1 reason why FFXIV rocks. 99 reasons why FFXIV sucks.

8 Nov

One reason Final Fantasy XIV rocks

Reason One: My character, Pepsi Max, looks awesome.

MillionsKnives for the new age! He’s perfect, just how I imagined MillionsKnives in Final Fantasy XI!

Ninety-nine reasons Final Fantasy XIV sucks

Reason Ninety-nine:  Market Wards.

Reason Ninety-eight: Zones. I was promised a seamless world.

Reason Ninety-seven: Ok, the titles a lie, I’m not going to list 99 reasons. Life’s too short, innit?

I’ve played Final Fantasy XIV in the Alpha, Closed Beta, Open Beta and release. Has it improved over those many phases and months?


Not at all.

In fact, it has perhaps gotten slightly worse in a few key areas. We lost Inventory sort, we were handed the Fatigue system and many, many more disappointments!  Sure, we’re getting things like the inventory sort in late November, but should a such a minor (yet major) thing like this really be a massive draw to the first patch? It should have been there from the get go, and we should be looking forward to new content in the first patch.

The ‘freedom’ the game provides is my issue. Mainly, the freedom is restricted, which by definition means there’s no real freedom…

Freedom that cancels out:

  • Change classes on the go to level whatever, wherever! =/= Surplus system limiting EXPing on a job.
  • Build your character however you want! =/= As long as it mixes other job traits. If you just want an Archer with Archer traits, you’ll have nothing else to do for a while as Surplus stops you!
  • Customise your characters stats! =/= Harsh caps on each stat means you’re basically forced to create a balanced character anyway.
  • No rigid party set up or ‘required’ sub-jobs means you don’t have to level jobs you don’t like! =/= But surplus means you can’t just level the job you like.
  • Custom UI interface =/= Many elements not movable, ultimately meaning most don’t have another position to be moved into.
  • Guildleves lasting 30 mins allow casual play for whenever you have time! =/= Restricted to 36 hour intervals. So your only spare time in the week better not fall in two days either side of each other.
  • Teleports on every character with the Anima system allow fast freedom of movement =/= Crawling Anima regen speed means every teleport has to be debated, either making you not go places or end up just running there anyway.

The game is a major disappointment, points 99 & 98 are just two massive reasons as to why I think so.

It’s not total doom and goom though. I have had fun in Final Fantasy XIV. Once my Linkshell (which has some great people in!) did a few Guildleves together and it was pretty good fun! However, the reason Final Fantasy XI fell apart for me was so many of my friends didn’t play any more, or the ones that did we could never all get online at the same time – you normally need 6 people of course.

While playing these Guildleves with twelve friends from my Linkshell, I couldn’t help but think… If I had twelve friends like this available on a whim in Final Fantasy XI, I’d be having more fun doing group events like Nyzul or Salvage in that game then I am in Final Fantasy XIV now.

So even when I do have fun in XIV, I realise I could have more fun in XI given the same circumstances… which really means theres little reason to play, save for using it as a costly MSN Messenger…

Some people I know who play, such as my sister, believe the game will get better and many issues will be fixed. No doubt some will be and the game will improve over time, but this is Square Enix we’re talking about. They haven’t even attempted to fix Skillchaining or Black Mage in Final Fantasy XI after years. With a past record of examples like that, I do not understand how people have faith in the game. Blind faith. In my sisters case especially, after the damage to Black Mage ruined her time in FFXI. How can people play knowing that important, core elements of the game could get broken (on top of what is at the moment) and never be fixed?

I could rant all day about FFXIV, likely getting to ninety-nine reasons not to play, so I will stop now. I was really looking forward to exploring a new world with old and new peeps, but my optimism at SE’s early interviews, where they lied about seamless worlds, freedom to do whatever, and no EXP griding (remember that?) made the kick in the balls all the worse.  I may try FFXIV at PS3 release, but I’m not sure I want to get stuck into a game that Square Enix leads. After they’ve recouped the lost subscriptions from release, I’m sure they’ll go back to their old ways of not listening to player concerns. After all, FFXIV surely shows us they don’t learn from past mistakes – it repeats all of XI’s.


