The Weissberv

4 Feb


A recurring question from members of the Suicide Moogles Linkshell is;

‘Eh? Whos Weissberv? What are you doing on our Linkshell?’

Takes a minute for the old memory to kick in…

<Kroeger> A new member, perhaps?

<Weissberv> Common guys, it’s me, Weissberv! your remember me! =D … I’m the uber Samurai of Suicide Moogles  =D The lemon in your lemon cheesecake, the Charizard in your Pokemon squad =D

<Amith> ?

<Ozrox> I have never seen you before in my life.

<Overlordlaharl> Isn’t Maruk our linkshells Samurai?

<Weissberv> ; ;

Once I get online and jog their memories by explaining he’s that Samurai who always causes a ruckus at events ending in several deaths, they quickly remember who he is.

The next question to follow is;

‘How the hell do you know him, Mill. And more importantly why is he in the LS…’

Well, gather round children as here is the story of how MillionsKnives met the fabled Samurai, Weissberv.

The year was 900 and something CE, three years ago-ish by my countings. ‘Twas a normal humid day in ye old Yhoatar Jungle, Mandys were a roamin’ and Gobbies were killing the local Adventurers, fresh off the Jeuno Airships after obtaining their passes.

Now, unbeknown to most is that MillionsKnives was not the original member of Suicide Moogles to meet our little Samurai. Nope. That pleasure went to none other then our resident Black Mage at the time, Chibimoon. My sister~

The two of them had been partying within a few hundred Yalms of one another, oblivious to each others existence. As frequently happens in those parts a Goblin with an attitude problem decides to let out some stress by destroying a party. After all, Goblins need EXP too and what better way to level up than to slaughter six under levelled Adventurers.

As a Goblin decided to open a can of whoop ass on Chibimoons party, a mirror image of the situation was taking place in Weiss party just around the corner. ‘Course all the way back then Weiss was more commonly known as Trooper.

Blood was spilling, tanks were taking a pounding and people were a panicin’. As members of each party frantically ran all over the show trying to escape the possessed Gobbies, our hero and heroin saved the day in there respective parties through a series of cure bombs and 2 Hours. Thanks to these acts of bravery the Gobbies quickly selected their next targets… and in one fell swoop from each Goblin both  our heroes were knocked out. Still unaware of one another’s existence much less that they had just suffered the same fate.

As the panic died down and the party regrouped to finally kill the Gobbies it became apparent to those left standing that the best thing they could do, as they didnt have any form of Raise, would be to leave the dead for dead and move on with their lives.

<Party> Yea… thanks for the party. Sorry you died.

<Chibimoon>  Can you at least shout for a raise?

<Party> A-wu?

*Party Disbanded*


<Party> Well, you were the White Mage, so guess we don’t have a Raise for you )= sorry, bye.

<Trooper> We could see if theres a White Ma-

*Party Disbanded*

As Chibimoon lay fuming and wondering what to do, as her Home-Point was all the way back in Bastok, I, MillionsKnives watched over her shoulder. Which is how I can retell this tale! Amazing, no?

Anyways, after a few minutes of lying in the dirt unable to move her legs, hoping someone would walk past and Raise her, Chibimoon noticed a tiny rock wearing clothes at the other end of the cave.

Wait, thats no tiny rock! Its a teeny Taru :O!

Trooper>> So I hear you’re eating dirt too.

>>Trooper : MillionsKnives is amazing.

Eh, so my memory gets a little fuzzy here, they may not have said that last part… as Trooper hadn’t met me yet :x

The point is, in the 20 or so minutes they lay their unable to use their legs, this horrible time was turned into a session of talking and laugher ( there was also bitching about certain party members who leave members face down and disband.) Eventually that little dead Taru managed to get them both a Raise from a friend…

…I think…? Or maybe they just Home-Pointed. Whatever… The key bit is Trooper was added as a friend to Chibimoons’ list.

Through the magic of a shared account this meant that when MillionsKnives got out of bed the next day he was greeted by all the friends Chibimoon had made the night before.


Trooper>> Common Chibimoon, it’s me, Trooper! your remember me! :D … I’m the uber White Mage of Yhoatar :D The lemon in your lemon cheesecake, the Chansey in your Pokemon squad :D

>>Trooper : Sir, please, for the 10th time, I’ve never met you. It was my sister you were talking to last nite.

It took a few more /t’s before he realised I was not Chibimoon. However through that hour of repetitive /t’s I realised that this person, Trooper, was someone on the intellectual level perfect for use as a slave. And so our friendship grew from that day onwards, along with his daily tasks to make my life easier. Such as making my dinner or shining my shoes.

Now I cant imagine life without my little slave, Trooper, or Pooper as I affectionately call him :)

As time passed I found out that Pooper was only a sub character to that of the uber Samurai, Weissberv. We chatted for about a year or more before he one day examined me and said;

Weissberv>> Hey I didn’t know you lead a Linkshell

>>Weissberv :  Dood, you’ve examined me about 1000 times… how can you not have noticed…

Weissberv>> Ooooo its shiny, can I have a pearl?

>>Weissberv : No, never.

