Mammet Madness!! CoP Static Update~

30 Mar

???: ‘Enough Bahamut!
We are alive! We were born for the purpose of living!’

*fades to white*

Date: 21st of February

Location: Tavnazia


<MillionsKnives> Woot woot! CoP Static day!

<Kroeger> Let us all go kick some Mammet arse.

<Spankey> PLd POWer lolz i,m so hIgh

<Othelia> I forgot my food…

<Akaimajikku> what cs do i need?

<Datsuki> O_o

Scary scary Mammets! It took a good two to three weeks of planning to get our final line up for the fight.

Soooo long.

It wasn’t even funny.

Seriously three weeks!

We have such an odd array of jobs in the static it was impossible to follow one of the standard guides. Plus Kroeger was adamant he could tank a Mammet as Drg/Blu, but I was having none of that! After much debate we managed to get a set-up everyone agreed on, kinda a mash of the ‘standard’ strategies.

Nin/War (Datsuki)

Blu/Whm (Othelia)

Drk/War (Me)

Pld/War (Spankey)

Whm/Blm (Akaimajikku)

Smn/Whm (Kroeger)

The idea was to split into three teems:

Mammet 1 – Solo tanked by Nin, with assistance from Whm (haste & cures)

Mammet 2 – Carby kited by Smn

Mammet 3 – Tanked by Pld, DD’d by Drk, Blu acts as dual DD and healer.

Team 1 & 2 are to just hold the Mammets. The idea was to get Mammet 3 down as fast as possible to make life easier. To do this the Drk gets 100% TP and uses Berserk+Last Resort+Souleater+Blood Weapon. At the same time the Pld uses Invincible to keep hate. The Blu is emergency healing, but Invincible should minimise healing needed. In theory the Mammet goes down very fast.

Now that only two Mammets are left, the situation of the Nin and Smn are evaluated and the next target is chosen accordingly. From there on out, standard killing, keeping the Mammets locked in Drg form.

So we had a plan. A mix between the kite, Nin+Whm strategies along with an old school Pld+Drk addition. Now to put it into practice!

As is tradition is SM, almost everyone was late, some with CS’s not done. But we got there in the end! Beautiful zone, I needed to take a moment to admire the view. Unlike anything I’ve seen in other games.


Makes me wish FFXI hooked up to my brain like in GitS:SAC. I’d love to be there and feel the icy air brush over my face, sat resting as the sun sets, tired from the long walk to get there.

Smooth getting to the Linn, even if it did take an awful long time ^_^; None the less we arrived at the arena. One test run was planned with no food, meds, 2hrs or items, just to see what we were up against. Kim being a Whm would reraise once we were out and then we go for the final kill!!!!!!


In we goooo!

To be honest I was actually kinda sceptical. I thought we didn’t have enough shadow jobs to pull it off buuuuut

Everything went quite well! Considering we didn’t use food, meds, 2hrs and only tested the liquids it went very well! Team three’s Mammet got down to 40% before we wiped due to positioning issues – too close to eath other so people got caught in -ga spells, plus Kroeger had no clear kitting space. Easily remedied though. All confident we waited for the 3 mins to spit us out when…

Akaimajikku uses Reraise.

<MillionsKnives> kim wait!!1

<Spankey> NO KIM!

Mammet-19 hits Akaimajikku for 152 points of damage.

Akaimajikku falls to the ground.


Laughter, tears and face palming followed. Sweet Kim didn’t realise she needed to wait till we were kicked out, so we’d basically wasted an hour and a half lol! Funny now but at the time I was lost for words XD

*fade to white*

Date: 9th of March

Location: Tavnazia


<MillionsKnives> Woot woot! CoP Static day take 2!

<Kroeger> Let us all go kick some Mammet bottom.

<Spankey> uuuurg, im hung over

<Othelia> I forgot my food… again…

<Akaimajikku> at least i got my CS done :D

<Datsuki> o_O

Got to the arena, explained the strategy, test run take 2, kim knows not to reraise till we’re out, new standing positions, BOOM!

In, out, shake it all about. Test run 2 went very very well. Time for the full Monty!

Everything went to plan! I remember at one point saying to Chibimoon with a nervous shocked giggle ‘We’re actually gonna win!’

‘So he did, Lloyd Grossman sources’

No deaths, first real try, take that ‘possibly the hardest CoP mission’. SM kicks yao ass! Great teamwork guys and gals :D We were so smug Kroeger and me added the strat to FFXIwiki heehee.


At least 3-3 (also known as ‘the annoying mountain one’) was easier to plan! Not much to note other then the EXTREME STRESS OF CLIMBING THAT F**KING MOUNTAIN!!! …. *deep breath* … it seems so simple once you’ve got to the top tho~

So simple me and Spen decided to do a boneyard gully NM every week, however on our first try that kinda failed due to well… us not knowing we both needed the key item to get into the BCNM ^_^;

Diabolos tomorrow :x wish us luck!

Playtime: 129 days, 18 hours, 12 minutes and 48 seconds.

Red Mage Rules: I went as Dark Knight D: so idk.


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