18 Responses to “1 reason why FFXIV rocks. 99 reasons why FFXIV sucks.”

  1. ffxivmonkeytoe November 8, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    All I see in your post is a bunch of complaining about the surplus system, but since I’ve been playing the surplus system hasn’t seemed to stop me from leveling, even on my main class, nor has it stopped the level 40+ players in our Linkshell.

    • MillionsKnives November 8, 2010 at 9:52 pm #

      We must play very differently. I got up to rank 15 (I think?) and got into surplus twice on my Archer.

      As soon as you are in it, you’re basically wasting your time, as you are not getting 100% return on your time investment. Pretty much all I wanted to level were Archer, Woodwork, Leathercraft and Cloftcraft. But when I’m in a flighty mood and want to spam my Archer, I eventually get into Surplus and then I have to either craft, which I’m not in the mood to do, or level a combat job I don’t want to level. It’s a crazy idea and imposes so many restrictions on what you can do ingame.

    • otaku45 October 3, 2015 at 1:25 am #

      Lol is Pepsi Max On the Lamia Server????
      Ive seen him alot!

  2. Laiferr November 8, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

    I think the fact that for every argument you’ve negated with with surplus is a pretty bad one. I’m playing pretty consistently and so is Lorelai; neither of us have hit surplus. I only know Sabi has once, on his 22 Marauder. To be honest the main negative point of surplus to me is that it may as well not be there you’re so unlikely to hit it. If you search the lodestone, you’ll see many players who have hit rank 50. People are still leveling insanely quickly (though I must admit I have no idea how) irrespective of surplus being there. To be honest, maybe you should just admit the game is not for you? For me, it’s not that I’m ‘ignoring’ SE’s past mistakes, if anything I’m more aware of them, which is why I’m not constantly complaining about the game. I know what kind of company they are, I expected this, so it isn’t a big deal to me. I also know they’re the kind of company who dish out amazing expansions and storylines, so if all it takes is a bit of patience it’s worth it to me. Although the story is few between at the moment, I’m pretty much salivating for more, and have already written up my own story for my character and her world. Yes, there’s a lot wrong with the game, yes, they DEFINITELY shouldn’t have released it so soon, but for me I’m pretty much over that now and just enjoying what I have until the update comes.

    • MillionsKnives November 8, 2010 at 10:28 pm #

      I think that Surplus cancels out and effects so many aspects of the game and just shows how bad of a system it is. Should I just have picked one of the reasons and ignored the others? It does effect me on everything I’ve mentioned. Plus like I’ve said before I’ve entered surplus twice. It doesn’t effect people if you’re willing to keep griding while getting less and less return on your time, but I’m not. Those who are ok with that will get to level 50 by now.

      The game obviously isn’t for me in its current state which is why I don’t play :P I think most people who play are just desperate to like the game so try to convince themselves its ok because they miss the high they originally had in FFXI – which I do nearly fall into. I want to play because its an online FF, has a good story, graphics and I want to relive some of the fun I had in 11. But the errors in the game majorly outweigh having a good story – if what the game mainly has going for it is looks and story, people may as well watch a movie with MSN open :P

      • MillionsKnives November 8, 2010 at 10:34 pm #

        I should clarify that when I say I got into Surplus I mean I just hit it and played for about 30 mins into it. I didn’t grind till I was getting no EXP at all. I think I got the pleasure of it faster then other members of our LS is because all I wanted to do was level my Archer. Thats what I do find fun and the game is trying to stop me doing that – it doesn’t make sense?

      • Laiferr November 8, 2010 at 11:50 pm #

        You’re positive you hit surplus twice in retail? o_O your character is rank 13, I’m having a really hard time imaging how you managed that, how were you playing?

        I think it’s kind of crude to say people who play are just desperate to like the game. Maybe they just like it? It’s just a different opinion to you. I don’t treat the game like XI or try to get feelings I had from it, in fact…I never really think anything about XI while I play. I had good times in XI but I also have a ton of negative memories, I don’t really want the same game or the same experience. I want to finish CoP but I don’t think I can muster myself up to log onto XI any more, it just isn’t what I want, enjoy or am looking for in XIV. Sure, good times were had, but I know I am over that now and don’t want to play.