And I have stood by my answer to this day. However, Weiss somehow managed to get a pearl. I think he may have hijacked my account for a day or something and pearled himself…

Our Linkshell rules state that I can not kick a member for no reason. So for the past two years I have patiently bided my time, waiting for the day where Weiss slips up and gives me an excuse to kick him.

No luck so far, but I live in hope.


In all honesty, Weis is one of my favourite people to do thing with in game. I like that things with Weis are done for fun and not for the other lame reasons people play FFXI for. It is a game after all :P

*drum roll*

And now, in no particular order here are MillionsKnives and Weissbervs New Years moments~

Being an amazing friend I decided to help Weiss with a Bastok Rank Mission. The dangerous quest involved popping two Golems in Ro’Meave. However only one needed to be killed to complete the quest.


With ease our heroes defeated one Golem (after the second had de-popped.) A search to end all searched started to re-find the ??? which had jumped location in the time it took us to kill the Golem. Success! We found it! As Weiss clicked the ??? to gain his reward he epicly received … nothing.

Ooooook, maybe we got the wrong ???, lets continue searching!

Hmm no it must be the right one, click it again, Weis.

*Two more Golems pop*



*Weissberv gets hit in the face*


*MillionsKnives starts Casting Sleep on the Golem*

*MillionsKnives agros everything in the area*


A struggle between life and death ensued! After a Chainspell one Golem was down and one to go, with all the link slept. 10% left!

*blah blah wakes up!*

*blah blah wakes up!*

*blah blah wakes up!*

*blah blah wakes up!*


*Millionsknives falls to the ground*

The… … important thing… is that Weis managed to kill the last NM and survived to click the ??? and complete the mission, he then boldly repeated the events of three years ago and…



Thank you Spankey for coming to raise me XD [Congratulations] to Weiss on the mission :)

Next up was our first try of the new Moblin Maze Mongers event. OOOOO. I heard that apparently the Maze scales mobs to your level and amount of members allowing it to be a fun duo activity.


Apparently I was misinformed :/ or at least the community was as it had only been out a few days.


Lots of elementals :/ lets not do that again.


Summons over and over again as throughout Christmas I was at home so thar was mucho dual boxage of the brothers~


Course, Weiss didn’t come as he doesn’t have the fame needed. He was there anyway tho.

And finally~ Me, Weis and Kroeger have been dabbling in the WotG story. It’s been very fun too :) Weiss got caught up with the Sandy side of things, which gave me a chance to attempt to seriously tank an NM for a change. It worked well too :D but I’d be pretty sure Weiss was holding back so that he didn’t die.


There’ll be a few more posts on these missions as its far too much to fit in here! Stay tuned :O!

Fun Fact: I barely ever spell Weissbervs name right. I made a special effort in this post! Can ya tell?

Red Mage Rules: Blind, Dispel and Sleep are your hate building friends.

Playtime: 165 Days, 18 Hours, 43 Minutes and 57 Seconds


Party times at a distance

2 Feb


The thing with levelling Ranger is; You just look too damn cool for school.

I’m probably the worst Ranger ever because I get lost in staring at how minted I look in everything I do as Ranger D:


I’ve levelled ze job quite a  lot over Christmas and up to now :) It currently stands at 68~! Burnt through all my Anny ring ready for the event in … March? Level sync has made this really fun as every partys been with some LS members :) It started to feel like I couldnt survive in a party without Kedregan. We were having a nice little competition going on, who could keep hate, the RNG or the PLD? XD Sorry to say that Ked being an awesome PLD means he won most of the time ; ;


This party was especially special to me, not only because Spen and Lasaro were in it, but because it had everyones favourite bought character – Nyaenhehe <3

Nyaenheheh was the first Gil seller me and my sister ever saw. Back in the days when Gil sellers would attempt to mana burn their way to 75 starting from level 1…

Not knowing about Gil sellers me and my sister were just very confused about why a party of 5 BLMs with level one gear were constantly dying in Yhoator Jungle. Then sporadically talking nonsense and not accepting Raises.

And so the name Nyaenhehe stuck in our minds ever since. Then last year she popped up again in better gear, with an LS etc. Every time I see them I wanna say ‘HOWS THE BOUGHT CHARACTER WORKING OUT FOR YA?!’ but they wouldnt understand )’:

Needless to say she’d been bough by a JP XD It was an honour to party with you, Nyaenhehe. /bow

Also in this party was a dick of a SMN, constantly not doing what we asked (and it seemed to be on purpose). I’d just like to say this SMN was invited to DD and seemed to go out of his way to suck at it, and its a prime example of why I never invite SMNs to DD. Every time I’ve been in a party where a SMN can DD they seem to not want to… like they’d rather cure whore…

Anyways, to get him back for being an ass we disbanded before his level ;P he left in a huff when we said we wouldnt wait for it and then the 5 of us laughed at him.

Erm… 4 of us, Nyaenhehe didnt know what was going on :x


THEN CAME A PARTY WITH BOB AND KED, WHILE WEIS SAT AND WATCHED! This camp was horrible D: some Puk camp at the furthest point S/W in the Woodlands, long ass pulls D: NEVER GO THERE!


