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Best of the Music, 2010.

5 Feb

(Apologies if you tried to view this yesterday – wordpress published it as blank and the backup was only half done -_- … So here it is written again.)

Music time! 2010 had quite a few good songs, it didn’t live up to 2009 in terms of club music, but there were some gems. I don’t know the in’s and out’s of the music scene, so my description may amount to ‘I like this’. But anyways, without further ado and in no particular order, here’s a few of my 2010 favorites;

Life Stream

By Tim And Sam’s Tim And The Sam Band With Tim And Sam

During the summer solstice day I came across Tim And Sam’s Tim And The Sam Band With Tim And Sam Band. At the time me and some friends were messing about making wands in an attempt to celebrate the summer solstice in the most pagan way we could think of. I decided to find some music to fit the freaky hippy theme, so typed ‘Summer Solstice’ into Spotify. It went through some batshit music, which is what I wanted really~ But one song stood out as it actually sounded awesome; ‘Summer Solstice’ by Tim and Sam. A few months after discovering that single, Tim and Sam released their first album, Life Stream.

The album features relaxing, ambient instrumental tracks, however about two or three have vocals. I’ve read Tim and Sam are classed in the Nu-Folk genre, but that means nothing to me. My personal favorites are Summer Solstice, One Day Like This and Coming Home. The songs make me smile and realise how good life really is. I find myself admiring the wind blowing leaves and thinking over happy memories. It just really chills me out~

They’re pretty much an unknown band, so I’m doing my best to spread the word! If you find yourself on a day with a clear sky, stick the album on, relax and see what you think :)

The Tim and Sam website, which has some tracks to listen to, click here!

Teenage Dream

By Katy Perry

Firework is mint. There’s probably other songs on this album, I dunno, I forget, but have you heard Firework? Its mint.

Ok, ok, the song is not perfect. I take a small issue with implying a plastic bag would want to ‘start again’ when it’s ‘drifting through the wind’, those lyrics leave a bit to be desired… but even that cannot quell my love of this song! It’s very nearly my song of 2010. Firework is so easy to sing along too and makes anyone want to get on the dancefloor :3 It’s Perry’s personal favorite, so I hope we’ll hear more in it’s style. Other highlights are (obviously) Teenage Dream and California Gurls.

We no speak Americano

By Yolanda Be Cool

No, I’m not joking.

It may just be one song, but We No Speak Americano makes it onto my list as it will always remind me of some awesome club times in 2010. When I first heard this song, I thought my friend had requested it as a joke haha, and I remember it seemed to go on for forever – but I think that was just because I was so tired and it requires constant jumping along too @_@! It’s an awesome beaty, crazy sounding song that makes you want to get up and dance. Plus it’s funny sounding, always a bonus. 10/10!


By Kylie Minouge

A big Kylie fag here, I’m going to see her in a few months which will be aweeeesome. Aphrodite did lack a certain something, it’s perhaps too generic now people have heard Gaga, but its still a good album. Kylie always manages to write music that makes you feel active and want to get up and seize the day – plus she’s like the nicest person ever <3. What really made this album appear on my list is Get Outta My Way. I listened to that a helluva lot over summer while riding my bike or jogging, it makes you want to go twice as fast~! It’s a really good song with nice energy, it should have done better then it did. Other catchy tracks include All The Lovers and Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love Tonight).


By Lady Gaga

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, ehhh. I really like this song. Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, ehhh, ehhh.

The Fame Monster was 2009, but Telephone was released as a single in 2010, so I’m stuffing it into my list. Firework would be my tune of 2010 were it not for Lady Gaga’s Telephone. There’s nothing bad about this song and if you don’t like or know why this song is awesum, where have you been?! In Turkey!?

Protip: Discover hours of drunken fun by replacing the word ‘Telephone’ with other forms of communication, such as ‘Faxing’ and ‘Carrier Pidgeon-ing’.

Won’t Go Quietly

By Example

Who doesn’t like Kickstarts? Nazi’s! That’s who! Are you Nazi?

