WotG: Omg a pre-teen dancing! LETS FUCK HER.

19 Jun

Doomfiend says:
what you doing?

MillionsKnives says:
MillionsKnives says:
Doomfiend says:
okay, just a sec
Doomfiend says:
alright i think im prepared now

MillionsKnives says:
u sure? Because its gonna be a fucking awesome list of what I’ve done:
MillionsKnives says:
Doomfiend says:
i see i see.
Doomfiend says:
3. ????
Doomfiend says:

MillionsKnives says:
Hell yes!

So are you prepared for awesome listage!?

Its been 45 days, which doesn’t really seem like that long, but in my world its a long time to not play FFXI. I have logged on a few times but then realised there’s nothing to do and logged of again hahah, or I’ve logged on and asked someone to do something off the game, to which they say ‘no’, then I’ve logged off. I hate FFXI sometimes.

But there was a version update :O new stuffs so I just had to check it ouuuut!

I’m wayyyyy behind on this blog, so there will be quite a few catch up entries lol (i.e I’m on ToAU mission 44 now and I haven’t posted that I’ve got beyond mission 15!). But for now l’ll focus on the last few days :)

Windy WotG Quests

I finally got that fucking 108 Knot Que. FUCK YOU QUE! The amount of swear words that come to mind over this is unbelievable! SE, killing DC/EM mobs over and over and over and over for a drop isn’t fun game content… it wasn’t when you did it with the Gnole Claw and it still isnt with these Yags. No one else I know is going through WotG so I had to freaking solo them! Which wasnt cheep, fast or safe (they’re &*$%ing huddled together! I have to wait ages to pull them!) About 70 Yags later it finally dropped…

/evil stare >>> SE

But I got 100 exp a kill, so I guess that bit was ok :3

After that mission is a CRAZY fight where I had to kill hundreds of Yagudos @_@ OF I WENT!

Yup, pretty mad. It wasn’t that hard, but, I am awesome :P. They died fast and using ice spikes on them made me giggle but my god, they just kept coming! At one point I ran out of mp, luckily had a Yag drink on me that saved my ass (dunno where that came from!). The CS around these missions are very cool, some of the best in the game. SE defo has a way with these war CS.

The story was based off Windy waiting for Sandy reinforcements, which are taking to long to get here. The San d’Orians were debating sending none at all, as the journey was so treacherous and time consuming. Which makes sense, from Sandy to this fort is a long way!


Did the San d’Orians forget troops teleport all over the show in Campaign? Theres a C.A in Southern Sandy who can teleport the entire San d’Orian army to the fort in a matter of seconds… and apparently every soldier is /blm as they all warp away after the fights have finished. So whats the problem?


I love this taru! What attack is that tho? XD The way they added -ga spells into the CS was sweet tho :3 Poor Mithras got pwned.

Luckily something happened and the day was somehow saved, I guess. Everyone’s favourite Manthra showed up to be all mysterious. Mithras fought over his sexy twink body.

Little did they know he actually likes penis. Mill penis:

But who doesn’t? Wish I’d got a batter pic of that haha, he was sniffing around Mills crotch. I guess for a Hume, Mithra or Taru that looks ok, but gdi SE we’re not all small D: I want my head to fit into the CS for once ;_;

Thus ended the epic quests so far. I have no idea really what happened in them. But I know we all learnt to get along :D

Main WotG Missions

The plot here centres around Cute Cait Sith and his mysterious time travelling plans. In this chapter Millions decides to take a break from all this war madness and see some famous dancers dance.


Funny thing was, FFXIs first gay character was introduced. Hes a dancer of course, hume naturally, has a lithsp like apparently every gay man, but the best thing is… HE HAS SPENS FACE! AND SPENCER IS LEVELING DANCER TO 75! LULZ hes based on Spen.


Unlike what I’d expect to see, he isn’t chasing after the yaoi boys and keeping them hostage (like Millions is), instead hes hoarding little girls, which every man in Sandy wants to get in bed with apparently. o_O SE, you were subtle with the yaoi boys but having characters actually drool over this young girl is just too Japanese for my liking!