        Really, maybe you just don’t need another online game, because you seem to be extremely pro-xi? I enjoy more than just the looks and story, this is how I got botany to 20 I like it so much, perhaps for you, you don’t enjoy these things and it’s why to you, it’s the same as watching a movie with MSN open, when to me, it isn’t.

        Finally, it’s not really like I am trying to say the game is perfect or anything like that, far from it. Everyone who is playing right now knows what’s wrong and hopes it will improve, but at the base of it they do enjoy it.

      • Laiferr November 8, 2010 at 11:55 pm #

        Also I just noticed you said the LFP system is bad lower down, just want to say, LFP system is much much much much MUCH better than XI, seriously :x

    • MillionsKnives November 8, 2010 at 11:58 pm #

      Is probably likely I hit it once, and then it cooled down or I levelled Woodwork and then I hit it again within the same week on the same Surplus bar. Even so, I still count that as hitting it twice as I was stopped from doing what I wanted to do twice.

      I do have fun in XIV and levelling archer is one of them, I think its great. I’d say we do look for different things and as I’m looking to spam RNG in combat I’m hit. Like I say tho, it just doesn’t make sense that they try to stop me doing what I find fun?

      I am very heavy on the pro XI, I do bum it, which does maybe contribute to my dislike of XIV somehow. In the reverse I think you’re very heavy on anti XI which maybe reverses the same way

  3. Lorelai November 8, 2010 at 7:33 pm #


    I’m so sorry about the incoming wall of noise haha. Got a little carried away there, but I know I can always have a good debate about old XIV with you, innit?

    Perhaps you should take it two paragraphs at a time, squire? *sips hot chocolate* ‘-‘;

    I see you’ve mentioned surplus quite often in your opening few points. I know your problem may be with the principle of surplus rather than how it has been implemented, but, to be honest, it’ll never be an issue for the vast majority of the player base.

    I’ve not once come anywhere near hitting surplus, and I doubt I will, unless they change how it works. In fact, right now, the point at which surplus kicks in makes it an all but pointless feature – too high to help casual players catch up, and too high also to encourage hardcore players to play different classes. The fact that a good amount of players attained rank 50 – rather than just level 50 – within a month of the game’s release lays testament to that.

    Market wards… ‘-‘;

    SE seemed to really~ want to push the idea of a retainer based market system, without actually having any idea how to implement the feature to the player base’s liking. With the November update it’ll become what I originally suggested it would become, i.e., a cumbersome auction house.

    I have no idea why. I’m not particularly bothered to be honest, but I agree that they should have just made an auction house from the start, rather than crawling their way to a system that’ll play like a beta version of an auction house. They’ll keep changing it until the player base is happy with it, though. They don’t really have a choice. :s

    I don’t think the caps on stats matter too much, it makes sense when there’s a disparity between physical level and rank; otherwise you’d be one shotting mobs at rank one if your physical level was high enough. I do think, however, that it’s silly to make it such a guessing game as to what your actual stats are once you’ve changed to a lower ranked class.

    Guildleves form the cornerstone of FFXIV’s new casual approach – haha, FFXIV, casual; it still makes me chuckle! – so why limit them to eight every thirty-six hours? Granted, I’m not entirely sure what the alternative is – I certainly don’t think you should be able to flag an unlimited amount – but that’s the only facet of the game that can truly be considered casual, so it should be more accommodating, for sure.

    The anima cost is high. Too high. Especially considering that there are no chocobos or airships available yet. Clearly, it would have been a good idea to slash the cost of anima until other forms of transportation are made available. That may not make sense when considering the lore of Eorzea and wutevs, but neither does the fact that you can’t hire a chocobo from the stables – despite being able to stare saddled chocobos in the beak – or the fact that airships never seem to dock!

    And to think that you didn’t even mention the lack of a simultaneous multi-platform launch or the wonky SP system. u_u;

    So, why play XIV? You say that you don’t really understand why people have faith in the game, considering SE’s diabolical record with XI. But you then say that you’d like to *play* XI – which you still do – with those who are currently playing XIV, which is a little bit of a contradiction. ^_^; It goes further than that, of course, I know XI is one of your favourite games of all time, of all time!

