AFK, busy gettin’ ma degree.

26 Sep

Hello fellow minions~! Sorry for the lack of updates but for the past two weeks I’ve been at Uni :O

I know, right? How did I get here when 18.4% of my life consists of playing FFXI. Well basically…

*shrugs* I don’t know.

I’m at Huddersfield University studying ‘Creative Imaging’, which is basically a posh name for Graphic Design ^_^; Still cant believe I got accepted because Hudders is awesome for Graphics :) when I’m on the Uni campus it seems unreal.

Wanna know why Huddersfield University is THE BEST?

Its to do with the chancellor ;P Guess who it is from these four contestants:

A: Lilith.

B: Dean Edwards.

C: Captian Jean Luc Picard.

D: Son Goku.

So is it A, B, C or D?



*Drum Roll*


:D *jazz hands*

Yup, Patrick Stewart is chancellor of my university! I cant wait for him to hand me my degree in 4 years time! *squeeeee*

In all seriousness, he only shows up to a few graduation ceremonies ): but still, my chances of meeting him just improved by over 9000%



The past two weeks of uni have consisted of getting drunk as my course doesn’t start till next week. Not as drunk as I’d have liked as moi is pretty damn poor >_<; heehee. The campus wins so much, its a little village in the middle of nowhere o.o and my room rocks socks. I’m living with Rach and Lew who I knew from York and the other four people in my flat are pretty sweet :) so i got lucky there ^_^. We’ve been partying alot but after the first week I was drained as hell! However two weeks in and I still havnt gone to bed before 4am since I arrived orz. Plus Freshers Flu is eating my throat XDDDDD

The only downside so far is the internet :/ while it works fine normally… I D/C from FFXI a fair bit ;_; I havnt been on FFXI enough yet to see if theres a pattern to when it happens (be pretty sad to be glued to FFXI during freshers weeks XD) but im pretty annoyed about it. Apparently we get new servers next month and that might fix it >_< but if it doesnt my FFXI life is kinda doomed. Cross that bridge when I come to it though :/

Its 5:30am so this post is going to quickly end ^_^; just wanted to say ‘YO’ and sorry to my LS for not being on or able to do things on FFXI. l’ll do a real update when I get a spare night, see ya!

I’m so damn tired ; ;

Picture of the day:

P.S Just saw this on MSN, woop woop!

P.P.S For the sake of padding out this post, i was watching FFXI: Recolection and wrote (v) on the vid when I posted it on facebook, I wanted to write more but it told me to shut up >.> /tangent. A dood in my Flat has basically played every FF except 11 saying he doesnt want to pay £8 a month for it – Thats not a good reason!!! Its worth it!!! He also seems pretty sure it has to eat up your life… FFXI doesnt have to eat your life, people just let is because its mint ^_^;

‘Out of any FF or game I’ve ever played, FFXI is the best. 7 major story lines, 20 jobs to choose from, hundreds of quests, mint music, great graphics, a frigging *huge* world and its all playable with friends.

Its a shame most fans of the FF series never play XI, because in terms of content its like 15 standard FF games rolled into one (prolly more tbh). To me FFXI is the only game to have a completely tangible world, the creator of the FF series said XI is most representative of what he felt Final Fantasy should be like and its easy to see why. The world its set in has many unique cultures, races, jobs, religion and actually feels like its real (I know its not real tho, I swear! <,<). Every little thing on the game has a story behind it, in fact, there’s so much story about 3 books have published cataloguing all these little things @_@

I think alot of us who play XI grow too accustomed and bitchy to it, eventually overlooking just how amazing XI is and forgetting its magic D:’


2 Responses to “AFK, busy gettin’ ma degree.”

  1. Ophenix September 26, 2008 at 5:48 pm #

    Well Aram, we did miss you :) You should update more often or at least log on the MSN so I say hi occasionaly.
    i’m glade to hear you are having fun in your uni. I’m kinda envious of you people who live on campus. Since Israel is so fucking small I could live anywhere and still be a bus ride from my uni so getting a room at the dorms is kinda silly. I feel like I’m missing out on all the fun XD

    Anyhow, I have to say I greatly disagree on that “FFXI is 15 games together!” comment. What I loved about the FF game series was the plot, the characters, the ability to draw you into a world that’s, unlike RL, flowing and captivating. Sure, FFXI can be flowing and it can be captivating but the hour long wait for everyone to gear for a BCNM isn’t worth the 10mins of cutscene you get by the end of it.
    It was great while it lasted but now that I’v quite I kinda realised that I like my games with a save option. I don’t think I’ll ever touch another MMO. It was great, really, but the time FFXI consumed was often time I could have used for other things.

  2. Ariees October 10, 2008 at 10:15 am #

    i missed you man (not that i got much FF11 time in lately due to a hectic hospital and redecorating schedule) but i wish you the very very best and hope that when we both get some free time we can play together

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