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Best of the Games, 2010.

23 Jan

I’m jumping on the reflection bandwagon! Each post over the next few days will detail a different category, with about five items that stood out for me in 2010.

Today… Games! I haven’t played or bought a wide variety of games in the past five years, mainly due to Final Fantasy XI being all I needed, a lack of time, money, interest, appealing games and not owning a PS3 or 360. But 2010 was the start of my gap year, meaning a job for monies and more spare time. After getting Steam in November I now have a massive amount of games to play and can hopefully catch up on the past few years!

As I said I don’t own a PS3 or 360 so I’ve not been able to play games such as Red Dead Redemption or Heavy rain, which look awesome and are scooping loads of awards. But here is what I have enjoyed in 2010~

Mass Effect 2

This game is amazing. Plain and simple.

I’ve played Mass Effect 1 & 2 for the first time this year, back to back. Mass Effect 1 disappointed me somewhat. Everything lacked detail and depth which made the universe never feel real, and in consequence the experience was somewhat hollow and lackluster. Also the core story amounted to ‘I dunno lololol’, which while it made me laugh, it wasn’t in a good way!

Mass Effect 2 however is the opposite of my little ME1 review. The amount of money spent on it is obvious, it oozes style. We see the gritty side of the Milky Way in places like Omega and the Citadel Wards, giving the universe depth. The setting and artwork has been nudged heavily towards Bladerunner, and it’s really payed off. I stand in places like Illium and Omega looking out over the landscape in awe. Story and Cutscene direction has improved to no end, I literally tensed up and squealed in parts.  ME2 lets the main storyline take a backseat to the stories of your crew, which means by the ending mission you feel attached to everyone and desperately want them to survive – you know who you’re fighting for. The whole thing was a blockbuster experience :D Go play it if you haven’t!

I wish they’d make models of the Normandy ): It’d look awesome on my shelf.

Fallout: New Vegas

l’ll start by saying Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games ever, so New Vegas has a lot to live up to. I’m a newfag to the Fallout series, starting at 3, as I imagine most people playing New Vegas did. Unfortunately, rather then embracing Bethesda’s restyled setting for the series created in Fallout 3, Obsidian Entertainment are stuck in Fallout 1 & 2, which hampered me from sinking into the world of New Vegas. I believe that why it hasn’t got the acclaim Fallout 3 did.

Despite that, New Vegas is a very good game. One of my favorite things about Fallout is how there’s never a black and white, sometimes an evil option must be taken for good to pass. It’s a true morality system, unlike the one featured in the Mass Effect series – where the good option lets you succeed and the bad lets you kill stuff. The shades of gray in Fallout: New Vegas are why I enjoy it so much. I’m still yet to finish the game however!

Civilization V

Risk for the PS1 is also one of my favorite games evar and I think of Civ V as a 2010 version of that game. I’m a newfag to this series too, so the rants of the Civ IV fanbase are over my head and all I see in Civ V is mintness! I’ll admit I’m not a fan of the game in one player mode, too much time investment for a ‘you win’ screen haha, but in multiplayer with friends Civ V shines. Battle is like a lovely chess match, and the option to avoid battle altogether and still take over the world blows my little Risk based mind! Civ V is a great (long) strategy game that brings out my immense desire to win!

Wii Party

Simple, stupid and shit… but great for a drinking game! Party Phil is welcome at any party of mine!

Many of the games in Wii Party amount to *pure* luck. If I played this game sober I would rage as I’d feel cheated all the time, but in a drinking situation its hilarious! A must try for any alcoholic gamer.




Looking forward to 2011:

Mass Effect 3!

Game I played most this year:

Super Smash Bros: Brawl

This time ten years ago ‘Best of the Games, 2000′:

The Sims (1)

Mario Tennis 64


Remember rule 1?

21 Aug

If you haven’t committed all the RDM rules to memory, l’ll remind you…

August the 13th 2007. That day RdmRules first saw the light of the intwebs and bestowed its premier nugget of gold:

“Rule 1. Keep the look Snazzy, make sure your feather is clean and your gear matches!”

I still firmly follow that rule, as does my blog! Now, RdmRules doesn’t have a feather to clean, nor does it have a selection of gloves and boots to mix and match, but I’ve done the next best thing~ a HTML makeover!