    Let’s remember that when XI was released there was no AH, no NMs, no seasonal events, no IT mobs, no marker to show where you were on the map, crafts couldn’t be HQ’d, the enmity system was borked, Jeuno remained closed, there were few emotes, no teleports or D2, no chat filtering, etc., etc.

    Indeed, we started to play the game a good three to four years after its launch. Now should SE have learned from their mistakes and launched a more rounded game? Absolutely. But the point is, the game you love started out in an even worse state than XIV, which you loathe.

    That’s, most likely, why people have faith in XIV. Not because they’re unthinking retards who are blinded by the mighty SE. More likely because they’re not so short-sighted as to spew vitriol over a game that they know will be vastly improved upon come PS3 release alone.

    The fundamentals to make a great MMO are all already present:

    Graphics: Even in eight years’ time, this game will still look great.

    Character creation: Robust enough to provide a good amount of variation, whilst still being limited enough so as to not subject us to ridiculous looking characters. Still needs more hairstyles though!

    Story: The city stories are such a vast improvement on the ones in XI, there actually seems to be a cohesive philosophy about where they’re headed and why. So much better than having to collect an orcish axe, copper ingots, Quadav armour and the like until rank 4 or whatever. Also, what on earth was that whole handing in crystals to advance thing about? (*~_~)\

    Dynamic class and battle system: Crafting is much~ more entertaining than XI, being able to change classes on the fly is a pleasure, and the class choice involved easily trumps XI’s starting jobs. Really looking forward to the advanced jobs also. Not to mention being able to mix and match abilities.

    Communication: SE are *gasp* actually speaking to us now about the game through a clean and accessible website; in actual palatable sentences that can be deciphered by humans, rather than the corporate non-words we were fed during XI.

    But it needs time to improve. I’ve no idea why XIV was released when it was. SE aren’t receiving any money for subscriptions until November anyway, so why didn’t they just keep the game in beta until then? Silly! Perhaps we’ll never know. But whoever made the decision to release the game when they did needs a firm pie to the face…and then sacking.

    Having said that, they did the right thing by offering players a free month and promising fixes for all of the game’s current problems – save the lack of a delivery box system. I think the way they’ve reacted has been great, and I hope they continue down that path. That shows more promise in the long run than XI ever did for sure. If they had to have their game lambasted to get there then so be it, it’ll make XIV a better game in the end.

    You *still* bitch excessively about XIV, which means you obviously still care about the game – it kind of feels like you and FFXIV have had a bad breakup ‘-‘; – and like XI, this game will be great come the first expansion and beyond. So a pork pie from your local bakery says you’ll be trying your best not to eat humble pie this time next year.

    Pssh, you’ll probably get crumbs all over your keyboard whilst running through one of the new zones.

    Lorelai x

    • MillionsKnives November 8, 2010 at 11:48 pm #

      FXIV defo has a few key things right, Graphics, story and the Character Creation. I do really think that’s SE’s communication will die a death after the damage control is sorted. We have a dev who just plain and simple doesn’t like people out of Japan lol, they’ll soon go back to venting on Twatter…

      I have pretty much finished with being annoyed over XIV, just wanted to write a post to get it down on my blog and let people know I’m not playing and why.

      Indeed good sir, FFXI is one of, if not my most favourite game evar. l’ll explain here since l’ve had a few people mention that to me. A tl;dr is at the bottom.

      Before I ever thought about or realised any of XI’s errors and faults I was a good year or two into playing. As a newbie to online games I wasn’t aware to what was expected, I was having great fun meeting new people and playing with friends online for the first time, I was an FF fanboi at that time and was happy to have an escape from real life haha. Also I’d bet more then half of my good memories of XI come from this time (how sad is that!)

      Really I think as long as you’re with a group of friends in FFXI, its faults scale down to minor things. Most of its problems come from needing 6 or more people, time investment and job balance. When playing with friends you have 6 or more people from the go (cutting down time allready), how long things take doesn’t matter as you chat and laugh, and jobs aren’t such an issue as with friends you generally make allowances for people – we allow weird subjobs, useless setups and will SC & MB for fun etc.