Example has slightly different sound compared to what I normally go for, it’s perhaps a bit more… harsh sounding? Not really sure how to describe it. A little more ‘in your face’ sounding? Again, it’s music that makes you want to jump. A first for my list though, Kickstarts actually makes me a little sad – dunno why – but it’s still a great song. Other noteworthy tunes include Won’t Go Quietly and Last Ones Standing. I only discovered they were all sung by the same person in Autumn, which was a pleasant surprise XD


Looking forward to 2011:

Gaga’s new single!

Best Song of 2010:

Telephone by Lady Gaga

How the fuck did that get UK number 1 award:

The Time (Dirty Bit) by The Black Eyed Peas

Best song I discovered that was released before 2010:

Flux by Bloc Party

This time ten years ago ‘Best of the Musics, 2000′:

Oops… I Did It Again by Britney Spears,

It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy,

Spinning Around by Kylie Minouge,

Yellow by Coldplay


In 2010 I will be mostly eating…

25 Jan

Another year down.

A pretty abysmal year for my FFXI blog haha. Mostly due to me not playing as much as before, but I’ve also just been busy in summer seeing friends I cant normally see at uni (it was an amazing summer!) and also from September onwards I wasn’t very well – I pretty much had a mental breakdown ^^; which is why my promise to write regular updates fell through.

But the issues in my life have been addressed – I have a brain that works like new. 2010 will be a very good year gods damn it! Looking back to my 2009 resolutions;

Real life resolutions of 2009:

  1. Keep up with university work! Don’t fall behind as per usual, go into class! – Oh my, fail. When my new year of uni started in September I was very up for this but wasn’t able to because I was so fucked up . /emo
  2. Continue to eat healthy, even more healthy then before! – I did do this till September lol. I’ve just been to NYC for a week and FAILED to the max XD
  3. Stay in contact with my friends I don’t see now I live in Huddersfield. –  Yeh :D pretty much thanks to summer!
  4. Try again to be nicer all around – Less bitching, more optimism, nicer to friends. – Tick. After whats happened in the latter part of the year i think out of all my friends im one of the most balanced bitch wise :P I feel me pointing out the other side is starting to annoy them ^^;
  5. Be braver! Eg: I wuss out when talking on the phone to a stranger is involved -_- its lol i know… – I forgot about this…

FFXI resolutions of 2009:

  1. Finish ToAU, CoP and RotZ. – Finished ToAU, I’ve also done that lame Crystal expansion. I’m one mission off finishing Zilart. CoP, well, is CoP
  2. Switch to Sandy (after getting my arrow from Windy) and obtain Rank 10 there. – Never found anyone to do this with D:
  3. Ranger 75. – HELL YEAH!
  4. Continue to keep up with WotG. – Fail as once I was unable to solo I couldn’t advance. None of my friends would catch up.
  5. Start a lil endgame to gear up my Ranger, mainly some Sky and Dyna… /sigh – Yeh :D I actually enjoyed Dynamis too!
  6. Start up LS Brenners again. – My LS disbanded, blessing and a curse. This is a no.
  7. Do more things with friends :) Perhaps more so IRL ones. I’d like to do more things with Lee and Spen, perhaps Gary and Chibimoon when they start to be sociable again :P – Maybe? This should be a tick from now on as we’re starting a Sunday is Funday static XD
  8. Get my flatmate Jack into FFXI! common! Hes played every FF except 11. He won’t see any good side in it just because its an online game. Drives me NUUUTS! – He wouldn’t in the end -we’ll see about FFXIV :P At least he doesn’t seem to be as against the idea of online games as he was before XP

In all:

5/13 as Done! :D

3/13 as Almost :|

5/13 as FAIL! :x

50:50 in the end. Finishing the story was what I really wanted to do and because it involves others and specific job combos this hasn’t been easy. Such is FFXI :P

2010 goals? Fewer then last year

FFXI resolutions of 2009:

  1. Play for fun when possible. Enjoy our Sunday static etc. Don’t do things that aren’t for fun or its all pointless due to FFXIV
  2. Finish CoP

Real life resolutions of 2009:

  1. Keep up my new mind state and remember all I’ve learnt.
  2. Let things flow.
  3. Enjoy my friends and let them enjoy me.
  4. Keep on top of Uni work. Expand and become better!
  5. Get a job – I’m sick of being poor.

