Byezz Byezz Barthezz

21 Apr

The Story

I was a level 32 Red Mage at the time. Bastok Markets was buzzing with the hustle and bustle of daily life, bazaars all over, newbies running around and vetren crafters around the AH complaining very publicly at the cost of crystals, 10,000gil for a stack now. Bastok never gets this busy now, AhtUrghan Whitegate has sucked the life from it like a vampire.

Stood wearing my shiny new Centurions Scale Mail I piled my items onto the Auction House. My new armour glistened in the sunlight, a lovely bluey-gray fabric finished with bronze edging. Ivory scales lined it, matching my white hair. I loved that armour. It was free too, bought with my hard earned Conquest Points, which made having it even sweeter.

After finishing my business with the Auction House (mainly ripping off crafters for crystals), I couldnt help but notice the repetitive shouts of someone, ‘Linkshell, can I have one please!?’. Shouting over and over to no avail, no one would offer the poor guy a pearl. Out of curiosity I checked the newbie out, he was an Elvaan whos steel gray hair just about covered his eyes, whichsported the same sharp grey colour. He wasn’t as tall as me though, hehehee. Barthezz was his name, a Rank 1 Bastokian 10THF/5WAR.

Time passed and the young Thief was still pearless. I finally took pity and offered up a Suicide Moogles Linkpearl, explaining we were only a small shell so he may not want to stay, after GMT peak is over we were pretty much dead. However he said GMT suited just fine~

I showed the newbie around and bought him a few things. Giving advice where I could, not that I knew much myself. At least I did it looking good.

After a while Barthezz said he wanted to show me his other job. I waited to see his level 18 Warrior, checking my Gil reserves to see what else I could but him. I also had Warrior at 18, it was my first job through the dunes…

and my current sub….


Barthezz finnally stepped out his Mog House. He wore a dark red and black suit, his eyes now covered by a feathered hat. This didnt look like any warrior I’d ever seen… wait… thats because he was not a level 18 War, no where near.


A 75 Rdm?! I’d been played for a fool! Arg, how embarrassing! Barthezz explained the plan behind his ploy with a grin on his face;

‘Why do you think I was shouting for a linkshell in Bastok?’

‘Hmm, I have no idea ^_^;’

‘I want to get rank 10 in Bastok, while helping a few nice people out :x’

The sneaky elvaan had picked the only job he hadn’t levelled up and then switched from his Rank 10 Windy/Sandy to Rank 1 Bastok.

Because I had shown Barthezz the workings and bought him a few things in the process he decided that I was the one to recive his help. I later found out that he was sick of Endgame events and regime, a break was needed from all the drama and.. well.. all those endgame jackasses. He wanted to learn how to enjoy things again.

‘Let’s keep it a secret from the LS for a while tho, ok?’

‘Sure >:D’

I’m a sucker for secrets. Especially when I’m the only one in on them! That’s how it went on for a few weeks, Barthezz playing dumb. Quite convincing too. No one noticed he was always /anon on the Linkshell.

Over time we organised Rank 4/5 runs (which can be seen here on the forum, heehee). For the missions Barthezz showed up as his 75 Rdm. Believe it or not I actually had to point out to everyone that the newbie thief was the one Tele-Deming us… in Rdm AFv2…

Barthezz got us Rank 5, the halfway goal of summer 2006. Eventually, just about two years later, we fulfilled the original goal when me and him got Rank 10.

How does the story end?

In the two years between then and now, Barthezz has helped me and the LS to no end. Can you imagine being the only 75 in a sea of level 30ish newbies, we needed his advice and help allot! I’ve been the apprentice Red Mage always asking questions, from what sub I should use ‘Sub Whm in party, dont sub Blm… ever’ to questions on the Refresh order You>Whm>Pld>Others if you can/want to’. I find myself repeating the advice hes given me to lower level Red Mages, even thinking ‘Oh gods, I’m turning into Barth’ occasionally when I expect everyone to be organised with CS done before we start missions runs.    I can dream >_>

Over the past year though, Barthezz has had less and less free time and so has been on FFXI less and less. Three days ago;



I’m honoured you picked moi for having Barthezz Amr, I really am. It’s impossible to write what I feel into words, so l’ll go with your approach of no speeches. You said your busy for 2 1/2 years >_> so see you then! You better come back!

This means Millions now has a partner in crime now, so be prepared for some crazy x2 Rdm adventures! Its very odd seeing Barthezz’s face and knowing Amrs not behind it, I’ve even forgotten I was playing him once and waited for Barthezz to do something! Upsetting too that I gain all this krazy-ass gear at the cost of a friend leaving ;_; Now I really regret not getting to 75 Rdm and 37 Nin faster, as there’s a lot we wont get to do now.

Thank you soooo much for all the help, advice and fun over the years! l’ll take good care of Barthezz~

[Apprentice and Master]

Mills Playtime: 135 days, 18 hours, 43 minutes and 33 seconds.

Barths Playtime: 427 days, 1 hour, 15 minutes and 38 seconds. (woah!)



4 Responses to “Byezz Byezz Barthezz”

  1. Overlord Laharl April 22, 2008 at 11:21 am #

    having 2 rdms @.@ man you could solo anything XD only a few more weeks till im back on for 24/7 XD goodbye barth was nice meeeting you! wonder what ya doing for 2 years but either way, good luck XD

  2. weissthesamurai April 22, 2008 at 9:18 pm #

    nice, sounds like barthezz was a good tricker ;D

  3. Ophenix April 23, 2008 at 8:03 am #

    Nya… Send Barth my love. I only saw him once or twise but he was still fun to play with ^_^

    On the bright side… now we can have that threesome.


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    […] Another problem is that our gil has been slowly dripping away. ’tis for this reason that Datsuki decided to change to Chibimoon so we could have a go at Under Observation with Barthezz (who is now in the capable hands of Squire Millionsknives). […]

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