Hold your applause, please – You readers are worth it ;P It’s part of my promise made back in January to make-over this place, and get up all the screenies I’ve not posted (stay tuned for that!). I forgot to take a screenshot before I started messing around, which is kinda lame, and I forgive anyone who cant remember what RdmRules looked like before anyway. Sufficed to say it was blue, which always annoyed me as I’m not a Blue Mage, not in 9001 years! As a tribute to the passed theme that served this blog for nearly three years, here lies ye olde header for posterity~

For anyone wondering :3 the pictures in the new header are some MillionsKnives sketches I did last year at uni~

Pattern Of Knives

5 Apr

Hey all :) just plugging my new graphics blog over at

Its just an area for me to stick up some of my university projects. Graphics and arty stuff isnt everyone’s cup of tea but I just thought I’d mention it :) some stuff of MillionsKnives is bound to pop up sooner or later~!

Sadly I just havn’t had time to update RdmRules, and we never did get to actually having a run through of our static. In fact… I think only two of the bazzilion statics me and my friends have organised has ever run for over 2 months hahaha. To any readers that do check here for updates every so often, thank you :) I really had fun writing this blog and I especially love reading comments ya leave.

Hopefully once I get some stuff on PatternOfKnives you’ll see why I havn’t had time to post here!

P.S if you do randomly check here for updates – you can just click the subscribe button on the top right to have a message sent to ya whenever I do update. Which might come in handy when summer starts and I have a tonne of free time!

Stay classy, Vana’diel.


Hey Shinji, what are you doing here?

3 Aug

Its been a while eh? Well I’m back~ The main reason the blog round to a halt was one of my closest in game friends quitting FFXI.

Amith left in February and it really sunk my happy levels in FFXI. Also at the time my Linkshell was on the rocks again (as it always seems to be lol, i think i just worry too much!).  I planned to draw Amith a goodbye picture of us two and write a goodbye post, but as lame as it sounds i couldn’t bring myself to do it D:

Besides, Amith already got a whole post to himself, two would just be greedy XP

Also around April uni work was also starting to hit hard, but thats all over now :)! I passed the first year, l’ll post some of my work here eventually. MillionsKnives is involved in one of my final pieces ^_^;  If putting your FFXI character into your Uni work doesnt mean you play too much I dont know what does!

I’m in a new LS now called EverGlow with some former SM members and having a lot of fun in it, everyone’s really nice. We have a few more people with multiple jobs and having some manpower makes events etc so much easier. I’ve just spent the past two days making a forum for them~ check out the banner :D click on it for a full view:

After over three years of the dark grey SuicideMoogles forum I wanted a change so I chose some nice bold colours~ the linkshells colour is pink too so it was kinda unavoidable heehee. Most of the two days was spent trying to figure out what parts of the code altered what colours and thinking of a way to make it look less girly (there was no blue at first). I’m very happy with it in the end, hope it gets some use!

I’ve also started up dynamis for the third time and actually enjoying it! I wish i was doing it right now haha. Madness! The LS is called Elite Guardians and is run by Sblonde, who I’ve kinda of known around the game ever since i started. I used to always recognise her as she started around the time we did, levelling the same job, with the same race and  face, from the same city as my sister. She was a clone! She was also in my friend Fheonix’s LS so I occasionally bumped into her. Anyways, the LS is great. We own at dynamis :) unlike my past two shell where wipes were common. I remember I fianlly quit when I lost 12k exp in one run. So far I’ve only gotten one bit of AFv2, my Ranger hat, but I’m hopeful l’ll get more soon >_<b Being a Red Mage sleeper is surprisingly fun :3

Hows my Ranger you ask? Welllll, level 74 XD and im keeping it there till i get some decent endgame gear for it! At least at 74 people may think I just cant equip all that sweet-ass gear for RNG. As soon as I get that ACP body l’ll get the 10k exp to level me up, but damn, that fight….

I had an ACP static with my friends as soon as it was released but by the time we got to the end we found out our set-up sucked. I’m 0/3 at the moment and the thought of climbing that tower again makes me want to cry… What a lame add-on, I haven’t bought the second one yet because of it. l’ll get on it soon enough ;P

I have one month left before I’m back at uni. I hopefully move in on the 1st of September, I cant wait! Being home is nice but so slow paced compared to uni, I miss being my own boss! :) Well, ttyl, more updates on the adventures of MillionsKnives soon~

Edit:  And yes, I did get a new Gold Bolt :P

Petition to remove Starcade from the TTTO due to differing agendas.

18 Feb

Firstly, I’m behind on posting here at RdmRules due to a close friend of mine leaving FFXI. l’ll get back on track eventually.

The real point of this post came from Starcades response to lolPUP and Beyond’s post on Blogging. Read them if you wish and come to your own conclusions :)

While I do not think Starcades blog should end, he has the right to freedom of speech, I believe the The TaruTaru Times Online is not the place for it. The reason The TaruTaru Times Online exists can be seen plain as day in the sites header:


Bringing together, the Final Fantasy XI blogging community’. While some may take this as ‘Bringing together blog posts from the FFXI community’ I have always taken the ‘Bringing together’ in a more spiritual sense; uniting us all, making us all closer as a community.

