BSG: Church?

22 May

Well~ since I’m not playing FFXI may as well write about Battlestar :P If your not watching BSG, then get the hell off my blog and go buy the series! *BSG spoilers in every related post and major Geekage*

First, do we need a recap of the past 3 seasons? ok.

OOOOOO ^_^ been a good three years. But now is the time for Battlestar to enter its fourth and final season! And what a season!

Twists and turns all over the place. Some aspects seem rushed forward, not paced and ordered quite so great as other seasons, but I can accept its hard to wrap up all the plot points in 20 episodes (13 now) while still adding more in. If only the writers had known Season 4 would be their last some of it could have been shunted back into season 3 :x (i.e Lauras cancer, its advancing very fast). Despite the pacing issues theres so much juicy juicy action and drama going on! The Cylon civil war is made of win. I can’t express how amazing I think this story has been, I never saw it coming. Wonder how long the writers have had this up their sleeve.

[Freewill, in my Centurions?]

Lots of characters have taken on different rolls this series which is a great refreshing change. Lee is a personal fave of mine in this respect. The idea to take the hero out of a flight suit and onto a desk job is great! I was hoping for this at the end of last season but thought the writers would cop out :). Some complain about politician Lee which just makes me realise how stuck in their ways people are, with stereotypical views on what others should do to be heroic XD They can’t accept the hero wouldn’t be out shooting the bad guys any more, how dare he leave the military in a time of war?! I however think its great :) and totally in Lees character, ever since mid season two theres been hints he wanted to leave the military. This story needs more focus though ; ; but I’m sure he’ll get some (aka when he becomes president. I’ll bet money on that!)

Next episode we may make some progress on the Oprea House visions. Who’d have thought Hera witness’s the visions too! Now Roslin has a wig her hair matches the straightened hair in the Visions :O guess we know its getting close when Gaius’s hair getting longer! I hope Natalie doesn’t die >_< could she be the dying leader? Also did anyone notice the boat Roslin was on during her dream had the numbers of the Final 4 up its bow? Crazy huh?

Heres a new preview the next episode~ which we get before the Americans Bwahahahahah!:

BSG has a great comunity interaction, with alot of the people at the top keeping blogs about the show. I always check them out as its great to have some inside knowlage on every episode. Here are some useful BSG links~

Today I found some interesting pictures too, probably deleted scenes. I dont quite know how they fit into the story but they must be from season three as Hera is a wee baby.

Witness the madness!

:O My guess would be this was from Number 3’s perspective, I’ve heard Ron Moore say she’d project a church around her, which fits quite well with her character! Tho, would churches of Christian influence even exist in Colonial society? They worship Roman/Greek gods, even if they cylons worship ‘God’ why would they pick stone buildings?! Its cool anyway! hahah.

Is this Boomer? If so it could have provided some sort of back story for her sudden hate towards Humans and Hera midway through season 3. I’d always gone with New Caprica made her hate Humans (she wanted to help!) but how can she hate the wee babi!?

And I’m lovin’ the Giraffe print top Doral!


3 Responses to “BSG: Church?”

  1. Ophenix May 24, 2008 at 7:11 pm #

    Hmmmm… Okies. I don’t watch BSG but you seem to be having fun.
    Sides, I didn’t wanna leave the comments empty. There is no point in giving you the impression we are not reading :p

    Saw a show today about wight issues in the UK… Mill, are the brits really that huge?

  2. millionsknives May 25, 2008 at 2:46 pm #

    aww ty for the comment :D

    I think Birts are generally really skinny, at least i am 0.0 well… i guess all the old men have beer bellys, but u dont get that where u r i guess :x Its the Americans that are fat ^^; post ur adventure stats! :D

  3. Ophenix May 25, 2008 at 6:55 pm #

    Nevah! I’m skinny as well ^^ That dosn’t mean that the Israelis are very slim…
    We are not America but we are on the way >.>;

    The reason I ask is that a couple of British scientists have published a papers in which they explain how the fat people are to blame for the rise in food prices and gas prices.

    It was so funny… Anyhow…. NEVAH!

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