Summers End.

20 Oct


Its been a long and relaxing summer in Vana’diel and England. While the latter saw no sun at all, in Vana’diel the temperature soared as the yearly Summer Fest kicked into action.

SM got together at very short notice and decided to spam the hell out of the events >=D No matter how many times I do goldfish scooping it never ever gets old ^_^ its so fun! Tawooo was a crazy lady at it, getting so many fish she gave about 3/4 of them away XD (mainly to me, thank you!) allowing moi towards getting a goldfish set :D

So now I have a sweet Fighting Fish Tank!

*Insert pretty picture here*

o, wait, maybe not.

I still need to get Alchemy to 7 ^_^; which I will do… someday… like… maybe by Christmas…

NEXT! Pretty dancing game thing.

This was also very fun and allot better then the events where we simply spam /cheer constantly. We all got our +1 gear so now we can party it up at Purgonorgo Isle! HELL YA! T10 points to anyone who can spot all the LS members in that picture~

Lil bit of info I just found out; If you wear the +1 event gear and then call your Adventuring Fellow they’ll have it on too :D pretty slick!

BUT IT DOESNT END THERE! Oh no. Three mini-games were added which we’re the best minigames ever in FFXI. In my opinion they showed PS2 limitations is a total cop-out excuse, as these games we’re really fresh and broke the mould of FFXI.

In a recent interview this was said:

Official in-game events have also really changed. Recently, the Sunbreeze Festival became a Superheroine Stage Show, which was surprising.
Ogawa: (laughs) Actually, personally, I was a little surprised at the scathingly critical reaction to the event. In-game events have been done over and over, so I thought something new would not be an issue, but I took a lot of heat from all over the world. Guess I learned my lesson.

NOOOO SE. I loved this event, it was so fresh! I havnt heard one person criticise it, so i dont know where you get your info from… The last sentence concerns me slightly >.> sort of ‘I wont try any more’. Please dont think that ; ;

Although it was a great event I didn’t have as much fun compared to previous years due to LS drama centring around people not using chat filters, which was just ridiculous. But I digress…

Great job on the event SE!


The SM assault party got started up, which was amazingly fun to do! Laptop troubles made me miss a large amount of runs which I was gutted about ): However once that was fixed Assault provided a change of pace and was constructive too :) I’m not too far off getting the gear I’d like. Since we’ve all gone back to uni the statics been on hold due to the mayhem going on, but i’m soooooo up for getting back into the swing of this :D! Just gotta sort out my uni net first…. :/ I just tried to dual-box with Barthezz and it wont let me here. What am i gonna do >_< I’m so used to having Barth at my beck and call ; ;

Windurst Missions

Christ. It was back in July I changed to Windurst and I’ve not mentioned it yet! So far its been a hoot :)

The story resembles what I’d expect from an FF allot more then Bastok. Bastoks ended nicely but it didnt really have that Final Fantasy feel, but Windy packs a magical punch!

Ranks one and two I’ve basically been through before. Anyone remember Lawliet, Yotsuba or Callychan? :P (My friend Wes who speratically played FFXI, getting through three characters and never levelling past 15 over the course of two years XD) But while I knew what to do and what was going on, I’d never got to see the top of Heavens Tower before. What a great place it is!

Puts the Metalworks to shame! I spent ages just walking round here, observing all the different views and lighting. The celling is really unique, a sense of awe goes with it :) Simply put; this zone is beautiful. I can’t belive its from the original game.

Rank three took a while to get past. I had a semi static with Spankey and Amith so was always waiting on people to catch up XD Needless to say, we pwned!

The Sybils chamber is another unique and pretty area. It actually feels like she lives there with all the books  and porn lying around. Looks kinda like my room actually.

Windy deffo got all the love when they were designing FFXI… poor, poor Bastok. I swear Basty was rushed into completion :/

Next is a picture of the Star Sybil balancing a vase on the back of her head which is burning incense.

Miss Sybil, YOU CRAZY!

While I’m on a slight tangent; I think its cool she has several Lady in waiting. Thats a nice touch that adds a sense of realism. Thats also kinda like my room.


realism with these Magic wielding dwarfs who live in stone trees.


And look who sent me on my merry way,

SPOILER: [Hes pretty good at giving me orders from beyond the grave.]

