*Fade to black* One year later…

14 Aug

“Well, its been a year and a half and i feel its time to finnaly start a blog so me and you can look back on the fun times in Vana’diel, cuz i find doing that is what makes me play ffxi. I also think it will be funny to keep a log of my play time and see how it goes up day by day, and ofcourse i will add a new rule of how to rule on Rdm whenever i find one! I know what you’re thinking, the play on words Red Mage Rules will never get old!”

*One year later*

Yesterday RdmRules was officaly 1 year old :) I canee belive it! I’d like to have written an epic FFXi reflection post with lots of pictures (I like pictures) but sadly my computer is broken at the moment /cry, so all I can do is type words…. ew…

Let us now commence reflection on the past Bloggy year in statistics! I like statistics! HAVE YOU NOTICED?! :D The graph pictures/ more stats wont work btw~

Blog Stats

Total views: 6,664 (18 views per day)

Busiest day: 82 views — Monday, November 19, 2007


Posts: 61 (1 new post every 6 days)

Comments: 235 (4 comments per post)

Red Mage Rules created: 21 (1 new rule every 17 days)

Categories: 18

Tags: 4

That means 9.6% of my blogs views come from TaruTaru Times Online :) Which is a great site, so check it out if you dont regularly!

Top 20 Search engine terms used to get to this Blog

Search Views
flcl manga 73 More stats
flcl 52 More stats
ffxi campaign exp 47 More stats
red mage 38 More stats
ffxi yaoi 34 More stats
ffxi update 31 More stats
yaoi boys 25 More stats
manga 22 More stats
cait sith ffxi 14 More stats
cait sith 14 More stats

I noticed a few months ago that so many people were getting to my blog because this posts original title had ‘FLCL’ in it ^_^; Which is reflected in the most viewed posts further up XD so i edited that out…

Also, people sure like Yaoi. lol

Top 10 URL’s click on this blog

URL Clicks
sillyscholar.wordpress.com 42 More stats
overlordlaharl.wordpress.com 36 More stats
suicidemoogles.co.uk 22 More stats
bannable-offenses.blogspot.com 21 More stats
imageshack.us 16 More stats
veri-of-remora.livejournal.com 14 More stats
tarubiscuits.wordpress.com 13 More stats
garciewaffles.wordpress.com 12 More stats
mediocremisadventures.wordpress.com 11 More stats
buttersafe.com 11 More stats

Guess allot of people like Sylbianna :O

Now for the big statistic…

… I’m scared…


Playtime as of 13/08/07: 87 days, 13 hours, 29 minutes, 16 secsonds (2101 hours altogether)

Playtime as of 13/08/08: 155 days, 0 hours, 23 minutes and 45 seconds (3720 hours altogether)

Increase in Playtime: 67 days (1619 hours altogether)

Average Playtime per day: 4.3 Hours

There are 8760 hours in a year, I spent 1619 of them playing FFXI in the past year, if my maths is any good (which it isnt) I make that 18.4% of my life in the last year was spent playing FFXI. Holy fuck! But I should get someone to check my figures, is it possible to spend nearly a fifth of my life on FFXI in a year >.>;? HBUUUT, one thing to remember is AFK time i.e; Mill on overnight in Rolenberry etc, that all builds up… I hope! hahaha! :D

2.8 hours a day playtime is what i originally worked out which sounded about right, but lee corrected me at 4.3 hours o_o which is ‘omg what!?’ lol. I havnt really been at college since last Christmas so had a lot of free time heehee which would explain it ^^; Was it time wasted?  I guess we’ll find out when I make a post looking back at my achievements in FFXI over the past year

Hint: It was


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