She might be the games first cross-breed? Elvaan farther and Hume mother. Anyways, from now on shes called Prishe2.

She also has a thing for Mill crotch:

But, again, who doesn’t?

As the story advanced it came to pass that La Vaule needed defending. Nice work to SE on this zone and plot, in the CoP missions they mention the village there was named La Vaule~ so they do know what they’re on about.

The CS that followed were amazing. Never before has there been so much death in Vanadiel! A group of Dark Kindred show up setting everyone’s homes alight. Then the battle starts. First a soldier taking guard on a high watchtower is blasted with a spell and falls to his death. I shit you not, there is an ‘AHHHHHH!’ as he falls! TOTALLY AWESOME MAN! I missed getting a pic of that tho~ So heres a man on fire! o.o

OOOH look at him go. Next a civilian who was fleeing is blasted to hell by a Demon!


Fighting in the flames o.o

This poor guy was strangled. In the next shot theres a ‘CRACK’ and he falls limp! GUTTED LULZ

Loved that! I have half a tonne of pictures from that CS hahaha. But it gets better! *points down*





The Elvaan even has my face! My sexy, sexy face. In fact now I look at it the one behind is Daves face~ hee hee who is Rdm 74 now. I’ve tried to get the .dats to use on Mill but for sum reason they’re a lighter purple when I mod the files ; ;

Anyways, thus lead to an epic fight.

And I won.

Tho its ‘remove all you buffs’ buttfuck attack really screwed me over, I came out of that fight with about 12 mp and 100 hp >_>;


What did you do to help?

Thats right; nothing.

Vana’diel would be doomed without my awesomeness.

The cute cait showed me what the world might end up like without my AMAZING skillz:

NOT ON MY WATCH! With Mill around only this will be allowed:

Eat shit and die windy. You too sandy! Bastok > Ahty > Tav > Jeuno > Windy > Sandyscum.

Where was I?

Ah yes, I rock and there were cute caits about.




Thats cool :D

I’m not an FFVII fan, but the cats are cool in XI :)

I can hear the ‘BAWWWWWWW’ing from here.


9 Responses to “WotG: Omg a pre-teen dancing! LETS FUCK HER.”

  1. Amith June 20, 2008 at 9:43 am #

    You think farming that item was tedious, how did you think i felt having to come raise your useless ass everytime you linked.

  2. millionsknives June 20, 2008 at 9:54 am #

    hmm howd it feel? I bet u were just happy to spend time around me. So it felt good? is that what ur getting at?

  3. Ophenix June 20, 2008 at 2:51 pm #

    nice screenshots ^.^
    Though, a hell lot more swearing then you’r usuale posts :3 I gauess some one is at that time of the month ~.^
    Oh… and…. hmmm…. STFUFFVIIROXXORS!

  4. millionsknives June 20, 2008 at 5:57 pm #

    Yea, when i read thru it i thought there was an excessive amount of foul language lol. I was quite psyched up at the time of writing XD


  5. Mischa June 20, 2008 at 10:31 pm #

    lol Nice screenshots. Wish I had gotten more on my page.

  6. millionsknives June 21, 2008 at 11:34 am #

    i spend nearly all my in-game time taking screenies ^^; prolly taking up 1/2 my hard drive!

  7. overlordlaharl June 23, 2008 at 1:19 pm #

    I only read a bit of it cos I didnt wanna ruin the story… and trust FFXI to make a gay charactler like me with the job i wanna lvl D:

  8. Ophenix June 23, 2008 at 8:56 pm #

    Overlord… Do you think that anything other then a Taru can waltz around with a Dnc AF and not look like a pride parade runaway?
    I mean… ffs, you are wearing what is probably the gayest gear in the history of MMORPGs. I don’t think anyone can look stright in it.

  9. overlordlaharl June 25, 2008 at 12:05 pm #

    ok it was a joke chill <.<

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