In 2009 I will be mostly eating…

5 Feb

Lets delve deep into the RdmRules archives and take a look at the new years resolutions of 2008, did I stick to them?

Real life resolutions of 2008:

  1. Eat more fruit/veg -i.e eat tomatoes and drink smoothies – Done and done :) I’ve actually grown to love vegetables, roast any of them and they’re great! Still not so fond of fruit tho.
  2. Be less bitchy, -i.e don’t bitch! (as much). – Well, I try… however living with my friend Rach at Uni brings out the worst in me :/
  3. be less critical -i.e do I really need to slag Bleach off all the time? no! I’m gonna look for its good points. – I tried! I now try to see the good sides in things I dont like, so I think this is a tick.
  4. be nicer to friends -i.e like, em, get friends a drink when they come round to my house? – Hmmm, apparently I’m a good host anyways. But not sure I’ve been nicer this year than other years.
  5. and dress/look how I feel -i.e I got my hair cut because its easier to handle and more me, and screw skinny jeans, I’m back to baggy clothes. – Yea XD I no longer look like a Topman mannequin.

Nearly got a full list of ticks, not quite tho :x however for this next section I feel things may quickly go down hill…

FFXI resolutions of 2008:

  1. Finish RotZ and CoP, maybe ToAU – Hmmm, over 1/2 through CoP now while still at the Ark Angels of RotZ, however I’m on Alexander for ToAU,  just can’t get a party to kill him! So kinda the opposite of planned as I’ve basically done ToAU and not the other two. At the time of writing these my CoP static was running so completing CoP seemed realistic, however it abruptly fell apart. /cry
  2. Change nation and finish either the Windy or Sandy Story. – Done ;P l’ll post on this later
  3. Level a Craft – For this I’ve chosen Woodworking – Does getting it to level 20 count? I actually quite enjoy woodworking, its relaxing. But I couldn’t help but wonder if it was just a waste of Gil.
  4. Keep up with WotG Missions! I wanna do them as they come out. – Pretty much :)
  5. Get another job to 75 to replace Rdm – Ranger has been chosen for this ^^ – ooooh so close. At the time of writing this last year my Ranger was level 16, its level 68 now. Can I count that as a tick?
  6. Try out Gardening to make ze gilz. – Ok, I just couldnt be arsed. My money making ways are good as they are :P

In all:

5/11 as Done! :D

2/11 as Almost :|

4/11 as FAIL! :x

Not too bad, better then I thought I’d do. However disappointing on the FFXI front >_< Looking ahead to this year now, lets see what I can come up with for some (late) new years resolutions~

Real life resolutions of 2009:

  1. Keep up with university work! Don’t fall behind as per usual, go into class!
  2. Continue to eat healthy, even more healthy then before!
  3. Stay in contact with my friends I don’t see now I live in Huddersfield.
  4. Try again to be nicer all around – Less bitching, more optimism, nicer to friends.
  5. Be braver! Eg: I wuss out when talking on the phone to a stranger is involved -_- its lol i know…

FFXI resolutions of 2009:

  1. Finish ToAU, CoP and RotZ.
  2. Switch to Sandy (after getting my arrow from Windy) and obtain Rank 10 there.
  3. Ranger 75.
  4. Continue to keep up with WotG.
  5. Start a lil endgame to gear up my Ranger, mainly some Sky and Dyna… /sigh
  6. Start up LS Brenners again.
  7. Do more things with friends :) Perhaps more so IRL ones. I’d like to do more things with Lee and Spen, perhaps Gary and Chibimoon when they start to be sociable again :P
  8. Get my flatmate Jack into FFXI! common! Hes played every FF except 11. He won’t see any good side in it just because its an online game. Drives me NUUUTS!

So basically for FFXI; DO THE STORY!!! Myself, Spankey and Amith have set up ‘Event Tuesdays’  where we’ll log on and do some story. This should keep me on track for my storyline goals. I’m also hopping onto Kroegers CoP static when they reach 5-1, however our LS statics tend to be rather slow moving ^_^; we’ll see if we get that finished by the end of the year.




3 Responses to “In 2009 I will be mostly eating…”

  1. Ophenix February 8, 2009 at 7:52 pm #

    Still havn’t found a fruit you like? /comfort…

  2. millionsknives February 9, 2009 at 5:11 pm #

    I looooove raspberry’s and mangos, but fruit always seems like more of an effort to eat then veg D:


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