Why so few? Because I just want to let life flow and not strive for too many things to alter or change. What I’ve learnt over the past few months is to live in the present. At the moment I want to think for the now rather then the year ahead :)

Anyways, l’ll be getting this back log of screenshots and stories out the way soon. l’ll also be writing a post every Sunday after my static and I plan to give this blog a make over for this new year. Hope to see you all soon.

What a generic post!

Hey Shinji, what are you doing here?

3 Aug

Its been a while eh? Well I’m back~ The main reason the blog round to a halt was one of my closest in game friends quitting FFXI.

Amith left in February and it really sunk my happy levels in FFXI. Also at the time my Linkshell was on the rocks again (as it always seems to be lol, i think i just worry too much!).  I planned to draw Amith a goodbye picture of us two and write a goodbye post, but as lame as it sounds i couldn’t bring myself to do it D:

Besides, Amith already got a whole post to himself, two would just be greedy XP

Also around April uni work was also starting to hit hard, but thats all over now :)! I passed the first year, l’ll post some of my work here eventually. MillionsKnives is involved in one of my final pieces ^_^;  If putting your FFXI character into your Uni work doesnt mean you play too much I dont know what does!

I’m in a new LS now called EverGlow with some former SM members and having a lot of fun in it, everyone’s really nice. We have a few more people with multiple jobs and having some manpower makes events etc so much easier. I’ve just spent the past two days making a forum for them~ check out the banner :D click on it for a full view:

After over three years of the dark grey SuicideMoogles forum I wanted a change so I chose some nice bold colours~ the linkshells colour is pink too so it was kinda unavoidable heehee. Most of the two days was spent trying to figure out what parts of the code altered what colours and thinking of a way to make it look less girly (there was no blue at first). I’m very happy with it in the end, hope it gets some use!

I’ve also started up dynamis for the third time and actually enjoying it! I wish i was doing it right now haha. Madness! The LS is called Elite Guardians and is run by Sblonde, who I’ve kinda of known around the game ever since i started. I used to always recognise her as she started around the time we did, levelling the same job, with the same race and  face, from the same city as my sister. She was a clone! She was also in my friend Fheonix’s LS so I occasionally bumped into her. Anyways, the LS is great. We own at dynamis :) unlike my past two shell where wipes were common. I remember I fianlly quit when I lost 12k exp in one run. So far I’ve only gotten one bit of AFv2, my Ranger hat, but I’m hopeful l’ll get more soon >_<b Being a Red Mage sleeper is surprisingly fun :3

Hows my Ranger you ask? Welllll, level 74 XD and im keeping it there till i get some decent endgame gear for it! At least at 74 people may think I just cant equip all that sweet-ass gear for RNG. As soon as I get that ACP body l’ll get the 10k exp to level me up, but damn, that fight….

I had an ACP static with my friends as soon as it was released but by the time we got to the end we found out our set-up sucked. I’m 0/3 at the moment and the thought of climbing that tower again makes me want to cry… What a lame add-on, I haven’t bought the second one yet because of it. l’ll get on it soon enough ;P

I have one month left before I’m back at uni. I hopefully move in on the 1st of September, I cant wait! Being home is nice but so slow paced compared to uni, I miss being my own boss! :) Well, ttyl, more updates on the adventures of MillionsKnives soon~

Edit:  And yes, I did get a new Gold Bolt :P

Merry Easter!

31 Dec

Merry Easter everyone! Hope you all have a nice night! Whats your new years resolution?

Mine is to Keep up to date with University work! Have one night a week where I do work and actually use my free day for work XD, as in the past three months I did barely any work until the last five days, when I realised that four entire graphics projects and a 2500 word essay were piled up to do.

At this point I nearly cried.

Then Misatos words ‘CRYING ISN’T GOING TO SOLVE ANYTHING EITHER!’, so I just got on with it. I also repeated ‘Like it or not you’re still alive, get moving an do something!’ to myself a few times :P Thank god for Evangelion~

Luckily(?) three of my friends were in the same boat, so I was not alone in my struggle.

Long story short, I work quite well under pressure haha so I diiid get everything done and it all looks quite good if I do say so myself. However I didn’t get sleep for the last three days, thank god for Red Bull!

