Pattern Of Knives

5 Apr

Hey all :) just plugging my new graphics blog over at

Its just an area for me to stick up some of my university projects. Graphics and arty stuff isnt everyone’s cup of tea but I just thought I’d mention it :) some stuff of MillionsKnives is bound to pop up sooner or later~!

Sadly I just havn’t had time to update RdmRules, and we never did get to actually having a run through of our static. In fact… I think only two of the bazzilion statics me and my friends have organised has ever run for over 2 months hahaha. To any readers that do check here for updates every so often, thank you :) I really had fun writing this blog and I especially love reading comments ya leave.

Hopefully once I get some stuff on PatternOfKnives you’ll see why I havn’t had time to post here!

P.S if you do randomly check here for updates – you can just click the subscribe button on the top right to have a message sent to ya whenever I do update. Which might come in handy when summer starts and I have a tonne of free time!

Stay classy, Vana’diel.



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