      It does have many faults outside of those though, mainly FFXIs random systems, pops and drops. Which no amount of friends fixes lol save for it being more fun while you’re putting up with them.

      FFXIV’s problems can’t be fixed by friends D: Even Anima regen effects us all in groups, and guildleves are better solo as the skill is all yours to hog. People can make allowances for me if I want to come RNG with CNJ abilities for shits and giggles, but if I’m in surplus the game stops me. The game literally cuts you off at many aspects which is what annoys me – this cut off aspect annoyed me in FFXI too, but its not nearly as numerous in every day play. WHM’s can get MP back to tele you, or you can just simply pay to get to a location – buying an ‘Anima Refresh’ or something would improve the situation so much.

      I had thought about and also forgot about a few of the things you mentioned; random skill, no PS3 release, no level sync while having a level gap, impossible LFP system, no search etc. But I didn’t include things like random Skill gains as it hasn’t been touted as a freedom aspect, so it doesn’t cancel anything out. They’re just shit systems and outcomes. Which, now I write that, I guess I’m less angry about generally? Maybe it’s because (save for PS3 release) I don’t feel as lied too or had my hopes slashed on those issues. Or maybe it’s because they’re not to do with the core ideal of the game – freedom. They don’t clash with the ethos they claim to have. Which the cancelling out things I listed do, they show me the very idea behind the game is a mess. Things like random Skill gains are more like XI problems, where you can grin and bare it if you’re with friends. Which I did in XIV, I was happy to level with you and Dense even if the EXP was random and lame :D In FFXI the ethos is there, in XIV the ethos is a mess and gives me the impression they have absolutely no idea whats going on or what to do.

      With FFXI, as sum41 say D: I’m in to deep. I have a lot of time invested and good memories in the game, and most of the problems people majorly complain against such as HNMs don’t effect me. FFXI also implemented many things like Nyzul, ZMN’s, level sync, Campaign, Abysea and Assults to remove so many problems. Which aren’t taken over to XIV.

      So I agree its an odd relationship. I wouldn’t call it a contradiction though, they’re different games with different problems. That’s not to say I wanted an FFXI clone – hell no! But I did want an improvement at least! lol.

      I like FFXI, but it does get to a point where its like you’re wading through mud. But once you’ve got mud in your wellies you may as well keep going – if ya get me? In FFXIV I have clean wellies and don’t want to get to the point where I think ‘well, I may as well keep going – X and Y is still fun!’

      I just think people are desperate to like XIV for whatever reason (mainly I bet on chasing the high of the XI early days) so keep playing. As I said to Livija I can understand as I want to like it too. Including the Betas etc I’ve given the game a lot of playtime and chances.

      I just think that because XI started off worse then XIV and XIV may be good in the future, is not a reason to play. FFXI is very good but ultimately has so many faults its sometimes not worth playing. FFXIV isn’t that good and has so many faults is often not worth playing.

      I am glad you two play to keep me updated on any changes :P

      FFXI: Solid ethos, problems fixed (after years), many problems fixed with friends playing. In too deep, love runs off memories from early days and playing with friends.

      FFXIV: Ethos? No idea… Numerous problems not willing to wait years to fix (again), problems restricted by the game rather then the playerbase or lack of friends. New, past memories of SE is XI means I’m not willing to get in too deep.

  4. Regan July 3, 2011 at 1:59 am #

    i totally agree with what you say here and by god even though it’s free-to-play right now i can’t be assed fighting through this game cos it just seems so damn pointless with the way the whole game works pretty much. solo’ing was easier in XI for christs sake and having to do mini-leves all the time which im told to do… is the stupidest way to level up EVER. i happen to like monster grind, and exp. and customizable attributes when you level up is a stupid idea in any game. effing waste of time, a good rpg or even mmorpg does the stat distribution forrr you based on what class you’ve chosen. choose the class… that should be all you have to do >.>

    • MillionsKnives August 7, 2011 at 12:51 pm #

      Yeh I’ve given up on XIV. Pretty much just waiting for Star Wars online and Guild Wars 2. Some of the changes they’ve announced to XIV seem great, but it’s just always going to be tainted – never again SE!