Two statements from Starcades last blog post show he is not working towards what the TTTO stands for:

‘I want the general public to view the FFXI fan community in an extremely negative light.’

I don’t want to be part of your “community”

Starcade is not working on bringing our community together – he is trying to splinter it. Starcade willingly states he doesn’t want to be a part of  our community. So again, while I believe in Starcade being able to post his views his blog, I feel the TTTOs agenda and Starcades agendas are at odds. Because of this I ask that either Starcade unlinks his blog from TTTO or that it be removed by the community owner.

Interview with Knives

6 Feb

Over in OverlordLaharls Mog House I sat down with a cup of green tea and a little Mithra named Repent. The goal of the morning? An in-depth interview with none other then myself, MillionsKnives. The report is up over at Lovely Lazy Laharl (clicky)

Click it damn you!

:) Only took a years worth of nagging for Spen to do a blog update! It’s my fave blog to read :3. It was very fun to do, FFXI would be hilarious if people roll played all the time! An earlier Repents Report with Othelia is here

The Weissberv

4 Feb


A recurring question from members of the Suicide Moogles Linkshell is;

‘Eh? Whos Weissberv? What are you doing on our Linkshell?’

Takes a minute for the old memory to kick in…

<Kroeger> A new member, perhaps?

<Weissberv> Common guys, it’s me, Weissberv! your remember me! =D … I’m the uber Samurai of Suicide Moogles  =D The lemon in your lemon cheesecake, the Charizard in your Pokemon squad =D

<Amith> ?

<Ozrox> I have never seen you before in my life.

<Overlordlaharl> Isn’t Maruk our linkshells Samurai?

<Weissberv> ; ;

Once I get online and jog their memories by explaining he’s that Samurai who always causes a ruckus at events ending in several deaths, they quickly remember who he is.

The next question to follow is;

‘How the hell do you know him, Mill. And more importantly why is he in the LS…’

Well, gather round children as here is the story of how MillionsKnives met the fabled Samurai, Weissberv.

The year was 900 and something CE, three years ago-ish by my countings. ‘Twas a normal humid day in ye old Yhoatar Jungle, Mandys were a roamin’ and Gobbies were killing the local Adventurers, fresh off the Jeuno Airships after obtaining their passes.

Now, unbeknown to most is that MillionsKnives was not the original member of Suicide Moogles to meet our little Samurai. Nope. That pleasure went to none other then our resident Black Mage at the time, Chibimoon. My sister~

The two of them had been partying within a few hundred Yalms of one another, oblivious to each others existence. As frequently happens in those parts a Goblin with an attitude problem decides to let out some stress by destroying a party. After all, Goblins need EXP too and what better way to level up than to slaughter six under levelled Adventurers.

As a Goblin decided to open a can of whoop ass on Chibimoons party, a mirror image of the situation was taking place in Weiss party just around the corner. ‘Course all the way back then Weiss was more commonly known as Trooper.

Blood was spilling, tanks were taking a pounding and people were a panicin’. As members of each party frantically ran all over the show trying to escape the possessed Gobbies, our hero and heroin saved the day in there respective parties through a series of cure bombs and 2 Hours. Thanks to these acts of bravery the Gobbies quickly selected their next targets… and in one fell swoop from each Goblin both  our heroes were knocked out. Still unaware of one another’s existence much less that they had just suffered the same fate.

As the panic died down and the party regrouped to finally kill the Gobbies it became apparent to those left standing that the best thing they could do, as they didnt have any form of Raise, would be to leave the dead for dead and move on with their lives.

<Party> Yea… thanks for the party. Sorry you died.

<Chibimoon>  Can you at least shout for a raise?

<Party> A-wu?

*Party Disbanded*


<Party> Well, you were the White Mage, so guess we don’t have a Raise for you )= sorry, bye.

<Trooper> We could see if theres a White Ma-

*Party Disbanded*

As Chibimoon lay fuming and wondering what to do, as her Home-Point was all the way back in Bastok, I, MillionsKnives watched over her shoulder. Which is how I can retell this tale! Amazing, no?

Anyways, after a few minutes of lying in the dirt unable to move her legs, hoping someone would walk past and Raise her, Chibimoon noticed a tiny rock wearing clothes at the other end of the cave.

Wait, thats no tiny rock! Its a teeny Taru :O!

Trooper>> So I hear you’re eating dirt too.

>>Trooper : MillionsKnives is amazing.

