Epic Day

13 Dec

I just fought Titan.

About my 60th time fighting him.



Not at all.

It was fraking epic.

I’ve been at Uni for nearly three months no and havnt been able to play FFXI at all, I’d D/C all the time and for some reason I couldn’t dual box either. However this week our new net got turned on, and while its still pretty shoddy, it *touch wood* doesnt D/C often at all :) l’ll wait a bit longer and see, but looks like I might be able to party again! Another wonderful thing came with this new net, the ability to dual box again!!

*Hugs Barthezz*

Oh how I’ve missed my lil ‘thezz ^_^

So in my break for coursework (which ive been spamming all week, deadline on monday ; ; ) I made my merry way out to Titan~ Thinking pretty much I’d die from being so out of practice XD

Fighting Titan up to four times a week gets pretty dull, and there were times I’d wonder why the hell I was doing this as it was so boring, but today I had a blast! Cycling Buffs, watching the enfeebs on him, counting shadows, looking at his HP for his 2 hour @_@! So much to do! It was a handful compared to normal but it was great fun :) Being so out of the loop, and fighting him on Earthsday (woops) I ended up 2 houring him to death, how cool is chainspell??

Wonder if anyone in my flat wondered what I was doing screaming ‘NI UP! Ok, ok, AHHHHH! NOOO DONT INTERUPT! TAKE THIS YOU BASTARD, CHAAAAINSPELL! AERO AERO DIIEEEE!’

I’m writing this because I found it amazing how fun I found doing Titan compared to him being my normal farming ture. Just shows, FFXI *is* fun (shock horror!), but I play it so much it becomes just a routine. Which can be said for most of us probably.

So take a break and then you’ll remember that those every day things in Vana’diel are actually fun.


Other bits and bobs



While stood in Qufim I noticed someone shouted for a Raise.



they’re right behind me.


However the smart last man standing said ‘l’ll get em!’ just before I was about to cure him, so I thought I’d let him get them, as ya do. Much to my surprise he didnt die. He ran around the rock I was on for a minute or so and the weapon de-agro’d. wow. I guess this is something to do with pathing but I have no idea how that worked. Mr Sklaer, you impress me.



Moar Brenner with Weis now that he’s level 75, which by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I like his last words in that picture;  ‘don’t D:’

Next time say please!



FFXI didnt seem to be D/Cing after tea , so I decided to see how long it could stay on before it did (testing to find the problem or pattern!). Mel was on the LS and I got chatting to her, which is something  I had never really done before, to my EMENSE regret. We stayed up all night talking and I had alot of fun :) at around 7am we decided to have a go at getting the Rabbit Bow for her :0 Sadly by 8am I was falling asleep lol so we had to call it a night morning.

Important thing is shes got it now with the help of .. idk someone.

The next day FFXI was D/Cing as normal… guess there just wasnt much traffic at my Uni net 11pm till 8am lol ^_^;;



I tried to PL Ked and Tawooo. I DC’d whenever they started to fight ^_^;; that didnt go so well…

It was still nice to see you too anyway :) Looking classy Ked!


I went to Jeuno, hoping for Xmas musics. No luck. So i had a sit down in Rolenberry . After tea i came back and i could hear Bastoks music. Huh?

I’m at my HP? Those bastard flat mates, theyve seen me warp before and they’ve gone and warped me >:| But after accusing them of mischief i remembered to read the logger files. Alas, 15 mins of being hit (well, mostly being missed) by a Goblin and its Bee…

Thought for the day

Why do things agro to /sit ; ;

Closing statement

Well, I’ve been up for like… 4 days straight doing coursework, so I’m off to bed. If ya wanna see a lil bit of what ive been doing its up on my DA  at http://madnessmilly.deviantart.com/ (its the ‘Inside’ ones.)

I’ve never been so excited to go to bed before 10pm XD

(SuicideMoogles members who havnt check the LSMES or forum, we’re having a meet-up on Jan the 2nd and 3rd. Check the site for details darn it! SuicideMoogles.co.uk)

Playtime:  160 days, 17 hours, 55 minutes and 18 seconds


3 Responses to “Epic Day”

  1. weissthesamurai December 13, 2008 at 10:44 pm #

    lol I like it how my face in the pic is behind the stone so I can’t be seen in shame. XD Also nice Qufum pic lol.

  2. millionsknives December 13, 2008 at 11:02 pm #

    actually :x ur face is one the floor. Stone III took it clean off

  3. Ophenix December 17, 2008 at 8:50 am #

    Ked and Lobo… I miss them T_T

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