In 2010 I will be mostly eating…

25 Jan

Another year down.

A pretty abysmal year for my FFXI blog haha. Mostly due to me not playing as much as before, but I’ve also just been busy in summer seeing friends I cant normally see at uni (it was an amazing summer!) and also from September onwards I wasn’t very well – I pretty much had a mental breakdown ^^; which is why my promise to write regular updates fell through.

But the issues in my life have been addressed – I have a brain that works like new. 2010 will be a very good year gods damn it! Looking back to my 2009 resolutions;

Real life resolutions of 2009:

  1. Keep up with university work! Don’t fall behind as per usual, go into class! – Oh my, fail. When my new year of uni started in September I was very up for this but wasn’t able to because I was so fucked up . /emo
  2. Continue to eat healthy, even more healthy then before! – I did do this till September lol. I’ve just been to NYC for a week and FAILED to the max XD
  3. Stay in contact with my friends I don’t see now I live in Huddersfield. –  Yeh :D pretty much thanks to summer!
  4. Try again to be nicer all around – Less bitching, more optimism, nicer to friends. – Tick. After whats happened in the latter part of the year i think out of all my friends im one of the most balanced bitch wise :P I feel me pointing out the other side is starting to annoy them ^^;
  5. Be braver! Eg: I wuss out when talking on the phone to a stranger is involved -_- its lol i know… – I forgot about this…

FFXI resolutions of 2009:

  1. Finish ToAU, CoP and RotZ. – Finished ToAU, I’ve also done that lame Crystal expansion. I’m one mission off finishing Zilart. CoP, well, is CoP
  2. Switch to Sandy (after getting my arrow from Windy) and obtain Rank 10 there. – Never found anyone to do this with D:
  3. Ranger 75. – HELL YEAH!
  4. Continue to keep up with WotG. – Fail as once I was unable to solo I couldn’t advance. None of my friends would catch up.
  5. Start a lil endgame to gear up my Ranger, mainly some Sky and Dyna… /sigh – Yeh :D I actually enjoyed Dynamis too!
  6. Start up LS Brenners again. – My LS disbanded, blessing and a curse. This is a no.
  7. Do more things with friends :) Perhaps more so IRL ones. I’d like to do more things with Lee and Spen, perhaps Gary and Chibimoon when they start to be sociable again :P – Maybe? This should be a tick from now on as we’re starting a Sunday is Funday static XD
  8. Get my flatmate Jack into FFXI! common! Hes played every FF except 11. He won’t see any good side in it just because its an online game. Drives me NUUUTS! – He wouldn’t in the end -we’ll see about FFXIV :P At least he doesn’t seem to be as against the idea of online games as he was before XP

In all:

5/13 as Done! :D

3/13 as Almost :|

5/13 as FAIL! :x

50:50 in the end. Finishing the story was what I really wanted to do and because it involves others and specific job combos this hasn’t been easy. Such is FFXI :P

2010 goals? Fewer then last year

FFXI resolutions of 2009:

  1. Play for fun when possible. Enjoy our Sunday static etc. Don’t do things that aren’t for fun or its all pointless due to FFXIV
  2. Finish CoP

Real life resolutions of 2009:

  1. Keep up my new mind state and remember all I’ve learnt.
  2. Let things flow.
  3. Enjoy my friends and let them enjoy me.
  4. Keep on top of Uni work. Expand and become better!
  5. Get a job – I’m sick of being poor.

Why so few? Because I just want to let life flow and not strive for too many things to alter or change. What I’ve learnt over the past few months is to live in the present. At the moment I want to think for the now rather then the year ahead :)

Anyways, l’ll be getting this back log of screenshots and stories out the way soon. l’ll also be writing a post every Sunday after my static and I plan to give this blog a make over for this new year. Hope to see you all soon.

What a generic post!


2 Responses to “In 2010 I will be mostly eating…”

  1. Katella February 16, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    Looks like you have some good goals for the next year! Some are things I think many of us could work on. :) Wishing you the best!

  2. MillionsKnives April 2, 2010 at 11:35 am #

    sorry for the delayed response! But thank you :) same to you!

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