Ranger and TTTO Drama! FFXI players love Drama, why is that?

12 Sep

Drama on TTTO! Imma join in on the craze and post my emense feelings! What could Aram be thinking?! Stay tuned!!!!!

But first a quick update on Rng :)

When one last posted about ones Ranger job, one was level 35ish. However in an epic story a few weeks ago about a wee Mandy there was a sneak peek at my Ranger status.

You dont remember?



yeah, it takes a fair while. Though the past 40 pictures I’ve prepared ready were saved in the wrong format so look crappy :/


BOOM! *points down*

I loved Ranger so much I couldnt stop partying <3 I musta partied like…

…once a week…

I dont know what came over me.

Funds have been balanced by spamming Titan on Barthezz and Millionsknives everyday I log on. 20k in 20mins everyday. So i break even at least on the cost of ammo.

I had a nice little static with Spencer, he was DNC.

This picture is to prove I’m not lying. See? He’s there on the right. We’d party together all happy and then he’d do nothing but Campaign in any free time, eventually levelling up ahead of me. Then da next day go ‘D:’ when I was too low level… which made me wanna punch his groin. However bless his cotton socks, or wool socks? idk hes allergic to one. Anwyay, bless them as he unwillingly kept waiting for me to catch up again. Now we have level sync those few weeks were a wasted endeavour. I had fun tho.


Flash back a few weeks before The Spencer Static and

*Fades to white*

I was partying with Chibimoon and Gary in Kuftal. Gary, who is a BLACK MAGE was MBing on crabs for over 1k damage. I had Barthezz PLing us and the exp was great.

MB for 1k damage in an exp party, every black mages dream eh?

After all, who invites a lolBLM to DD these days?

Eventually a member left, me, being an awesome leader, decided to invite another BLM,

What BLM wants to camp on birds and be forced to main heal? Is this what people level BLM expecting/wanting now? I can understand the stigma of Kuftal, but when BLM is used in the proper way there the exp flies by.

Moral: orly?

Ahem. Back on track, what else has my Rng been upto?

Well, its been leveling some more:

Entertaining (Weis and Amith came over for tea and biscuits) :

Partying moar:

With retarded Rangers I might add.

No not me damn it!

In this PT only me and the BLM had any brains. The PLD would insist to rest up to atl east 100 MP before fights despite the BLM having a tonne of MP to spare and being more then willing to heal. The DRG i’m not even gonna mention the dex, agi and eva+ drg >_>

But the Rng… Stop reading here and move down to the next pictures if u dont wanna read a paragraph where I should like an endgame dickhead. The afflicted text is red.


He was the PT leader.

Meeling when I first joined, barely shooting any arrows. After I’d been in the party about ten minutes he started to follow my lead of actually using V Shot and standing back to fire arrows >_> However later on in the party, he started to mellee again using Axes and Blast Shot for WS. Why any Ranger want to use Blast Shot over Sidewinder idk, it’s Dmg was no where near Sidewinder >.> He explained he needed to skill up his axes…

Then his sanction wore off and he simply had to go back and reapply it, after all, it extended the duration of the food he wasnt eating. When he came back and meeleed some more I’d just run out of arrows, and rather then using a quiver and loosing inventory space I just stopped firing arrows too and stood there. I had lolparser up so knew i was doing nearly all of the PTs dmg (especially squewed since our only other main DD went to get sanction). Luckily a minute before this we’d agreed to disband in 10 mins time, if it had been longer I’d have just left. The thing about Ranger is, I’m spending money to damage the mob, and if everyone else in the party are tight and retarded I’m not spending that money, unless it brings me lulz like this party did for a good few hours :) Novelty wore off just in time for it to disband heehee

Dont read that thinking I’m angry, I had a great time :) I love funny parties, which is why I stayed for as long as I did XD. He apparently had 6 level 65 jobs and couldnt decide what to try maat as :P made me giggle he bragged about that.

Back on track, my RNG has also been getting full AF :D well, my RDM has for my RNG:

Em, yea, that bit didnt go so smoothly. The mob was literally at 5% and then we got agro from 2 mobs which just tipped things over the edge D: my poor level 50 friends couldnt hold them off and I wasnt able to keep sleeping them XD But later we killed it so it all worked out in the end!

The storyline of the AF was coolies. I’m left a little confused so I’II read up on it then post the amazin clips.

And now, time for a thank you section.

Thank you to Amith,

The man with no name,

The man who likes to play games,

The man who dances the dance,

The dance where he can prance,

The dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Thank you for

BOW! I had planned on camping the E Bow, but,

Fuck that shit.

