Hey Shinji, what are you doing here?

3 Aug

Its been a while eh? Well I’m back~ The main reason the blog round to a halt was one of my closest in game friends quitting FFXI.

Amith left in February and it really sunk my happy levels in FFXI. Also at the time my Linkshell was on the rocks again (as it always seems to be lol, i think i just worry too much!).  I planned to draw Amith a goodbye picture of us two and write a goodbye post, but as lame as it sounds i couldn’t bring myself to do it D:

Besides, Amith already got a whole post to himself, two would just be greedy XP

Also around April uni work was also starting to hit hard, but thats all over now :)! I passed the first year, l’ll post some of my work here eventually. MillionsKnives is involved in one of my final pieces ^_^;  If putting your FFXI character into your Uni work doesnt mean you play too much I dont know what does!

I’m in a new LS now called EverGlow with some former SM members and having a lot of fun in it, everyone’s really nice. We have a few more people with multiple jobs and having some manpower makes events etc so much easier. I’ve just spent the past two days making a forum for them~ check out the banner :D click on it for a full view:

After over three years of the dark grey SuicideMoogles forum I wanted a change so I chose some nice bold colours~ the linkshells colour is pink too so it was kinda unavoidable heehee. Most of the two days was spent trying to figure out what parts of the code altered what colours and thinking of a way to make it look less girly (there was no blue at first). I’m very happy with it in the end, hope it gets some use!

I’ve also started up dynamis for the third time and actually enjoying it! I wish i was doing it right now haha. Madness! The LS is called Elite Guardians and is run by Sblonde, who I’ve kinda of known around the game ever since i started. I used to always recognise her as she started around the time we did, levelling the same job, with the same race and  face, from the same city as my sister. She was a clone! She was also in my friend Fheonix’s LS so I occasionally bumped into her. Anyways, the LS is great. We own at dynamis :) unlike my past two shell where wipes were common. I remember I fianlly quit when I lost 12k exp in one run. So far I’ve only gotten one bit of AFv2, my Ranger hat, but I’m hopeful l’ll get more soon >_<b Being a Red Mage sleeper is surprisingly fun :3

Hows my Ranger you ask? Welllll, level 74 XD and im keeping it there till i get some decent endgame gear for it! At least at 74 people may think I just cant equip all that sweet-ass gear for RNG. As soon as I get that ACP body l’ll get the 10k exp to level me up, but damn, that fight….

I had an ACP static with my friends as soon as it was released but by the time we got to the end we found out our set-up sucked. I’m 0/3 at the moment and the thought of climbing that tower again makes me want to cry… What a lame add-on, I haven’t bought the second one yet because of it. l’ll get on it soon enough ;P

I have one month left before I’m back at uni. I hopefully move in on the 1st of September, I cant wait! Being home is nice but so slow paced compared to uni, I miss being my own boss! :) Well, ttyl, more updates on the adventures of MillionsKnives soon~

Edit:  And yes, I did get a new Gold Bolt :P


One Response to “Hey Shinji, what are you doing here?”

  1. Amith August 13, 2009 at 3:47 pm #

    greedy nothing! i demand a second post to myself! NOOOOOOOOWWWW!!

    .. also try not to throw this bolt away -.-

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