Best of the Music, 2010.

5 Feb

(Apologies if you tried to view this yesterday – wordpress published it as blank and the backup was only half done -_- … So here it is written again.)

Music time! 2010 had quite a few good songs, it didn’t live up to 2009 in terms of club music, but there were some gems. I don’t know the in’s and out’s of the music scene, so my description may amount to ‘I like this’. But anyways, without further ado and in no particular order, here’s a few of my 2010 favorites;

Life Stream

By Tim And Sam’s Tim And The Sam Band With Tim And Sam

During the summer solstice day I came across Tim And Sam’s Tim And The Sam Band With Tim And Sam Band. At the time me and some friends were messing about making wands in an attempt to celebrate the summer solstice in the most pagan way we could think of. I decided to find some music to fit the freaky hippy theme, so typed ‘Summer Solstice’ into Spotify. It went through some batshit music, which is what I wanted really~ But one song stood out as it actually sounded awesome; ‘Summer Solstice’ by Tim and Sam. A few months after discovering that single, Tim and Sam released their first album, Life Stream.

The album features relaxing, ambient instrumental tracks, however about two or three have vocals. I’ve read Tim and Sam are classed in the Nu-Folk genre, but that means nothing to me. My personal favorites are Summer Solstice, One Day Like This and Coming Home. The songs make me smile and realise how good life really is. I find myself admiring the wind blowing leaves and thinking over happy memories. It just really chills me out~

They’re pretty much an unknown band, so I’m doing my best to spread the word! If you find yourself on a day with a clear sky, stick the album on, relax and see what you think :)

The Tim and Sam website, which has some tracks to listen to, click here!

Teenage Dream

By Katy Perry

Firework is mint. There’s probably other songs on this album, I dunno, I forget, but have you heard Firework? Its mint.

Ok, ok, the song is not perfect. I take a small issue with implying a plastic bag would want to ‘start again’ when it’s ‘drifting through the wind’, those lyrics leave a bit to be desired… but even that cannot quell my love of this song! It’s very nearly my song of 2010. Firework is so easy to sing along too and makes anyone want to get on the dancefloor :3 It’s Perry’s personal favorite, so I hope we’ll hear more in it’s style. Other highlights are (obviously) Teenage Dream and California Gurls.

We no speak Americano

By Yolanda Be Cool

No, I’m not joking.

It may just be one song, but We No Speak Americano makes it onto my list as it will always remind me of some awesome club times in 2010. When I first heard this song, I thought my friend had requested it as a joke haha, and I remember it seemed to go on for forever – but I think that was just because I was so tired and it requires constant jumping along too @_@! It’s an awesome beaty, crazy sounding song that makes you want to get up and dance. Plus it’s funny sounding, always a bonus. 10/10!


By Kylie Minouge

A big Kylie fag here, I’m going to see her in a few months which will be aweeeesome. Aphrodite did lack a certain something, it’s perhaps too generic now people have heard Gaga, but its still a good album. Kylie always manages to write music that makes you feel active and want to get up and seize the day – plus she’s like the nicest person ever <3. What really made this album appear on my list is Get Outta My Way. I listened to that a helluva lot over summer while riding my bike or jogging, it makes you want to go twice as fast~! It’s a really good song with nice energy, it should have done better then it did. Other catchy tracks include All The Lovers and Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love Tonight).


By Lady Gaga

Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, ehhh. I really like this song. Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, ehhh, ehhh.

The Fame Monster was 2009, but Telephone was released as a single in 2010, so I’m stuffing it into my list. Firework would be my tune of 2010 were it not for Lady Gaga’s Telephone. There’s nothing bad about this song and if you don’t like or know why this song is awesum, where have you been?! In Turkey!?

Protip: Discover hours of drunken fun by replacing the word ‘Telephone’ with other forms of communication, such as ‘Faxing’ and ‘Carrier Pidgeon-ing’.

Won’t Go Quietly

By Example

Who doesn’t like Kickstarts? Nazi’s! That’s who! Are you Nazi?

Example has slightly different sound compared to what I normally go for, it’s perhaps a bit more… harsh sounding? Not really sure how to describe it. A little more ‘in your face’ sounding? Again, it’s music that makes you want to jump. A first for my list though, Kickstarts actually makes me a little sad – dunno why – but it’s still a great song. Other noteworthy tunes include Won’t Go Quietly and Last Ones Standing. I only discovered they were all sung by the same person in Autumn, which was a pleasant surprise XD


Looking forward to 2011:

Gaga’s new single!

Best Song of 2010:

Telephone by Lady Gaga

How the fuck did that get UK number 1 award:

The Time (Dirty Bit) by The Black Eyed Peas

Best song I discovered that was released before 2010:

Flux by Bloc Party

This time ten years ago ‘Best of the Musics, 2000′:

Oops… I Did It Again by Britney Spears,

It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy,

Spinning Around by Kylie Minouge,

Yellow by Coldplay


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