This picture was taken of the state we were in after hand-in to make sure we remembered how horrible those 5 days were and what they did to our faces D: Never again! Hence the new years resolution hahaha;

[ Bad times ]

If I get kicked off the course after Christmas I’ll come back and edit this section to say that I totally tried to fail :P. Anyone who wants to see one or two bits of what I did its up on my DA account here:

While on on an irl tangent, did anyone dress up for an xmas party? :P For my flat Xmas party I couldnt think of anything more festive then a frozen dead boy!;

This is a normal night at uni;


Then zeez is for our Robot fancy dress party, I went as a Cyborg Ninja :X unlike the others I had foward thinking and realised it would be very hard to get drunk in a carboard suit XD;

Hmmm, after that series of terrible photos lets move on to FFXI~


The Avatar duo (awww what a cute name!)  have been in action as usual. I like this photo for some reason, its cute them two being in the same clothes. As sad as it is I think of them as brothers XD Barthezz should really be added to this sites banner :)


[ Action shot! ]

The brothers (awww!) also took a trip to Besieged. Which I still think is fun but a complete joke. The system is so laggy in there it shouldn’t have even been relesed. Is it only me that thinks that? If any other game played that that it’d never be put onto the sheleves…




Awww a tiny question from a tiny man. What is it Nokum?

Huh? Why is your hair green you say?

Well, you see, when a man and a wo…

Wait… why is your hair green!?


The Mithra is right! IMPOSTER!!!


Yes, you!


Don’t give me that cute little ‘I’m innocent’ look, I know your not Nokky-Wokky!

What have you done with him?! Did you kill him for his Gil?!


How can you not know if you killed him?! He was only a Milkman! HE HAD NO GIL DAMN YOU!


You say someone swapped the .dat file for your face? Who?


Ohhhh, I see. That must have been my sister for a certian other taru :/ sorry Nokky. Mystery solved! Lets never fight again.



Trying to bake Christmas

30 Dec

“100% chicken breast pieces, bacon, pork stuffing, cranberry and onion
relish in a creamy white sage sauce wrapped in a light puff pastry” – Greggs

Over the Christmas period Greggs has had a… F…. Fe…. F-Festi ….. ‘Festive Bake’ for sale. Is it the pastry to end all pastries?! Lets see what the general public thinks. A quick Google search reveals;

“Stay away from Gregg’s ‘Festive Bake’ IMO, had one the other day, tasted like an old lady’s sofa.”
Bass Monsta

“It’s like a steak bake….but it’s full of festiveness!!!! Turkey, cranberry, sage, thyme, xmas joy……etc”Vandersam


[ This is not the festive bake )’: ]

“I’ve been thinking alot about the festive bake from greggs.”Anonymous

“I did pop into this Greggs after work for a Christmas bake but I was unfortunately on the phone to Gary Wood  and therefore unable to take photographs.”

Very interesting indeed.  Maybe even more interesting is that theres a blog out there all about queues, which I think is awesome!

But back on topic, what does our brave adventurer MillionsKnives think of this… F…. Fe…. F-Festi ….. Festive Bake?

“Eh? What do you mean? What the hell is ‘taste’? Hmmm… are the status benefits on this food item anyway?”MillionsKnives


[ Some people enjoy eating, others enjoy death ]

My own personal view on the… F…. Fe…. F-Festi ….. Festive Bake…? Just thinking about it makes me feel the need to throw up everything currently residing in my stomach! But thats because I’ve eaten far, far to many of these things. Sometimes for breakfast, which is apparently a really bad idea.

But my main thought on these is ‘YUM!’, followed by ‘there was cranberry in that? and Pork stuffing mixed with chicken? what the hell was I eating!?

If i were to rework Greggggggs earlier description of the bake it would read somewhat like

“What may be 100% chicken breast pieces, stuffing, lumps of another meat, thyme and onion flavors in a white goo of some sort wrapped in a light puff pastry” – Greggs

Mmm, just thinking about this makes me wish the … F…. Fe…. F-Festi ….. Festive Bake offer was still on. But sadly it ended last Saturday along with my love for Greggs. This makes me very sad. When I first went to University I was horrified Huddersfields only bakers were Greggs, as Cooplands is where its at. However the Bake of Christmas brought out a new found love inside of me for Greggs. Now that love has been ripped out of me, ripped like

ripped like…

Hmm writers block…


Ripped like Clothes are by an angry..

an angry…



However the Bake of Christmas brought out a new found love inside of me for Greggs. Now that love has been ripped out of me, ripped like clothes are by an angry, angry Wolf.