Excuse my French, but please do look up the related NM if you dont understand why i said;

Fuck that shit.

And now, time for more thank yous.

Thank you to Amith and Kroe,

The men with no names,

The men who like to argue,

The men who love to dance the dance,

The dance where they can prance,

The dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for

They happened to come across Aquarius on their way to do Ramuh, by the time i got there they’d almost killed him ^^ woot Axe! (Ty to Pod who helped me camp the NM for hours a while back to no avail)

Hmm what else? I think thats all on the RNG front :) I am level 61 now and loving it! <3

Buuuut starting from 55+ I’m sort of lost in how I’m meant to pull :/ I’d expect the standard to be; having a mob ready at camp when the current one has just died. However, what with being amazingly powerful on Colibri (yay 1.3k Dmg for Sidewinder!) I need to WS and let that WS kill the mob or noone can ever get hate off me and i die :/ Dying is bawd D: But because of that i cant have one lined up at the camp ready. Idk whats expected :x if anyone cares to comment on that please tell!


I cant believe this is even an issue!

Issue is; should blogs post none-FFXI content on TTTO?

The way I looked at the site its an area for bloggers who play FFXI, it says at the top ‘TTTO brings you the latest blog posts from FFXI bloggers from all servers.’ not ‘TTTO brings you the latest blog posts about FFXI from FFXI bloggers from all servers.’ To me ‘FFXI bloggers” implys people who play FFXI and write blogs, it would follow a fair few of the post will have FFXI content but it doesnt say they should/will.

FFXI isnt our entire lives. I read the posts about IRL that people post and i post things unrelated to FFXI. I dont like WoW, i dont read those posts, but, who cares? Admittedly if you are just playing WoW then take your blog off, but say you take a month break from FFXI and try WoW, keep it up. You’re still and FFXI blogger and your posts should be up there.

In fact, quoting the about section;
‘Everyone can still blog about anything they like (preferably FFXI-related). Informative posts, funny things, new items they acquired or big kills.’

Which is basically what I just said :x FFXI yar, we play it, we live it, but its not all we do.

P.S I <3 TTTO, I check it all the time. Ty to the Admin for it :)

P.P.S: Sorry for the delay on The Adventures of Babban Ny Mheillea. Part One , I have a cool idea planned out for it (not so close to the original story as part one) but no-one knows where the Gobin footprints are in the [S] zones yet ^_^; so i cant get the pics!

P.P.P.S ?!?! I cant find out where windower is saving my screenshots anymore! AHH!

Red Mage Rules: Buy Jet seraweels over Errant Slops! It took me nearly a year to get over the price diffo but gawd, how ugly are errant slops?! Yea the stats on Jet are marginally better but they look great! RDM is about the looks gdi!

Playtime: 158 days, 5 hours, 32 mins, 23 secs


8 Responses to “Ranger and TTTO Drama! FFXI players love Drama, why is that?”

  1. Amith September 12, 2008 at 1:11 am #

    lookin good in the ranger gear :D and youre welcome on the bow and axe lol where would you be without me?.

  2. millionsknives September 12, 2008 at 1:13 am #


  3. millionsknives September 12, 2008 at 1:13 am #

    TY again XD

  4. garciewaffles September 12, 2008 at 7:47 am #

    Yeah, I remember that party, I do; ’twas crazy fun. Thanks to you and Livi for being the first decent pair of melee to consistently SC at a time that invites max MB powah. ^_^

    Congrats on all the tasty jazz too; I don’t think any of us would be anywhere without Amith. D:

    Also, it’s quite clear that whilst you’ve been levelling I’ve been shopping my girlfriend’s head onto the body of a pokémon…I’m not sure which is a better use of time in the eyes of society. Dx

  5. Ophenix September 13, 2008 at 11:38 pm #

    Well, I’m happy you are getting Rng up :)

    I get you on the “bad parties are fun” part. Some of the funnest things I’v done on FFXI were the 3-4 man parties with Kedrigan as a tank on Pup/War.
    I think we lost more XP then we gained, lol.

  6. katella September 17, 2008 at 4:31 pm #

    Ah.. Picture set up takes a bit.. but look how good they look! Looks like you are having a blast on Ranger! Good for you!

  7. Mill September 19, 2008 at 3:05 pm #

    Hey all :) ty for the comments~ Just to say that I cant log into wordpress for some reason at Uni, so until i get that sorted no more blog for a while ):

    Ttyl, take care!

  8. weissthesamurai September 20, 2008 at 4:14 pm #

    <3 ur MH, its so cool :D

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