And no partying spree would be complete with a session from the great Spankey~ In this picture I’m being a cheep skate and using holy bolts :) YAY

This party was memorable as 2 people suddenly left as they had an LS event. What strange LS’s when they spring events on you just after you level. l’ll have to get one and see how it works…

When the THF asked which RNG wanted to pull and we quckly said none, you should. He said;

‘lol yea but then i g2 [Disengage] lol but i guess so.. when we get to 65 though one rng is gonna lol’

to which I orz’d. They were a nice person and turned out to be a good puller, but the though that a THF thinks them having to disengage to pull is a problem made me wanna hit my head on the keyboard lol

Despite the rather ranty post I had HUGE amounts of fun :) Thanks to my friends for partying with me. Level sync rocks <3 Thankfully my skills only gimped by a few levels.

At the moment I’m in a predicament as RNG :/ unlike my RDM where I can basically buy my way into good gear, RNG gear sucks from AH and NMs >_< I’ll have to do Dyna and Sky to be decent. The problem is I don’t have time for these in my life :/ I could do Sky say once a week? Finding a Shell that doesn’t split after a little while seems to be hard. Everyone I know seems to be in LS where people bugger off and the LS has to reform, meaning all the time spent on points is lost. I really don’t have the luxury to devote the time to regaining points if my Sky LS falls apart :/ I’m not sure what to do. Guess I need to bite the bullet and try it. I’ve done Sky once before and found it very fun.

If anyone on Hades knows of a good Sky LS that runs at decent GMT hours and wants a RDM drop me a line >_< I don’t mind at all having to spend time saving up points, just so long as the LS isn’t fragile enough to disband D:

…far too many don’ts in thar ^-^;

Dyna on the other hand. So, so boring…

Merry Easter!

31 Dec

Merry Easter everyone! Hope you all have a nice night! Whats your new years resolution?

Mine is to Keep up to date with University work! Have one night a week where I do work and actually use my free day for work XD, as in the past three months I did barely any work until the last five days, when I realised that four entire graphics projects and a 2500 word essay were piled up to do.

At this point I nearly cried.

Then Misatos words ‘CRYING ISN’T GOING TO SOLVE ANYTHING EITHER!’, so I just got on with it. I also repeated ‘Like it or not you’re still alive, get moving an do something!’ to myself a few times :P Thank god for Evangelion~

Luckily(?) three of my friends were in the same boat, so I was not alone in my struggle.

Long story short, I work quite well under pressure haha so I diiid get everything done and it all looks quite good if I do say so myself. However I didn’t get sleep for the last three days, thank god for Red Bull!

This picture was taken of the state we were in after hand-in to make sure we remembered how horrible those 5 days were and what they did to our faces D: Never again! Hence the new years resolution hahaha;

[ Bad times ]

If I get kicked off the course after Christmas I’ll come back and edit this section to say that I totally tried to fail :P. Anyone who wants to see one or two bits of what I did its up on my DA account here:

While on on an irl tangent, did anyone dress up for an xmas party? :P For my flat Xmas party I couldnt think of anything more festive then a frozen dead boy!;

This is a normal night at uni;


Then zeez is for our Robot fancy dress party, I went as a Cyborg Ninja :X unlike the others I had foward thinking and realised it would be very hard to get drunk in a carboard suit XD;

Hmmm, after that series of terrible photos lets move on to FFXI~


The Avatar duo (awww what a cute name!)  have been in action as usual. I like this photo for some reason, its cute them two being in the same clothes. As sad as it is I think of them as brothers XD Barthezz should really be added to this sites banner :)


[ Action shot! ]

The brothers (awww!) also took a trip to Besieged. Which I still think is fun but a complete joke. The system is so laggy in there it shouldn’t have even been relesed. Is it only me that thinks that? If any other game played that that it’d never be put onto the sheleves…




Awww a tiny question from a tiny man. What is it Nokum?

Huh? Why is your hair green you say?

Well, you see, when a man and a wo…

Wait… why is your hair green!?


The Mithra is right! IMPOSTER!!!


Yes, you!


Don’t give me that cute little ‘I’m innocent’ look, I know your not Nokky-Wokky!

What have you done with him?! Did you kill him for his Gil?!


How can you not know if you killed him?! He was only a Milkman! HE HAD NO GIL DAMN YOU!


You say someone swapped the .dat file for your face? Who?


Ohhhh, I see. That must have been my sister for a certian other taru :/ sorry Nokky. Mystery solved! Lets never fight again.



Trying to bake Christmas

30 Dec

“100% chicken breast pieces, bacon, pork stuffing, cranberry and onion
relish in a creamy white sage sauce wrapped in a light puff pastry” – Greggs

Over the Christmas period Greggs has had a… F…. Fe…. F-Festi ….. ‘Festive Bake’ for sale. Is it the pastry to end all pastries?! Lets see what the general public thinks. A quick Google search reveals;

“Stay away from Gregg’s ‘Festive Bake’ IMO, had one the other day, tasted like an old lady’s sofa.”
Bass Monsta

“It’s like a steak bake….but it’s full of festiveness!!!! Turkey, cranberry, sage, thyme, xmas joy……etc”Vandersam


[ This is not the festive bake )’: ]

“I’ve been thinking alot about the festive bake from greggs.”Anonymous

“I did pop into this Greggs after work for a Christmas bake but I was unfortunately on the phone to Gary Wood  and therefore unable to take photographs.”

