I never want to see him again.

5 Aug

Wow, Its august, on the 13th I’ve been writing this blog for a year! Holy moley o_O doesnt seem like more then 5 months. Guess l’ll need to do something special!

Anyways… are you ready for a long, boring retelling of events?! YES?! WELL OK THEN! KEEP READING!!

Yarr, tas been a wee while since I last updated about my CoP static. Mainly because I didn’t want to write too many updates that sounded somewhat like this:


Ohohohohoh sweet Ouryu. It wasnt as dire as we all thought, it just seemed like a kick in the balls as the static had cleared all the other missions on its first proper run, loosing 3 times sucked! That coupled with Kroeger always leaving early alot >_< making it feel like we’d wasted the night. Really, we lost due to not knowing what we were doing, we didn’t have a clear strategy.

However a major issue that surfaced again in this fight was we had no BLMs and no backup tank for Chibimoon but after a few lengthy debates Kroeger levelled up Warrior to 50, Kim got Black Mage to 50 as did Spankey. That caused a long delay in the CoP schedule but it was smooth sailing from there :) Our final setup was; NIN, WAR, BLM, BLM, BLU & RDM, still far from ideal. However Chibimoon did a brilliant job at tanking (using hi-potions really helped) and hate was shared with Kroeger. Me and Lee were on sleep duty. While Kim and Spankey nuked.

We Mellee’d him down to 80%, at that time the DD’s created a Skillchain to Magicburst two Aeroga IIs, then popped an Icarus wing and did it again. After this we swapped to the sleep nuke strategy, first with x2 Freeze and then spamming whatever :)

Spankey spammed a tad too fast and died ^_^; but upon seeing Ouryu was at like 25% we just thought ‘KILL THE FUCKER! DO WHATEVER’ and we won!

A bit I found funny in our test run with the new setup; when I noticed Kroeger wasn’t Provoking at all and told him to do so as he needed to be second on the hate list he said, ‘What?! No one told me I needed to be second on the hate list!’, lol XD you just spent the past three weeks levelling warrior to be our backup tank XDD Thats not a dig at you dood hahaha, but I had to mention it for the memories <3 Funnies.

So there. Screw you Ouryu. I never want to see you again! 1/4 :D Still allot better then most people I think :)

Sooooo finally onto bigger and better things! The story of CoP just keeps getting better and better~

This time our heroes set out to find Promathia. Prishe let them in on a secret, she had seen the God of Twilight in ye olde Sacrium!

Just like toast always falls down on the buttered side so did our plans to get this done fast. Also, Spankey, Kim and Lee didn’t show up for the run. Its great having such dependable members. Oh so much butter there was…


1. Farm one key thing from fomors.

2. Farm one key thing from an NM.

3. Fight next Sunday.


Kroeger decided to NM it up first, so our fomor hate would remain low at first or things would go balls up. We epicly struggled to the NM, against all odd. Preparing to fight I got a /t.

Toji >> CoP 4:3? [Team Up?]

After making sure they understood we just wanted the key…

>> Toji [/nod] CoP 4:3. [Key]s [Yes, Please], NM [No Thanks.] :o

Toji >> [Key]s OK

Ok! Lets team up! I’d normally say no to things like this, but cant hurt! can it?!

YES! kinda.

Moral: Auto-translate blows. Somehow they didnt get we just wanted the keys and no matter what we couldn’t get this across >_< Bless them as they were all so sweet, and prolly just thought we didnt know what the hell we were doing hahaha. In the end we just gave in and helped them with the entire mission which took alot longer to do then we wanted D:. A fomor key dropped out of an agro so wasn’t all bad ^^:

I guess theres more of a story to that but icba writing anymore :D Lets wrap up fast!

We farmed our key after we finished the mission.

Yay, Mission compleated. Now we have to do it again for the members that didn’t show…

They were nice, wonder if they understood what we ment or just thought we were retarded, trying to get keys and lot on them when they had all the ones we needed.

Good times.

Twist! All very cool. When she spoke to Promathia I got tingles :x

Woot! I finally get to see the paintings :D Daymn, CoP story wins so much! CS’s followed!

Mr. Barthezz-face-man, I DONT LIKE YOU!


Red Mage rules: Refresh cycle goes; Yourself > Whm > Pld > Others. When it wears on yourself you know the next person in the cycles is about to go, so cast in that order again. Obvious but hasnt been a rule yet :)

Playtime: 155 days, 0 hours, 23 minutes and 45 seconds.


5 Responses to “I never want to see him again.”

  1. Ophenix August 5, 2008 at 11:44 pm #

    We were 1/1 on Oryou. Random pick up from whitegate… We went in w/o mistmelt or 2h for a dry run and died horribly after a “flail spike” got us all from full hp to half dead…
    Then we just hit it till the mp was out and slept him till mp was up again. Died with close to no trouble.

    Oh, and about that refresh cycle… dude, pld comes second :P not the bloody whm ~.^
    Keep updating yer blog and congrads on the one year annaversery. May many more follow.

  2. Trebla August 6, 2008 at 4:08 am #

    For the refresh cycle, i would rather go with WHM first then PLD, seeing WHM will cast Protectra and Shellra which will use up more than 100mp right at the start of battle.

    But the order only affects the first cycle, because if you are able to keep up with the order, who comes first or later doesn’t matter cause 3seconds after their refresh drop, you would have reapplied it on them again. :)

  3. weissthesamurai August 6, 2008 at 9:49 am #

    BLRUGH, I’m not in this update again… omg……………………….. I HATE U /cry

    I might do a blog update soon myself.

  4. Ariees August 12, 2008 at 11:42 am #

    ARGH this is insane, i just wanna play FF11 but work is kicking my butt!
    i swear on the soul of a random badger that i will return as soon as is humanly possible
    probably this week at some stage


  5. millionsknives August 14, 2008 at 11:47 am #

    Bad Fhe! Listen to Trebla! Say if the cycle does break in some crazy time of need, would you rather the PLD MP or the WHM? WHM can do alot more with 100 MP then a PLD can~

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