Despite the confusion in MillionsKnives soul over what he just witnessed, Knives trotted off on his merry way~

And boy did I look cool doing it. That lighting hits me perfectly. Maybe green is my colour?

Before I knew it my favourite CS in the whole game hit me in the face like a can of tuna;


Bastardo 5-1 came and went with ease. We completed two runs so Chibimoon could get Datsi and Datsuki up a rank :) Gratsssss

Woop Woop!

Then came the easy Shadowlord fight. In the Windy story line, this was totally out of the blue…

‘The mystery of the Saru Towers, what could they be for? And what of the first summoner?’ You, MillionsKnives, must unravel this mystery.

Hey, is that the Shadowlord?’

This mission would have been great fun if we didnt have so many people along for the trip >_> I will never understand why people don’t:

1. Bring maps up before hand so that they know where to go, thus not being a burden on others.

2. Follow some who has one if they’re unable to bring a map up.


People always run off the wrong way, get lost, die, give birth or some shit like that when theyre meant to be following someone! DRIIIIIVES ME NUUUTS

*Ahem* The good news is we got there in the end.

To find out several people couldn’t get into the BCNM because of missed cut scenes etc….


Anyways, FIGHT!

The PLD there was a dood who showed up out of nowhere, he picked up the people who got lost inside the castle several times and then tanked the fight for us. His name escapes me but thank you whoever you were! And this is like… the… 4th time Plananx II has been useful! YAY!!

I kid,

I kid,

It wasnt useful at all, he was taking barely any damage anyways. I should start Endgame just so I get to use my damn spells hahaha.


Das next mission involved public relations with the Yagudo. Apparently, to keep them happy, i needed to go kill three of their best men.

Prime Directive meant I had to follow their customs, so I killed them good!

Now the story started to get really good :0 We headed off to Yutunga and discovered the truth (for the second time ^^;) about the Tonberrys. However this wasnt easy at all

This fight was filled with lulz XD

I think we all died about five times each.

The mob pop points and linking factors were a bitch! Sight linking but you need to open doors to pop the NM (not to mention they see thru doors >.>) and then magic pots dotted about!  Plus this tTnberry had one uber Rancor.

Amith got the record:

Amith takes 32,000 damage.

Lesson: Wipe your hate before this fight.

It was funny but like hell! Raises left right and centre XD

That just about puts me up to date. I’m now Windy Rank 8, and stuck there because our static has seemingly ended -_-; I’m not perticually miffed about that, but what it does ruin for me is the story :/ t’was nice going through the missions fast so I actually remembered what was going on and how things were linking in. But now I’ve forgotten what was what :/ hence I can’t write about the story much in this section…

Misc Pics:

Kim testing macros;

A new record for EXP in Besieged. I was shocked when I saw this, apparently we killed the mega-boss and thats what did it :O

I had a really fun little mess around with Weis in Brenner :) Grats on level 74 by the way! Obviously he didnt stand a chance against a Red Mage but with a few (to many ^^;) restrictions placed on my it kinda evened out haha :D

Yet again…

Picture of my house for no reason :)

Spankey making a Mob train, he does this at any opportunity XD

We had our 3rd LS meet up aaaaaages ago which I forgot to write about. Zees is a pic of some chat shortly before hand. We were all sooo excited about meeting Dave XD

The meet up was really fun :) We had a day out in York, with mucho Pizza Hut! Our waiter told us if we sent the Pizza back it might get spat in XD But it was allllll a misunderstanding hahah.  We ended up back at mine where w all partied the night away with Trivial Pursuit and Rock Band >=D We didnt get many good pics of that day ^^; but heres one for the lulz.

Till next time! *jumps off a bridge and trys to fly away*


2 Responses to “Summers End.”

  1. Ozrox October 21, 2008 at 10:58 am #

    Very nice long update, been wanting one for a while now!

    I’ve decided to start up my own blog in the very near future, thankies to windower piccies :D

    also, you have a dire lack of pictures of me!
    which highlights that we don’t do nearly enough crap together D:

    We should totally start doing assaults again.

  2. weissthesamurai October 24, 2008 at 5:32 pm #

    :O i must have missed this update, nice post, yeah u did own me a bit… BUT NOW I’M LEVEL 75 WE CAN FIGHT AGAIN! MUAHAHA (imma gonna win this time)

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