Adventure stats by the hour~

18 May

A certain pooper told me i had to buy a lottery ticket within the next two days, so i opened up my accounts again to get them and it says i have till the 28th! XD /slap

But at least I could check my stats and get a shiny new anny ring :)

PHOP= per hour of play

MillionsKnives, Red Mage @ 137 days, 20 hours, 45 minutes and 18 seconds = 3312 hours playtime

78 lines of chat spoke PHOP

7 NPCs spoke too PHOP

0.4 parties joined PHOP

0.02 alliances joined PHOP

6.5 battles fought PHOP

0.2 deaths PHOP

4 enemies killed PHOP

Barthezz, Red Mage @ 428 days, 23 hours, 57 minutes and 12 seconds = 10296 hours playtime.

45 lines of chat spoke PHOP

4 NPCs spoke too PHOP

0.2 parties joined PHOP

0.03 alliances joined PHOP

3 battles fought PHOP

0.1 deaths PHOP

2 enemies killed PHOP

Chibimoon, Black Mage @ 59 days, 7 hours, 5 minutes and 48 seconds = 1416 hours playtime

68 lines of chat spoke PHOP

10 NPCs spoke too PHOP

0.7 parties joined PHOP

0.01 alliances joined PHOP

9 battles fought PHOP

0.1 deaths PHOP

7 enemies killed PHOP

I just got pwned by Chibimoon ): lol. When Chibimoon played as her she had 3 hours a night to do so, so when chibi was on STUFF happened. Hence why Chibis kill PHOP etc are the highest.

Bathezz’s stats/hour are off because hes spent soooo much time AFK. Still, its interesting to see ~

If you work out your stats PHOP please post them! :D much easier to compare that way. (Get your playlog and then times the number of days by 24 to get your total hours of play. Divide that number into the statistics to get the PHOP number~)


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