Very interesting indeed.  Maybe even more interesting is that theres a blog out there all about queues, which I think is awesome!

But back on topic, what does our brave adventurer MillionsKnives think of this… F…. Fe…. F-Festi ….. Festive Bake?

“Eh? What do you mean? What the hell is ‘taste’? Hmmm… are the status benefits on this food item anyway?”MillionsKnives


[ Some people enjoy eating, others enjoy death ]

My own personal view on the… F…. Fe…. F-Festi ….. Festive Bake…? Just thinking about it makes me feel the need to throw up everything currently residing in my stomach! But thats because I’ve eaten far, far to many of these things. Sometimes for breakfast, which is apparently a really bad idea.

But my main thought on these is ‘YUM!’, followed by ‘there was cranberry in that? and Pork stuffing mixed with chicken? what the hell was I eating!?

If i were to rework Greggggggs earlier description of the bake it would read somewhat like

“What may be 100% chicken breast pieces, stuffing, lumps of another meat, thyme and onion flavors in a white goo of some sort wrapped in a light puff pastry” – Greggs

Mmm, just thinking about this makes me wish the … F…. Fe…. F-Festi ….. Festive Bake offer was still on. But sadly it ended last Saturday along with my love for Greggs. This makes me very sad. When I first went to University I was horrified Huddersfields only bakers were Greggs, as Cooplands is where its at. However the Bake of Christmas brought out a new found love inside of me for Greggs. Now that love has been ripped out of me, ripped like

ripped like…

Hmm writers block…


Ripped like Clothes are by an angry..

an angry…



However the Bake of Christmas brought out a new found love inside of me for Greggs. Now that love has been ripped out of me, ripped like clothes are by an angry, angry Wolf.


[ This is not even a Pastry; it’s ‘bread’ ]

I will look back on Christmas 2008 as the year heaven (mixed with various other meats) entered my life in the form of a pastry, and then vanished forever.

Or at least until next Christmas.

Comment number three from  off my Google search is the one I can most relate too, as you may be able to tell.

Now I’ve written over 400 words on the… F…. Fe…. F-Festi ….. Festive Bake I feel it is time to move on.




No… No… wait… my laptop has decided to hang itself.


Why wont that thing stay hung or just decide to get on with life?

Thus i cant post any pictures -_-; so l’ll save WotG stuff for another day. At the moment I’m on my mums desktop, which is getting kind of old now ^^; It’s odd to have lag on FFXI so much…

Anyway, what I have been doing now I’ve got this comp to myself (mother is on holiday 0′:) is moar Titan! Kroeger has come along for a few of them too. This allowed moi to practice holding hate off’a someone with spaming Blind and Dispel, which worked, but then I guess Kroeger wasn’t going all out anyway.

Hmm, waste of a sentence that wasn’t it really?

Today I did some Campaign on Ranger;


It went well.

Death is unavoidable at level 61 with that demon piece of wood. Spen* came as Dancer, its very nice to have someone heal me in campaign for a change! Despite the irony of being dead in that picture, I did mean that.

Note to self; Campaign still sucks as RNG for gil spent Vs reward. Or not spending gil Vs reward.

Im surprised and happy to see many people are still campaigning, even with SE butchering campaign compared to when it first came out.

Drifting off the FFXI topic~~~~ I’ve found out this month that I’ve liked Bloc Party for the past year and never known it. ‘I still remember’ used to be the highlight of my hour when it looped round on the music at Topman, however in my year working there I never actually went up to the TVs and checked who sung it. However now that I know its Bloc Party I’ve looked up their other stuff and its all tastey treats! So now the list of bands i like reads;

  1. Feeder.
  2. Bloc Party.

Man, I’m a music loving machine!

Playtime; 161 Days , 23 Hours, 29 Minutes, 55 Seconds.

*Please petition this lazy man to update his blog.

Vana’diels most loved places

14 Dec

Since I can’t really play FFXI right now, seems like a good time for a filler post :)

I asked my LS to briefly talk about their favourite three zones in Vana’diel, explaining why its a special place to them. Heres what they said:

Millionsknives (me!)

3: Aht-Urghan Whitegate.


While i want to say Promyvion, as that zone is plain awesome, I had to pick Whitegate. Unlike 1 & 2 this is purely based of Whitegates beauty~ the sky there is amazing! The zone is one of the most detailed in the game, and feels like a bustling city. The music begs you to hum along and i can almost feel the humid air on my face…. no wait… thats my flatmate… he just poured water on me.

Realy tho, the SKY!!! Next time your in Whitegate look up.

2: Pashhow Marshlands


Yay Pashhow! This is mainly for memories. Oldies of the LS may remember the weeks we spent farming here. I can mainly remember me, Spen and Evasn running around the area as a party slaughtering anything we could find to stack up Beastmen Blood, Silk thread and Beehive Chips.

Weeks and weeks on end.