  5. SomeoneWhoCares January 10, 2012 at 8:31 am #

    MK I’m with you on FFXIV. It’s a terrible game that should never have been released in the state it was. There is no excuse and all of the people who defend the game will only allow SE to get away with it by funding their shoddy product. Guildleves are stupid. The opening Gridania sequence is stupid. The areas outside every city are unimaginative. Combat lacks tactile feedback and is not satisfying at all. The LFP system was awful and cumbersome. The teleport system was also dumb, just a way to cater to the lazy and also admit how boring their world is to travel through on foot. Pretty much everything that XI did right, XIV did wrong, or in the worst way possible. I hate XI too, but only because it compels me to reactivate my accounts, no matter how long or hard I try to quit, regardless that none of my friends play anymore. Sigh. I’m heading out to Qufim as I speak. It would be great if a new MMO were released that could capture me the way XI did, but I doubt it will ever happen.

    • 2at2.com April 22, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

      Why pay $50 on FFXIV and the monthly $10 subscribion fee when you can play Aion, free-to-play? Aion doesn’t require a high-end computer and the best part is there is actually an incentive to helping, mentoring, younger players/new players. If your a new FFXI player you know how impossible it is to find players willing to help you with old content such as CoP/Wotg/Zilart missions. Even finding players willing to help you with abyssea is hard because there is just no incentive to helping newer players. Most of the time is spent AFKing/shouting in Port Jueno waiting on an event to happen.

  6. seralyn84 September 22, 2013 at 1:35 pm #

    Hey there,

    So I randomly happened upon this blog post while searching for some images of FFXIV Icons to use on my Free Company website and read your article. I was getting frustrated for a moment there….Anima system? Market Wards? Surplus System? 30 minute long GUILDleves?? What on Earth is talking about?? Are we playing the same game here?? I too played the beta, closed and open and was there for the release and I’ve never heard of any of this stuff!

    And then I had a derka derr moment and realized that you’re referring to 1.0 as the date on this post eventually indicated to me.

    I was just writing to see if you had decided to give FFXIV another go around. I never played 1.0(I was still playing FFXI), but from what many people are saying it’s a whole new game. I’m enjoying it immensely so far.

    So, have you gone back and given it another chance?

  7. nathan January 8, 2014 at 7:10 am #

    lol this game sucks so bad I hope it shuts down. any game that comes out after one they already have ff11 online I think I don’t remember the number. but all the same ff11 online is much better then ff14 I activated my account again after all the years to compare and I found my self playing ff11 more then ff14 why ill say quick why I need to go. the classes are dumb you cant switch like you use too. summoner class pets are dumb weak small and limited you only get like 3 why the hell would I play a summoner with only 3 pets EQ has more then that. so ya I went back to ff11 but I was really hopeing for ff14 to be so much better so I just don’t play any of there games anymore. ill stick with minecraft its a game that will never close down. mods keep coming out texture packs all ways there to change your seen. hmmm minecraft has everything so why play a dumb mmo when you can play that with your oculus rift epic shades and map bumping and tools edit programs and more to make your game the way you like it npc mod and now you have missions. so anyway XBOX ONE HALO 5 EQ LANDMARK that’s the only games we should all be watching right now and I think ill give kingdom under fire a chance same with blade and soul. but if they suck im heading back to minecraft lol what a sad gameing world we live in where all the games feel and look the same. goodluck people you might just have better luck on facebook at least there games last longer and have more people on them. ps this site is starting to suck I don’t see anymore updates and if there is any you get 1 or 2 yay how lame looks like online games are failing oh ya I guess ill try the new skyrim online but that’s going on my xbox ok bye

  8. gerrt3 March 3, 2016 at 2:01 am #

    yep this game sucks its purely designed to increase the subscription time everything is based on wasting your time either it be pointless cutscenes , endless run around story quests with 6 different parts just to finish one quest which takes you 30mins+ etc, nerfed exp at lvl 50 storyquests giving 4,500exp then you get to heavensword they magically give 48,000 exp before you hit this 4,500 exp nerf they were giving 20,000+ exp funny huh ?, or the really dumbest idea ever making people level class types they wont even like just to play one advanced class. pure designed to waste time to increase subs $$

    worst game design ever the Devs who made this should never work in the gaming industry again

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