[ This is not even a Pastry; it’s ‘bread’ ]

I will look back on Christmas 2008 as the year heaven (mixed with various other meats) entered my life in the form of a pastry, and then vanished forever.

Or at least until next Christmas.

Comment number three from  off my Google search is the one I can most relate too, as you may be able to tell.

Now I’ve written over 400 words on the… F…. Fe…. F-Festi ….. Festive Bake I feel it is time to move on.




No… No… wait… my laptop has decided to hang itself.


Why wont that thing stay hung or just decide to get on with life?

Thus i cant post any pictures -_-; so l’ll save WotG stuff for another day. At the moment I’m on my mums desktop, which is getting kind of old now ^^; It’s odd to have lag on FFXI so much…

Anyway, what I have been doing now I’ve got this comp to myself (mother is on holiday 0′:) is moar Titan! Kroeger has come along for a few of them too. This allowed moi to practice holding hate off’a someone with spaming Blind and Dispel, which worked, but then I guess Kroeger wasn’t going all out anyway.

Hmm, waste of a sentence that wasn’t it really?

Today I did some Campaign on Ranger;


It went well.

Death is unavoidable at level 61 with that demon piece of wood. Spen* came as Dancer, its very nice to have someone heal me in campaign for a change! Despite the irony of being dead in that picture, I did mean that.

Note to self; Campaign still sucks as RNG for gil spent Vs reward. Or not spending gil Vs reward.

Im surprised and happy to see many people are still campaigning, even with SE butchering campaign compared to when it first came out.

Drifting off the FFXI topic~~~~ I’ve found out this month that I’ve liked Bloc Party for the past year and never known it. ‘I still remember’ used to be the highlight of my hour when it looped round on the music at Topman, however in my year working there I never actually went up to the TVs and checked who sung it. However now that I know its Bloc Party I’ve looked up their other stuff and its all tastey treats! So now the list of bands i like reads;

  1. Feeder.
  2. Bloc Party.

Man, I’m a music loving machine!

Playtime; 161 Days , 23 Hours, 29 Minutes, 55 Seconds.

*Please petition this lazy man to update his blog.

AFK, busy gettin’ ma degree.

26 Sep

Hello fellow minions~! Sorry for the lack of updates but for the past two weeks I’ve been at Uni :O

I know, right? How did I get here when 18.4% of my life consists of playing FFXI. Well basically…

*shrugs* I don’t know.

I’m at Huddersfield University studying ‘Creative Imaging’, which is basically a posh name for Graphic Design ^_^; Still cant believe I got accepted because Hudders is awesome for Graphics :) when I’m on the Uni campus it seems unreal.

Wanna know why Huddersfield University is THE BEST?

Its to do with the chancellor ;P Guess who it is from these four contestants:

A: Lilith.

B: Dean Edwards.

C: Captian Jean Luc Picard.

D: Son Goku.

So is it A, B, C or D?



*Drum Roll*


:D *jazz hands*

Yup, Patrick Stewart is chancellor of my university! I cant wait for him to hand me my degree in 4 years time! *squeeeee*

In all seriousness, he only shows up to a few graduation ceremonies ): but still, my chances of meeting him just improved by over 9000%



The past two weeks of uni have consisted of getting drunk as my course doesn’t start till next week. Not as drunk as I’d have liked as moi is pretty damn poor >_<; heehee. The campus wins so much, its a little village in the middle of nowhere o.o and my room rocks socks. I’m living with Rach and Lew who I knew from York and the other four people in my flat are pretty sweet :) so i got lucky there ^_^. We’ve been partying alot but after the first week I was drained as hell! However two weeks in and I still havnt gone to bed before 4am since I arrived orz. Plus Freshers Flu is eating my throat XDDDDD

The only downside so far is the internet :/ while it works fine normally… I D/C from FFXI a fair bit ;_; I havnt been on FFXI enough yet to see if theres a pattern to when it happens (be pretty sad to be glued to FFXI during freshers weeks XD) but im pretty annoyed about it. Apparently we get new servers next month and that might fix it >_< but if it doesnt my FFXI life is kinda doomed. Cross that bridge when I come to it though :/

Its 5:30am so this post is going to quickly end ^_^; just wanted to say ‘YO’ and sorry to my LS for not being on or able to do things on FFXI. l’ll do a real update when I get a spare night, see ya!