But it was hella fun, and made us loaded ;P Shame that doesnt pay well now…

Its also the place where I realised that MillionsKnives was born to be a Red Mage. Farming with a Warrior and Paladin who had nearly no means to stay alive, I loved that I could rush in, save them, chuck a protect on them both, then run off and fire a nuke, throw up an En-Spell and start farming by myself. I can actually remember that moment and thinking ‘man, I love this job! I can do anything!’

Also, when the sun comes out over Pashhow, it becomes a very pretty zone. You start to notice all the flowers.

1: (South) Gustaberg


Sweet, sweet Gustaburg. One of the first places i ever stepped into. I spent aggggges in Gustaburg, and it was the first place id ever been in (in a game) that felt like it went on forever, which i loved!

Its mainly memories that make this my favourite zone, some of them don’t even involve me. Like the time Chibimoon dragged an undead hound to the Bastok zone as she was dying. Before the MPK patch when monsters didnt despawn, it just hung around the gates and proceeded to kill every newbie that zoned into Gusta. Good times!

I remember when me and Spen ran to the lighthouse to kill our first NM; Bubbly Bernie. I basically stood and watched, dont think we knew how to make a party back then… XD

Gustabergs music is also my favourite in the game smile.gif Its really simple and arid, just like the zone. But brings the sense that somewhere, there are other people about in this massive dust bowl.

In all, its the sense of wonder this zone gives me that makes it my favourite place to be. It makes me remember what I was like, and what FFXI was to me when i first started playing. When i run through Gusta all those memories come back.


This was a tough one but I can sum them up, fishing boat is prob one of my favs for many reasons but its not really a overall zone

3: West Sarutabaruta [S]


I love this place, the music is breathtaking and just makes you want to fall peacefully asleep, as well as the soothing sounds of birds chirping and the river flowing, I basically sat there all night one time taking it all in. It’s also a special place where lots of stuff happened and will always remind me of someone, I have a lot of memories from it even though its a new place.

2: Crawler’s Nest


My second home with Nauthima (my NPC). Probably the best farming place I have found that no one else really uses. I can make about 40k in a hour, why I love it so much is I know it like the back of my hand, but its so dangerous that I actually have to pay attention and work hard to gain all my gil. I also have lots and lots of memories there in the early days like meeting RMT for the first time, and spending years in there getting everyones G1 item tongue.gif

1: The Sanctuary Of Zi’tah


Well what can I say really, this place has probably one of the best pieces of music in my opinion, I could sit there all day listening to it and also enjoying the sceneary which is uniquely beautiful. It’s also my first major farming area, where I went with nauthy to lvl up killing goobue’s, farming thier grass and cuttings but also summoning the NM which was tough to kill, I was like a 64 warrior at the time if I remember.


3: Halvung


Unlike Ifrit’s Cauldron, apparently Square Enix went all-out to create something that looks more believably volcanic (in spite of being underneath Mount Zhayolm itself). The concept of a subterranean city built into a volcano’s magma reservoir is also simply too cool.

2: Tu’Lia


Not because it’s even remotely like artistic depictions of heaven, but because it’s hugely reminiscent of Studio Ghibli’s film “Laputa: Castle In The Sky” which is a sensational film.

1: Arrapago Reef


Because, well, it’s a pirate ship graveyard… and it’s also Tim Burton’s playground. The music’s haunting on one level and beautiful on another, and it’s got some very nice storyline connections to COR (and, to a lesser degree, PUP)


3: Selbina


A zone I’d spend all my time LFP in the dunes in… I love the calm little jiggery tune that plays in this zone, and you really get the feeling that it’s just a sleepy little fishing town, off the edge of the continent.
It’s also the zone I first met Millionsknives in, which for me kinda makes it a bit extra special too happy.gif

2: La’Thaine Plateau


My first real experience of exploring zones was spent here, back when the sheer scope of the game had me awe struck. Visiting somewhere larger than the East/West Ronf. zone for me, was mind blowing.
Being at the time, I was a measly level 8 MNK, the zone was new and scary, so I convinced Randall (Bob’s character at the time) to travel with me. It felt so cool looking over this absolutely massive zone and daring myself (and Bob) to venture deeper.
Really, I’ll remember this zone as my first real taste of adventure in Vana’diel

1: Xarcabard / Dynamis – Xarcabard


Both of these zones are for me, the “single” most epic zones ever, the lay of the land, especially leading up to Castle Zvahl, is daunting, even more so for those unfamiliar with the territory.
This feeling is even more accentuated in the alternate reality of Dynamis ~ Xarcabard, where the dusken backdrop and booming music give such an ominous atmosphere to the entire area. In both zones, the presence of the Demon monster family gives the entire area an air of the unholy.

Definately one of the best designed zones, both in storytelling scope and visual strength, I feel it does Castle Zvahl justice to have it looking over such a vast, dead land.


3: Selbina


I just like this zone cause the musics awesome and when i was new to the game it was a sanctuary to run to when i agroed one of the many goblins there.

2: Castle Zvahl


I always picture Amith as evil, again i dunno why. When I picture him plotting some…. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL i always picture him doing it in castle zvahl, like he lives there or something, its awesome.

