Othelia

Name: Lee

A friend from real life, its Lee! He’s a very intelligent guy, yet despite his intellect he chose Blue Mage as his job of choice. Seriously, hes always asking for help learning spells… no! Go away! :P Me and lee can talk about FFXI for ages, and it seems to dominate all our conversations o_o

Alias: Spankey

Name: Charlie

Spankeys Suicide Moogles resident stoner. My little Red Mage apprentice, Spanks an awesome person to be around, always looking on the light side of life i.e he finds dying and losing EXP hilarious. I’ve met him in real life a few times now, once for my linkshells secret santa, he got me some damn powerful whiskey!

Alias: Datsuki

Name: Livija

My sister~ Originally played the character Chibimoon in-game, she started with Datsuki when me and her got separate accounts. She doesn’t play all that much any more, so will people please send her a few emails telling her to get of the damn phone and level the hell up.

Alias: Fheonix

Name: Kali

I met Fheonix at the Crag of Dem as a lil Rdm, he ran up to me asking if I needed any help or advice regarding Red Mage ^_^ I dont know how I answered, but we’ve been friends since. He can’t have gained more then 10 levels on Red Mage since I met him, so eventually I overtook him heehee. Fhes great :D he nearly quit for a while back, but thankfully rejoined me in Vana’diel! Despite popular belief not all of our conversations are X-rated.

Alias: Weissberv

Name: Alaistair

Pooper, as I call him, is one crazy fool of a guy! Hes stalked me ever since he met my sister two years ago (they ended up dead next to each other in Yuhtunga jungle). Somehow he got on my friendlist and in my linkshell, seriously no idea how… If you have any information on how he keeps finding me and my email address please tell me!

Alias: Podginator

Name: Thomas

Pod is a lolbst.


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  1. weissthesamurai July 13, 2008 at 12:57 pm #

    I have my ways… Which you’ll never find out ofc. ^^

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