So long my sweet Republic…

19 Jul

I lurve Bastok. It has been and will always be my favourite city, while my absolute favourite place is the arid yet beautiful Gustaburg that wraps its arms around the Republics borders.

I ended up in Bastok as it was the city Spen chose, left to my own devices Mill would have ended up being a Windurstian. However when Mill appeared in Bastok I loved it instantly; the music, the sights, the aggressive attitude, the power and the Galka slaves, everything a great nation needs. Mmmmm slaves….

Bastok educated and raised me to be proud of the blue flag attached to my name. In return for the wisdom the country bestowed upon me I made sure to always fight for Bastoks Conquest and slain any Quadov that crossed my path. GTFO OUR MINES! Protecting your eggs? STFU! *stab*

‘Course Bastok was always third in the Conquest rankings until the gil sellers decided to flock to Bastok, but thats not the point. I tried damn it!

One of the reasons I lurve the Republic is because its the underdog. We all know SE made Windy & Sandy first then ran out of steam, Bastok is noticeably shit when compared to them in terms of quality. Windy has NPCs around every corner and nearly all Sandys quest have CS’s. Where as Bastok has dodgy graphics and a half finished skyline. But the English love an underdog apparently :P so I love Basty! <3

However the sun is setting on my time in Bastok. After two and a half years its time to move on. I’ve saved Bastok from a freaky Galka rebellion and uncovered the mystery of the Shadowlord, truly an epic two years… By happy coincidence SE decided to alter OP wiped when you switch nation too, so woot! (glad I didnt change a week before like I was going too!)

Hmmm, what contry to move to tho? Sandoria? BAH! Dont make me laugh, sandy scum.

Im gonna help the little taru scum instead! Windy was the lesser of two evils and I occasionally like windy (good story :3)

Gonna miss my crappy house ; ; with its cold stone floor and unpainted walls D: so homely.

After taking one last look around, I locked my Moogle in the empty house and set out to Windy, never to return…

Upon entering Windy I was treated as if I was a total n00b! Everyone insisted I’d never been here before and people we’re trying to mug me ; ;

Woah that’s weird (and horrible) to see!

After getting away from the freakish welcome party I got the keys to my brand new home :D


Its taken me weeks to get used to this! Every time I zone in and see my stuff I’m confused >_<! Have to admit, its nice and cosy. Miss having a fireplace but at least I have my Bastokian flag <3

Yar, so welcome to the new Mill, the Windy Mill! I just hope I don’t develop a Taru accent >=\ Time to get some missions done :3 kinda staticing with Spankey and Amith.

See how it goes~

Other Stuff!

Me and Chibimoon decided to get our one year world pass gift :D

TaaDaa! Its six propellers continually spin~ ooOOOooOOOoOOOOo

Did I mention Amith got 75 Rdm? Well, he did. We went along to help out Ozrox on a Sky run.

It was ok, nice to actually get some use out of my phalanx II. The first fight I died within about 10 seconds which was a tad embarrassing, but I made up for it I think, ended up being the Rdm in ze Tanking party and everything went very smooth :)


Tyvm to the LS and everyone that helped me out on him. Especially Spen who showed up for every run. We must’a killed him about 6 or 7 times, and got the Ingot drop, which wiki says is 6% … Sold for 300k which is nice (I got the winning lot XD split it with LS tho) but I’d rather have had the more common drop damn it! Eventually the pop time became too early so we gave up. Also theres only so many times i can force my ls to wait for a three hour pop.

Interesting story from this, SM is madly short on tanks and one pop we couldn’t get one. So I asked Chibimoon to log on as Garys 75 Pld/nin, shes never played PLD before. Chibimoon managed to tank the fight and keep hate off all the DD, including spencer on her first try as PLD XD This shows that either Chibimoon is full of amazing skill or PLD job is so easy anyone can pick up and play it. Also funny to note Oz couldn’t keep hate of Spen when he came to tank it, heehehe.

Again, hank you all for the help! Much appreciated. At leaast you all made quite a few K in Gil out of it :)

What else..

Ooo I had my second merit party and it was actually good! The first one I had was with Amith (drk), few other DD and a Bard on Colibri. It was… crap. The bard would pull and sleep the Colibri, they’d wake up and mirror the AOE sleep back at us. It was laughable! Anyways, this one was with a bunch of JPs and it was great :)

I know people get #198376 chains but that’s my highest so far :)

I wasnt sure I’d be able to keep up with all the curing so I bought a Vermy cloak and it really helped :) Wish i had more refresh items D: Yay for merits tho :) spent them on upping Phalanx II, it now stacks in with my refresh cycle >=D

I thought this was a funny convo. On our way to get Spankey a Bastok mission Ami mentioned the Shikigami weapon:

Soooo full of shit :P

And finally Mill and Nokkum can now venture into the past as a duo. What adventures await them?!

Red Mage Rules: *Ahem* Dont cure Bomb at the start of a fight, let the tank build up hate. If the tank is going to die from a God and NEEDS a cure bomb… leave it to the WHMs >.> They levelled their job for that kinda crap….

Playtime: 149 days, 21 hours, 2 minutes and 17 seconds.


7 Responses to “So long my sweet Republic…”

  1. Ariees July 20, 2008 at 1:39 pm #

    Sandy what now?
    oh well enjoy your life among the Ompa-Loompas buddy ;p

    oh BTW ill post up your copy restriction info on the forum this evening after i wrap up this E3 stuff at work.

  2. Ophenix July 20, 2008 at 7:13 pm #

    Nya… No mention of Fheonix and his departure?T_T /em feels unloved.

    Hope the items sell well and keep on posting ^^ I love reading your game blog.

  3. overlordlaharl July 20, 2008 at 8:26 pm #

    Bastok is better D: nah I like windy its pretty tasty, my second fav place, if you guys picked sandy I would /throw LS D: XDD good old dave ahha pretty tasty blog keep em up since your the only one doing it

  4. millionsknives July 20, 2008 at 10:03 pm #

    write ur blog damn u.

    This is stuff from weeks ago fhe XD why ur not mentioned!

  5. sylbianna July 20, 2008 at 11:41 pm #

    I have to say I love the first two pictures of this, they’re very emotional and very beautifully symbolic, and it was a touching idea~ Seems like you covered all the fun and stuff in these passed few weeks with yourself. As Ophenix said, I love reading your game blog, too! This entry was really nice and I loved the screenshots especially. You stay safe now~

  6. Datsuki July 21, 2008 at 6:12 pm #

    i would indeed like to point out, garys gear is actually very good, hence why i tanked simurgh fine : x also i have watched him tank many a time, and i spent a good while reading the descriptions of the moves to get a hang of it. so it doesnt have anything to do with me, you can *still* thank gary for tanking well on that one : P


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