1: Kazham


I like Kazham cause for some odd reason I keep accidentally going there when I mean to go somewhere else and i dunno why lol. I’ve done it repeatedly, I must run around with my head in the clouds. when I think of Kazham it makes me laugh.


3: Sandiora [S]


My god. It looks hot! Ultimate fortress where the ever sexy elves stand ready to battle the beastmen till the end. Everyone a loyal and elite. Fuck it may be more to do with the fact that Elvaan stay there and they are the coolest race ever. Strong, tall, powerful and noble. Master paladins and determined to survive. True heros unlike ue cleche wood elf these guys clad in thick armour and behind high walls residing in beautiful castles. I love the past because again the area is so war torn and realistic it could easily be turned into a movie.

Elvaans are the king of bling…

2: Qufim islands


Don’t be shocked. This is favourite zone. Why? Cos it contains alot of Vanediel history. It’s gorgeous with the northern lights illumination the horizon. The fact that it’s like a historic battlefield with gigas giants stalking the whole area and the secrets of a Promathian temple locked inside itself. Fighting mobs is cool. Shame it’s a low level zone.

1: Gustaberg


I always loved Gustaberg. Since FFXI formed the moment I saw that zone I was impressed. It was huge, it was beautiful and it had a catchy song that reminded me of Red 13 theme which is one of my faves. Because it was so desolate and seemed to be ravaged by war it made Bastok look even more impressive that it found a way to survive of a chunk of dead rock. Also the one waterfall looked gorgeous standing out as the only spark of life in the wasteland. I used to love climbing the mountin and kicking some ass aswell. Funny story but I actually met knives for the first time in there where we took on 20 off goblins and then formed SM an hour l8r biggrin.gif


3: Rolanberry fields [S]


Its so tropical compared to the normal Rolanberry fields. Its controlled by Bastok. <3. The music is nice there too but I mainly like all the tropical colours and vegetation there. Its got quads there to kill, a Bastokan hobby of course.

2: Misareaux Coast


Even though I just unlocked this zone for myself just recently, I have to say its an amazing area O.O, the music is more fantasy-rpg style than the rest of the other zone’s music in my opinion, which adds to the atmosphere of the whole zone. The monsters were picked nicely for this area, as you don’t see many small monsters near enough xD. I think all the monsters here, sheep, giants and Bugards fit the zone perfectly as the zone’s “walls” are all massively big, which makes you, the player feel small, but you know you’re a match for the mobs… If that makes sense… Anyway, this zone is made so well it just earned that #2 slot.

1: (South) Gustaberg

The best zone ever. I put this zone as my favourite, number 1 because when I started playing I was a bastokan (still am <3) and although I did not found out about this zone until about level 4 (I thought the gates were just a fancy dead end so I went into the Zeurhen mines) I loved it so much because its so big compared to everywhere I went so far. I was amazed when I was fighting a goblin here, another goblin came and decided to help him… I was all like “Um… I’m gonna die now?!” but then I killed them both and <3’d the zone even more because of that reason lol. The music in this zone is one of the best tracks in the game. Granted.
I did the Bubbly Bernie quest a few times when I was around level 11 or so, xD I remmember being scared before the fight with him ><. Anyway, this zone makes Bastok even more rad! biggrin.gif


So tharr you have it. In my LS Gustaberg is getting lots of love! I’d like to take a moment to say I’m very flattered that some people mentioned meeting me as a memory they have of their fave zone ;.;

Also, SE’s picture of Qufim is bullllll, no way the water there renders like that…

If you’d like to see some more pictures of beautiful Vana’diel this site I’ve just found my be the next place for you to go :)

If you’d like to leave a comment about your fave zone, please do!

Epic Day

13 Dec

I just fought Titan.

About my 60th time fighting him.



Not at all.

It was fraking epic.

I’ve been at Uni for nearly three months no and havnt been able to play FFXI at all, I’d D/C all the time and for some reason I couldn’t dual box either. However this week our new net got turned on, and while its still pretty shoddy, it *touch wood* doesnt D/C often at all :) l’ll wait a bit longer and see, but looks like I might be able to party again! Another wonderful thing came with this new net, the ability to dual box again!!

*Hugs Barthezz*

Oh how I’ve missed my lil ‘thezz ^_^

So in my break for coursework (which ive been spamming all week, deadline on monday ; ; ) I made my merry way out to Titan~ Thinking pretty much I’d die from being so out of practice XD

Fighting Titan up to four times a week gets pretty dull, and there were times I’d wonder why the hell I was doing this as it was so boring, but today I had a blast! Cycling Buffs, watching the enfeebs on him, counting shadows, looking at his HP for his 2 hour @_@! So much to do! It was a handful compared to normal but it was great fun :) Being so out of the loop, and fighting him on Earthsday (woops) I ended up 2 houring him to death, how cool is chainspell??

Wonder if anyone in my flat wondered what I was doing screaming ‘NI UP! Ok, ok, AHHHHH! NOOO DONT INTERUPT! TAKE THIS YOU BASTARD, CHAAAAINSPELL! AERO AERO DIIEEEE!’

I’m writing this because I found it amazing how fun I found doing Titan compared to him being my normal farming ture. Just shows, FFXI *is* fun (shock horror!), but I play it so much it becomes just a routine. Which can be said for most of us probably.