Eh, so my memory gets a little fuzzy here, they may not have said that last part… as Trooper hadn’t met me yet :x

The point is, in the 20 or so minutes they lay their unable to use their legs, this horrible time was turned into a session of talking and laugher ( there was also bitching about certain party members who leave members face down and disband.) Eventually that little dead Taru managed to get them both a Raise from a friend…

…I think…? Or maybe they just Home-Pointed. Whatever… The key bit is Trooper was added as a friend to Chibimoons’ list.

Through the magic of a shared account this meant that when MillionsKnives got out of bed the next day he was greeted by all the friends Chibimoon had made the night before.


Trooper>> Common Chibimoon, it’s me, Trooper! your remember me! :D … I’m the uber White Mage of Yhoatar :D The lemon in your lemon cheesecake, the Chansey in your Pokemon squad :D

>>Trooper : Sir, please, for the 10th time, I’ve never met you. It was my sister you were talking to last nite.

It took a few more /t’s before he realised I was not Chibimoon. However through that hour of repetitive /t’s I realised that this person, Trooper, was someone on the intellectual level perfect for use as a slave. And so our friendship grew from that day onwards, along with his daily tasks to make my life easier. Such as making my dinner or shining my shoes.

Now I cant imagine life without my little slave, Trooper, or Pooper as I affectionately call him :)

As time passed I found out that Pooper was only a sub character to that of the uber Samurai, Weissberv. We chatted for about a year or more before he one day examined me and said;

Weissberv>> Hey I didn’t know you lead a Linkshell

>>Weissberv :  Dood, you’ve examined me about 1000 times… how can you not have noticed…

Weissberv>> Ooooo its shiny, can I have a pearl?

>>Weissberv : No, never.

And I have stood by my answer to this day. However, Weiss somehow managed to get a pearl. I think he may have hijacked my account for a day or something and pearled himself…

Our Linkshell rules state that I can not kick a member for no reason. So for the past two years I have patiently bided my time, waiting for the day where Weiss slips up and gives me an excuse to kick him.

No luck so far, but I live in hope.


In all honesty, Weis is one of my favourite people to do thing with in game. I like that things with Weis are done for fun and not for the other lame reasons people play FFXI for. It is a game after all :P

*drum roll*

And now, in no particular order here are MillionsKnives and Weissbervs New Years moments~

Being an amazing friend I decided to help Weiss with a Bastok Rank Mission. The dangerous quest involved popping two Golems in Ro’Meave. However only one needed to be killed to complete the quest.


With ease our heroes defeated one Golem (after the second had de-popped.) A search to end all searched started to re-find the ??? which had jumped location in the time it took us to kill the Golem. Success! We found it! As Weiss clicked the ??? to gain his reward he epicly received … nothing.

Ooooook, maybe we got the wrong ???, lets continue searching!

Hmm no it must be the right one, click it again, Weis.

*Two more Golems pop*



*Weissberv gets hit in the face*


*MillionsKnives starts Casting Sleep on the Golem*

*MillionsKnives agros everything in the area*


A struggle between life and death ensued! After a Chainspell one Golem was down and one to go, with all the link slept. 10% left!

*blah blah wakes up!*

*blah blah wakes up!*

*blah blah wakes up!*

*blah blah wakes up!*


*Millionsknives falls to the ground*

The… … important thing… is that Weis managed to kill the last NM and survived to click the ??? and complete the mission, he then boldly repeated the events of three years ago and…



Thank you Spankey for coming to raise me XD [Congratulations] to Weiss on the mission :)

Next up was our first try of the new Moblin Maze Mongers event. OOOOO. I heard that apparently the Maze scales mobs to your level and amount of members allowing it to be a fun duo activity.


Apparently I was misinformed :/ or at least the community was as it had only been out a few days.


Lots of elementals :/ lets not do that again.


Summons over and over again as throughout Christmas I was at home so thar was mucho dual boxage of the brothers~


Course, Weiss didn’t come as he doesn’t have the fame needed. He was there anyway tho.

And finally~ Me, Weis and Kroeger have been dabbling in the WotG story. It’s been very fun too :) Weiss got caught up with the Sandy side of things, which gave me a chance to attempt to seriously tank an NM for a change. It worked well too :D but I’d be pretty sure Weiss was holding back so that he didn’t die.


There’ll be a few more posts on these missions as its far too much to fit in here! Stay tuned :O!

Fun Fact: I barely ever spell Weissbervs name right. I made a special effort in this post! Can ya tell?

Red Mage Rules: Blind, Dispel and Sleep are your hate building friends.

Playtime: 165 Days, 18 Hours, 43 Minutes and 57 Seconds