Meet Ariees & Treborforever

21 Jul

Apparently people do view my blog of their own free will. I know you think thats madness as I’ve probably forced you to read this update along with all of SM. But its true! There is one person out there who does! Man, that guy must rock.

Anyways, if you read the comments ya’ll know that Ariees decided to jump into the fast paced, high action world off FFXI!

There he is!

Hes from WoW, so excuse his dying all the time. (This is how mint I am at being a mentor, he died 3/4 times getting his magicked skull >_>;;;; now I remember why people make them wait at the entrance, seemed like no fun at the time tho XD) The important thing is; Ariees got his sub in the end ^^;

Ariees reviews games for a living so i’m always trying to get his opinion of ffxi. Its a 7.2 last time i checked :3

Compared to my experience as a newbie Ariees is very different, its been what? Just over a week? Hes level 20ish with a sub. Took me two weeks to get to level 10 I think, then me and Spen went on our epic San d’Oria quest. Its diffo for Ariees as hes played WoW so the whole thing isnt new, but I hope its still fun. For me, Spen and Chibimoon it was our first online game so running around hitting the occasional Quadov was great fun. Just talking to other people on a game was great. Thats what gave FFXI most of its magic for us; everything was just so new and the world of Vanadiel massive.

In contrast to Ariees, meet Treborforever:

No, theres no picture. He hasnt been on enough. Trebor is an irl friend of mine whos no newbie to online games either, he started about a day after Ariees. Trebor picked a different race to Ariees but the same face type, nation and job. At the moment Trebor is level 3. When Trebor logged on and said ‘What can we do?’, i thought ‘Hmmm, well, we can hit some rabbits’. He basically decided he didnt want to play ffxi in the first 20 mins.

I think its amazing how different things are for people, logging on and hitting rabbits was great fun for me when I started but looking back I can see why its not fun. Pressing attack on a rabbit isnt that great I guess. But I liked it, why!?

Hmm, what am i getting at? idk.

I’m just wondering what there is to do thats fun for a newbie. I found everything great fun. I’m not sure what Ariees is finding fun, but he seems to enjoy ffxi ^^; and Trebor finds nothing fun. I’m confused! If hitting rabbits is only fun when your new to the mmorpg scene why can Ariees stand it?! lol.

I’d like everyone to have the experience myself, Spen and Chibimoon had. I think thats the best way to start playing FFXI. But the games very different now if your new, I mean, Moogles in Selbina?!

Anyways, Nice to meet you Ariees. I hope you continue to play FFXI in our ‘lil LS :) Hopefully we can party together when you’re level 23!

PS: FFXI rocks.

Edit: For ze memories, heres a picture:

PL’d him (against my morals) today to see if he’d get abit more of a kick from the games. level 7 now :O seems to be having a lil more fun.


8 Responses to “Meet Ariees & Treborforever”

  1. Ariees July 21, 2008 at 5:44 pm #

    Oh look at me go!
    yep im the newbie to FFxi but what can i say im enjoying the game on a number of different levels, even the bunny bashing offers giggles so i think ill be sticking around for quite a while.
    As for gameplay, XP grinding is part of any MMO you have to just get on with it & realise its all training for future battles.
    Now to all the SMs i will just say THANKYOU!
    for letting me join you all on your journey, you are all amazeing.

    Once more thanks go to Mill and this awsome blog, CU in game;p

  2. Weissberv July 21, 2008 at 9:33 pm #

    Cool, yeah. I see i’m not on this blog update. Damn you.

  3. sylbianna July 22, 2008 at 12:54 am #

    Ariees rocks~ He’s a great guy! I know! I’ve met him! D: I just wanted to say my little part to him, however, and though I feel bad for not being particularly in 100% when I met him for the first time, he is a nice guy! It’s really nice to meet ya, Ariees and have you on board with everyone! If you ever need any help please do not hesitate to ask! I’m sure I can speak for lots of people when saying we love you here~

    I really liked this post for lots of reasons, as well, and kind of gave me a bit of nostalgia. I can’t believe in a little over three months it’ll be one year since I first started playing FFXI, it honestly feels so little ago. I also think it’s just everyone’s tastes in terms of experience and what to do. I wasn’t new to the MMORPG scene so hitting rabbits was not so much a lame or surprising thing, it was moreso of a “here we go again”, because in so many MMORPGs not only are small-type creatures such as bugs and things the normal target, but like Ariees said, they’re an easy way to get you the hang of the game, and still I got to get a hang of some stuff in FFXI.

    But anyways, lovely entry~ I can’t wait to see the next! I always love hearing of your adventures~

  4. Ariees July 25, 2008 at 11:32 pm #

    so yea today i got my computer back, i though i should probably update my blog, take a look mill ;p

  5. wynth July 29, 2008 at 2:32 am #

    Hi! I’ve been referred to your blog by an Elvaan friend of mine! :D He fell in love with your moogle! :3 Its great to be able to play with friends and you write well! :D Please update more with your fun fun adventures! :D

    P.S. My Elvaan friend wants to ask your moogle out. ;3 He says Mithras just don’t cut it anymore. :D

  6. millionsknives July 29, 2008 at 3:13 pm #

    Ariees: I’m glad your having fun, one day you may even get a good party and get past 21! XDDDD

    Sylb: I cant belive in a few months its been a year since you started o.o wow

    Weis: Never will you be in a post!

    Wynth: What an odd coincidence youve come across my blog :O I found yours somehow about a week ago. I couldnt figure out if it was you or your friend that drew the art work :3 i really like it tho. Got some of it fave’d of DArt

  7. wynth July 29, 2008 at 3:46 pm #

    :O It was my friend that drew it! He’s awesome. *.* i can only draw a wobbly circle.

    Your artwork is really cute too! I like your little cartoons, like the one at your header now. ^^

  8. Amith August 2, 2008 at 6:48 pm #

    shikigami weapon does exist and it does pop invisible look it up on ffxiclopedia you tard XD

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