So take a break and then you’ll remember that those every day things in Vana’diel are actually fun.


Other bits and bobs



While stood in Qufim I noticed someone shouted for a Raise.



they’re right behind me.


However the smart last man standing said ‘l’ll get em!’ just before I was about to cure him, so I thought I’d let him get them, as ya do. Much to my surprise he didnt die. He ran around the rock I was on for a minute or so and the weapon de-agro’d. wow. I guess this is something to do with pathing but I have no idea how that worked. Mr Sklaer, you impress me.



Moar Brenner with Weis now that he’s level 75, which by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I like his last words in that picture;  ‘don’t D:’

Next time say please!



FFXI didnt seem to be D/Cing after tea , so I decided to see how long it could stay on before it did (testing to find the problem or pattern!). Mel was on the LS and I got chatting to her, which is something  I had never really done before, to my EMENSE regret. We stayed up all night talking and I had alot of fun :) at around 7am we decided to have a go at getting the Rabbit Bow for her :0 Sadly by 8am I was falling asleep lol so we had to call it a night morning.

Important thing is shes got it now with the help of .. idk someone.

The next day FFXI was D/Cing as normal… guess there just wasnt much traffic at my Uni net 11pm till 8am lol ^_^;;



I tried to PL Ked and Tawooo. I DC’d whenever they started to fight ^_^;; that didnt go so well…

It was still nice to see you too anyway :) Looking classy Ked!


I went to Jeuno, hoping for Xmas musics. No luck. So i had a sit down in Rolenberry . After tea i came back and i could hear Bastoks music. Huh?

I’m at my HP? Those bastard flat mates, theyve seen me warp before and they’ve gone and warped me >:| But after accusing them of mischief i remembered to read the logger files. Alas, 15 mins of being hit (well, mostly being missed) by a Goblin and its Bee…

Thought for the day

Why do things agro to /sit ; ;

Closing statement

Well, I’ve been up for like… 4 days straight doing coursework, so I’m off to bed. If ya wanna see a lil bit of what ive been doing its up on my DA  at (its the ‘Inside’ ones.)

I’ve never been so excited to go to bed before 10pm XD

(SuicideMoogles members who havnt check the LSMES or forum, we’re having a meet-up on Jan the 2nd and 3rd. Check the site for details darn it!

Playtime:  160 days, 17 hours, 55 minutes and 18 seconds

Summers End.

20 Oct


Its been a long and relaxing summer in Vana’diel and England. While the latter saw no sun at all, in Vana’diel the temperature soared as the yearly Summer Fest kicked into action.

SM got together at very short notice and decided to spam the hell out of the events >=D No matter how many times I do goldfish scooping it never ever gets old ^_^ its so fun! Tawooo was a crazy lady at it, getting so many fish she gave about 3/4 of them away XD (mainly to me, thank you!) allowing moi towards getting a goldfish set :D

So now I have a sweet Fighting Fish Tank!

*Insert pretty picture here*

o, wait, maybe not.

I still need to get Alchemy to 7 ^_^; which I will do… someday… like… maybe by Christmas…

NEXT! Pretty dancing game thing.

This was also very fun and allot better then the events where we simply spam /cheer constantly. We all got our +1 gear so now we can party it up at Purgonorgo Isle! HELL YA! T10 points to anyone who can spot all the LS members in that picture~

Lil bit of info I just found out; If you wear the +1 event gear and then call your Adventuring Fellow they’ll have it on too :D pretty slick!

BUT IT DOESNT END THERE! Oh no. Three mini-games were added which we’re the best minigames ever in FFXI. In my opinion they showed PS2 limitations is a total cop-out excuse, as these games we’re really fresh and broke the mould of FFXI.

In a recent interview this was said:

Official in-game events have also really changed. Recently, the Sunbreeze Festival became a Superheroine Stage Show, which was surprising.
Ogawa: (laughs) Actually, personally, I was a little surprised at the scathingly critical reaction to the event. In-game events have been done over and over, so I thought something new would not be an issue, but I took a lot of heat from all over the world. Guess I learned my lesson.

NOOOO SE. I loved this event, it was so fresh! I havnt heard one person criticise it, so i dont know where you get your info from… The last sentence concerns me slightly >.> sort of ‘I wont try any more’. Please dont think that ; ;

Although it was a great event I didn’t have as much fun compared to previous years due to LS drama centring around people not using chat filters, which was just ridiculous. But I digress…

Great job on the event SE!


The SM assault party got started up, which was amazingly fun to do! Laptop troubles made me miss a large amount of runs which I was gutted about ): However once that was fixed Assault provided a change of pace and was constructive too :) I’m not too far off getting the gear I’d like. Since we’ve all gone back to uni the statics been on hold due to the mayhem going on, but i’m soooooo up for getting back into the swing of this :D! Just gotta sort out my uni net first…. :/ I just tried to dual-box with Barthezz and it wont let me here. What am i gonna do >_< I’m so used to having Barth at my beck and call ; ;

Windurst Missions

Christ. It was back in July I changed to Windurst and I’ve not mentioned it yet! So far its been a hoot :)

The story resembles what I’d expect from an FF allot more then Bastok. Bastoks ended nicely but it didnt really have that Final Fantasy feel, but Windy packs a magical punch!

