28 Mar

The LS exp static is going ahead :D we’ve been unlucky all of last week, the jungles have been so crowded! When did people soloing exp mobs become so popular -_-.

But today we made some great exp! I got my ranger from 24 to 27~ I luuuuuuuuuve this job. Deffo my next level 75 :D Roll on 60 so I can sell my Drk gear!!

There was one tard who complained about us ‘camping on top of them’, what a joke tho lol, we had a lil SM Vs Stranger argument >:D we won! Even Izzy stopped being impartial to the argument lol ^_^


But the main point of this post is to say:

Thank you Amith!!!!! Today he got me my Hairpin :D and I cannot say enough how much I wuv him.

Heres the magical kill, though all the morons killing every Fly we prevailed!


Poped nice and fast~ first kill got a drop, that makes me 1/4 :D

*crosses of FFXI goals list* never thought I’d get it ^_^ ty ami!

Next up was the LL. Poor fool stood there, said he’d been there for three hours and stopped killing lizards after the first hour of camping, then complained about how it didn’t pop lol! Are people really that dumb? Anyways eventually I saw Ami flee off and he killed the LL, no drop tho D’: 5 minutes later the LL popped again! Krazy NM, no drop again tho >_< we stayed for a while longer but fools showed up and started to kill all the lizzys so we gave up :P









Camping today got me thinking about wire-frame on Windower. I really think it’s a step too far. Yes Windower is a 3rd party tool, but the admin have always insisted against giving an unfair advantage for people who use it, which they’ve basically been true to for years. But wire-frame blatantly does give an advantage. I had it on when camping the LL so i could see through the rocks for the pop, and it occurred to me just how underhanded the plug-in was. Everyone else has to run around to see while I could just stand there with x-ray vision. People could argue things like TParty give an unfair advantage but its hardly on the same level. Before anyone thinks it, I did indeedy turn the plug in off after I had my realisation.

I read on their forums that the admins are looking to add a system where people wont loose target when someone switches gear. Ive specifically read the admin saying they wouldn’t allow this plugin as it would give an unfair advantage about a year ago, yet now they’re adding it in. Seems to me theyre taking things too far, its not a windower with neat lil plug-ins any more, turning into a cheating system >:|

Odd tangent, but back on topic…

Cross your fingers for the LL drop~


Playtime: 128 Days, 21 Hours, 56 Minutes and 7 Seconds. 



4 Responses to “VE”

  1. overlordlaharl March 28, 2008 at 5:10 pm #

    Good old dave :) grats on the hairpin dood one of the tastiest pieces of gear ever! I need to kill LL but I dont think Ive even killed him once @.@ gl with it!

  2. Ophenix March 28, 2008 at 11:41 pm #

    you seem to be stroking Amith’s ego alot lately… Meaw ~.^ Some one trying to learn seedspray?
    j/k Love you mill, love you amith =^.^= Miss you all.

  3. millionsknives March 30, 2008 at 2:05 am #

    Ty both. Btw spen, LL just sucks ass, screw that :P i quit it.

    <3 fhe, jealous kitty

  4. Impi March 31, 2008 at 2:53 pm #

    OMG. =o.0= I saw this link on your msn, mill, and even though Ophenix warned me not to bother I still checked.

    Are there language courses that would help me understand that? About the only thing I understood is “seedspray” and it is distinctly possible that I think it is something a lot different than what it really is.

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