Party times at a distance

2 Feb


The thing with levelling Ranger is; You just look too damn cool for school.

I’m probably the worst Ranger ever because I get lost in staring at how minted I look in everything I do as Ranger D:


I’ve levelled ze job quite a  lot over Christmas and up to now :) It currently stands at 68~! Burnt through all my Anny ring ready for the event in … March? Level sync has made this really fun as every partys been with some LS members :) It started to feel like I couldnt survive in a party without Kedregan. We were having a nice little competition going on, who could keep hate, the RNG or the PLD? XD Sorry to say that Ked being an awesome PLD means he won most of the time ; ;


This party was especially special to me, not only because Spen and Lasaro were in it, but because it had everyones favourite bought character – Nyaenhehe <3

Nyaenheheh was the first Gil seller me and my sister ever saw. Back in the days when Gil sellers would attempt to mana burn their way to 75 starting from level 1…

Not knowing about Gil sellers me and my sister were just very confused about why a party of 5 BLMs with level one gear were constantly dying in Yhoator Jungle. Then sporadically talking nonsense and not accepting Raises.

And so the name Nyaenhehe stuck in our minds ever since. Then last year she popped up again in better gear, with an LS etc. Every time I see them I wanna say ‘HOWS THE BOUGHT CHARACTER WORKING OUT FOR YA?!’ but they wouldnt understand )’:

Needless to say she’d been bough by a JP XD It was an honour to party with you, Nyaenhehe. /bow

Also in this party was a dick of a SMN, constantly not doing what we asked (and it seemed to be on purpose). I’d just like to say this SMN was invited to DD and seemed to go out of his way to suck at it, and its a prime example of why I never invite SMNs to DD. Every time I’ve been in a party where a SMN can DD they seem to not want to… like they’d rather cure whore…

Anyways, to get him back for being an ass we disbanded before his level ;P he left in a huff when we said we wouldnt wait for it and then the 5 of us laughed at him.

Erm… 4 of us, Nyaenhehe didnt know what was going on :x


THEN CAME A PARTY WITH BOB AND KED, WHILE WEIS SAT AND WATCHED! This camp was horrible D: some Puk camp at the furthest point S/W in the Woodlands, long ass pulls D: NEVER GO THERE!


And no partying spree would be complete with a session from the great Spankey~ In this picture I’m being a cheep skate and using holy bolts :) YAY

This party was memorable as 2 people suddenly left as they had an LS event. What strange LS’s when they spring events on you just after you level. l’ll have to get one and see how it works…

When the THF asked which RNG wanted to pull and we quckly said none, you should. He said;

‘lol yea but then i g2 [Disengage] lol but i guess so.. when we get to 65 though one rng is gonna lol’

to which I orz’d. They were a nice person and turned out to be a good puller, but the though that a THF thinks them having to disengage to pull is a problem made me wanna hit my head on the keyboard lol

Despite the rather ranty post I had HUGE amounts of fun :) Thanks to my friends for partying with me. Level sync rocks <3 Thankfully my skills only gimped by a few levels.

At the moment I’m in a predicament as RNG :/ unlike my RDM where I can basically buy my way into good gear, RNG gear sucks from AH and NMs >_< I’ll have to do Dyna and Sky to be decent. The problem is I don’t have time for these in my life :/ I could do Sky say once a week? Finding a Shell that doesn’t split after a little while seems to be hard. Everyone I know seems to be in LS where people bugger off and the LS has to reform, meaning all the time spent on points is lost. I really don’t have the luxury to devote the time to regaining points if my Sky LS falls apart :/ I’m not sure what to do. Guess I need to bite the bullet and try it. I’ve done Sky once before and found it very fun.

If anyone on Hades knows of a good Sky LS that runs at decent GMT hours and wants a RDM drop me a line >_< I don’t mind at all having to spend time saving up points, just so long as the LS isn’t fragile enough to disband D:

…far too many don’ts in thar ^-^;

Dyna on the other hand. So, so boring…


2 Responses to “Party times at a distance”

  1. Zareen February 2, 2009 at 8:03 am #

    Ty for the jolly update, I almost died of boredom today…

    Also.. *dramatic sigh*
    I would do Dynamis for you if I could, mate… but I cannot…

    Be brave

  2. millionsknives February 7, 2009 at 10:06 pm #

    sorry zareen! my filters said u were spam XD

    I love you

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