Ranks one and two I’ve basically been through before. Anyone remember Lawliet, Yotsuba or Callychan? :P (My friend Wes who speratically played FFXI, getting through three characters and never levelling past 15 over the course of two years XD) But while I knew what to do and what was going on, I’d never got to see the top of Heavens Tower before. What a great place it is!

Puts the Metalworks to shame! I spent ages just walking round here, observing all the different views and lighting. The celling is really unique, a sense of awe goes with it :) Simply put; this zone is beautiful. I can’t belive its from the original game.

Rank three took a while to get past. I had a semi static with Spankey and Amith so was always waiting on people to catch up XD Needless to say, we pwned!

The Sybils chamber is another unique and pretty area. It actually feels like she lives there with all the books  and porn lying around. Looks kinda like my room actually.

Windy deffo got all the love when they were designing FFXI… poor, poor Bastok. I swear Basty was rushed into completion :/

Next is a picture of the Star Sybil balancing a vase on the back of her head which is burning incense.

Miss Sybil, YOU CRAZY!

While I’m on a slight tangent; I think its cool she has several Lady in waiting. Thats a nice touch that adds a sense of realism. Thats also kinda like my room.


realism with these Magic wielding dwarfs who live in stone trees.


And look who sent me on my merry way,

SPOILER: [Hes pretty good at giving me orders from beyond the grave.]

Despite the confusion in MillionsKnives soul over what he just witnessed, Knives trotted off on his merry way~

And boy did I look cool doing it. That lighting hits me perfectly. Maybe green is my colour?

Before I knew it my favourite CS in the whole game hit me in the face like a can of tuna;


Bastardo 5-1 came and went with ease. We completed two runs so Chibimoon could get Datsi and Datsuki up a rank :) Gratsssss

Woop Woop!

Then came the easy Shadowlord fight. In the Windy story line, this was totally out of the blue…

‘The mystery of the Saru Towers, what could they be for? And what of the first summoner?’ You, MillionsKnives, must unravel this mystery.

Hey, is that the Shadowlord?’

This mission would have been great fun if we didnt have so many people along for the trip >_> I will never understand why people don’t:

1. Bring maps up before hand so that they know where to go, thus not being a burden on others.

2. Follow some who has one if they’re unable to bring a map up.


People always run off the wrong way, get lost, die, give birth or some shit like that when theyre meant to be following someone! DRIIIIIVES ME NUUUTS

*Ahem* The good news is we got there in the end.

To find out several people couldn’t get into the BCNM because of missed cut scenes etc….


Anyways, FIGHT!

The PLD there was a dood who showed up out of nowhere, he picked up the people who got lost inside the castle several times and then tanked the fight for us. His name escapes me but thank you whoever you were! And this is like… the… 4th time Plananx II has been useful! YAY!!

I kid,

I kid,

It wasnt useful at all, he was taking barely any damage anyways. I should start Endgame just so I get to use my damn spells hahaha.


Das next mission involved public relations with the Yagudo. Apparently, to keep them happy, i needed to go kill three of their best men.

Prime Directive meant I had to follow their customs, so I killed them good!

Now the story started to get really good :0 We headed off to Yutunga and discovered the truth (for the second time ^^;) about the Tonberrys. However this wasnt easy at all

This fight was filled with lulz XD

I think we all died about five times each.

The mob pop points and linking factors were a bitch! Sight linking but you need to open doors to pop the NM (not to mention they see thru doors >.>) and then magic pots dotted about!  Plus this tTnberry had one uber Rancor.

Amith got the record:

Amith takes 32,000 damage.

Lesson: Wipe your hate before this fight.

It was funny but like hell! Raises left right and centre XD

That just about puts me up to date. I’m now Windy Rank 8, and stuck there because our static has seemingly ended -_-; I’m not perticually miffed about that, but what it does ruin for me is the story :/ t’was nice going through the missions fast so I actually remembered what was going on and how things were linking in. But now I’ve forgotten what was what :/ hence I can’t write about the story much in this section…

Misc Pics:

Kim testing macros;

A new record for EXP in Besieged. I was shocked when I saw this, apparently we killed the mega-boss and thats what did it :O

I had a really fun little mess around with Weis in Brenner :) Grats on level 74 by the way! Obviously he didnt stand a chance against a Red Mage but with a few (to many ^^;) restrictions placed on my it kinda evened out haha :D

Yet again…

Picture of my house for no reason :)

Spankey making a Mob train, he does this at any opportunity XD

We had our 3rd LS meet up aaaaaages ago which I forgot to write about. Zees is a pic of some chat shortly before hand. We were all sooo excited about meeting Dave XD

The meet up was really fun :) We had a day out in York, with mucho Pizza Hut! Our waiter told us if we sent the Pizza back it might get spat in XD But it was allllll a misunderstanding hahah.  We ended up back at mine where w all partied the night away with Trivial Pursuit and Rock Band >=D We didnt get many good pics of that day ^^; but heres one for the lulz.

Till next time! *jumps off a bridge and trys to fly away*