I’m so damn tired ; ;

Picture of the day:

P.S Just saw this on MSN, woop woop!

P.P.S For the sake of padding out this post, i was watching FFXI: Recolection and wrote (v) on the vid when I posted it on facebook, I wanted to write more but it told me to shut up >.> /tangent. A dood in my Flat has basically played every FF except 11 saying he doesnt want to pay £8 a month for it – Thats not a good reason!!! Its worth it!!! He also seems pretty sure it has to eat up your life… FFXI doesnt have to eat your life, people just let is because its mint ^_^;

‘Out of any FF or game I’ve ever played, FFXI is the best. 7 major story lines, 20 jobs to choose from, hundreds of quests, mint music, great graphics, a frigging *huge* world and its all playable with friends.

Its a shame most fans of the FF series never play XI, because in terms of content its like 15 standard FF games rolled into one (prolly more tbh). To me FFXI is the only game to have a completely tangible world, the creator of the FF series said XI is most representative of what he felt Final Fantasy should be like and its easy to see why. The world its set in has many unique cultures, races, jobs, religion and actually feels like its real (I know its not real tho, I swear! <,<). Every little thing on the game has a story behind it, in fact, there’s so much story about 3 books have published cataloguing all these little things @_@

I think alot of us who play XI grow too accustomed and bitchy to it, eventually overlooking just how amazing XI is and forgetting its magic D:’

I heard you liek Ranger

27 Apr

Unlimited paper + boredom = lots of Knives pictures

Whenever I go into college, which isnt that often >.>; all I end up doing is sketching MillionsKnives. Most of my sketches go in the bin as theres not much that can be done with them xD

However today marked an amazing turn of events! Mill sported Rng AF in my doodles today, a turning point in history! Level 42 ranger now thanks to the static and I’m feeling like this really is the job for me. Not too sure how far I could go with ranger outside of the static though o: the reason I’m willing to be liberal with the amount I’m spending on the job is because its helping my friends as well as me, but I can see me being well stingy in a pick-up party! To the point of not levelling it ^^;

However my needs for Rng AF will have to be put on hold for a while. Hudders University has offered me a place on the condition I pass my art course (damn them, where’s my unconditional offer!). The two sheets of work I’ve done in the past 6 months at art wont be enough to pass me >_>; so I need to buckle down. FFXI is a major factor to why I do shit all work wise and for that reason (+ being fed up with the game) I’ve cancelled my account for a while~ don’t freek out, I am coming back xD My last day for a month or so is this Wednesday, Ouryu fight @_@ Go out with a bang! …or a K.O at least…

Off topic: is a funny site, I’m now fully versed in internet memes!

Our Buttersafe Expo 08 was yesterday~ soooo much pizza :D Dare I post IRL pictures?! IRL?!?! Wesleys camera puts this lovely blue tint on skin, making us all look like we’ve frozen to death.

[Here we waited for the cheese.]

[Here the cheese arrived]

[Pizza Hut pizza is made of pizza win! Spot the other FFXI characters for points, mainly a Hume, Manthra, Elvaan and Taru]

[mmm cheese! Look at Spen in the background, he wants my pizza cheese! BUT HE CANT HAVE IT!]

[Pizza fights broke out]

[Wes + Soda = idk!]

[Garys camera does not have the ice glow :O ]

We ordered 5 large pizzas~ ate all but 3 pieces. After everyone bar one moody man came back to mine for some SSBB action! Finally I can be ok at a Smash Brothers again, Toon Link <3 I’d hit that. Descovered a greaaaat shot, equal amounts of Sambuka and Southern Comfort. So damn good, to think I’ve wasted my life on Vokda shots!

Time to catch up on my work! l’ll miss you Mill <3