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1 reason why FFXIV rocks. 99 reasons why FFXIV sucks.

8 Nov

One reason Final Fantasy XIV rocks

Reason One: My character, Pepsi Max, looks awesome.

MillionsKnives for the new age! He’s perfect, just how I imagined MillionsKnives in Final Fantasy XI!

Ninety-nine reasons Final Fantasy XIV sucks

Reason Ninety-nine:  Market Wards.

Reason Ninety-eight: Zones. I was promised a seamless world.

Reason Ninety-seven: Ok, the titles a lie, I’m not going to list 99 reasons. Life’s too short, innit?

I’ve played Final Fantasy XIV in the Alpha, Closed Beta, Open Beta and release. Has it improved over those many phases and months?


Not at all.

In fact, it has perhaps gotten slightly worse in a few key areas. We lost Inventory sort, we were handed the Fatigue system and many, many more disappointments!  Sure, we’re getting things like the inventory sort in late November, but should a such a minor (yet major) thing like this really be a massive draw to the first patch? It should have been there from the get go, and we should be looking forward to new content in the first patch.

The ‘freedom’ the game provides is my issue. Mainly, the freedom is restricted, which by definition means there’s no real freedom…

Freedom that cancels out:

  • Change classes on the go to level whatever, wherever! =/= Surplus system limiting EXPing on a job.
  • Build your character however you want! =/= As long as it mixes other job traits. If you just want an Archer with Archer traits, you’ll have nothing else to do for a while as Surplus stops you!
  • Customise your characters stats! =/= Harsh caps on each stat means you’re basically forced to create a balanced character anyway.
  • No rigid party set up or ‘required’ sub-jobs means you don’t have to level jobs you don’t like! =/= But surplus means you can’t just level the job you like.
  • Custom UI interface =/= Many elements not movable, ultimately meaning most don’t have another position to be moved into.
  • Guildleves lasting 30 mins allow casual play for whenever you have time! =/= Restricted to 36 hour intervals. So your only spare time in the week better not fall in two days either side of each other.
  • Teleports on every character with the Anima system allow fast freedom of movement =/= Crawling Anima regen speed means every teleport has to be debated, either making you not go places or end up just running there anyway.

The game is a major disappointment, points 99 & 98 are just two massive reasons as to why I think so.

It’s not total doom and goom though. I have had fun in Final Fantasy XIV. Once my Linkshell (which has some great people in!) did a few Guildleves together and it was pretty good fun! However, the reason Final Fantasy XI fell apart for me was so many of my friends didn’t play any more, or the ones that did we could never all get online at the same time – you normally need 6 people of course.

While playing these Guildleves with twelve friends from my Linkshell, I couldn’t help but think… If I had twelve friends like this available on a whim in Final Fantasy XI, I’d be having more fun doing group events like Nyzul or Salvage in that game then I am in Final Fantasy XIV now.

So even when I do have fun in XIV, I realise I could have more fun in XI given the same circumstances… which really means theres little reason to play, save for using it as a costly MSN Messenger…

Some people I know who play, such as my sister, believe the game will get better and many issues will be fixed. No doubt some will be and the game will improve over time, but this is Square Enix we’re talking about. They haven’t even attempted to fix Skillchaining or Black Mage in Final Fantasy XI after years. With a past record of examples like that, I do not understand how people have faith in the game. Blind faith. In my sisters case especially, after the damage to Black Mage ruined her time in FFXI. How can people play knowing that important, core elements of the game could get broken (on top of what is at the moment) and never be fixed?

I could rant all day about FFXIV, likely getting to ninety-nine reasons not to play, so I will stop now. I was really looking forward to exploring a new world with old and new peeps, but my optimism at SE’s early interviews, where they lied about seamless worlds, freedom to do whatever, and no EXP griding (remember that?) made the kick in the balls all the worse.  I may try FFXIV at PS3 release, but I’m not sure I want to get stuck into a game that Square Enix leads. After they’ve recouped the lost subscriptions from release, I’m sure they’ll go back to their old ways of not listening to player concerns. After all, FFXIV surely shows us they don’t learn from past mistakes – it repeats all of XI’s.


Moving on to FFXIV – With Hot Chocolate in my vains

19 Sep

The Hot Chocolate Corps is a linkshell organised by some of my friends from FFXI, a few of whom were frequently mentioned on this blog. Anyone reading this is welcome to join! We’re headed to Lindblum, if you’d like to know any more heres a copy of our leaders recruitment statement~ (Its actually a parody of this thread for the Equinox LS on BG forums, since we can’t fathom why anyone would want to play like that!)

Bonsoir and the like, RdmRules readers

Hot Chocolate Corps is a hardcore social linkshell based on the Lindblum server that aims to set new standards in the field of socialising.

We’re looking to recruit only the most lovely people in existence. The ideal applicant would be a fun loving player who shares our view that making friends – hardcore social friends – is as enjoyable as progressing in-game.

I needn’t ask if you’re interested, so let’s get on with it.

We expect you to be online at some point, I suppose, but goodness knows that when you are online you best be doing whatever the hell you want. We understand that you may want to grind most of the time, and that’s cool, but if we’re all ruffling up squirrels and the like every hour of the mother loving day, how are we supposed to find the time to complement each other’s hairstyles?

Think about that.

Our friendship schedule isn’t exclusive to any particular time zone, although you should be advised that we often enjoy getting messed up on hot chocolate in the reals and then sleeping it off; but you’ll most likely find someone online who’s prepared to listen to you warble on about how awesome you are, if you’re into that. Goodness knows I am!

We also have a bit of a military theme going on or some such nonsense so look forward to that. ‘-‘

If you’ve made it to this point without drowning in a pool of your own vitriol, and you’re ready to experience camaraderie the likes of which your insipid little eyes have yet to witness during your time here on planet earth, then realign your internet experience to this word, separated by full stops:

Thanks for reading; unless this is the first line of the post you’ve read. In which case, what’s that about? I thought you were cool.

End message. (`- ´)>