Update Bitching

11 Mar

Yup, imma bitch to hell and back.

I have mixed feelings, true to form I think SE hasn’t dealt with prime issues or done what will help the player base and game over all.

l’ll look through the notes and list things as they come up~

  • New past areas: I went to Beadeaux as soon as my update was done, and I heard music!! Ooo, It wasn’t in the .dats before so that’s a sneaky surprise~ Oddl, further in Sneak wouldn’t stick o_O
  • New Jobs AF: Greeeeeat, how about finishing Ahty AFv2?
  • Battle Music: Coolies~
  • Emporor Band: Disappointing, I’d have liked a band that was only active in original areas and gave more exp then an Empress or something. Even so, looks like l’ll be using it over Empress as I don’t party much.
  • Campaign Stuff: Spice things up ^_^
  • Chocobo Circuit: NPC spectators have been added because no players go? lol…. Chocobo racing is a great idea but betting and all that jazz is far to complicated, even getting around the zone is insanely hard. Why do SE always take the long, complicated route? Pakrinmon died out because of this.
  • Fellows: Woot, woot!
  • Haste cap: I don’t play melee, so idk. From what I do know haste is basically the be all and end all in terms of gear. So maybe adding a cap will help to allow haste to just be a consideration rather then the must have.

Not that bad so far eh? Its about to get worse XD

  • New spells:

Teles: Sure, why not, but could they at least have put them in the zones like Garuberg to help explain away why people ‘forgot’ about these Gate Crystals? In my opinion the past is easy enough to get to, especially the places where we now have these teles. You wanna go to Pashhow [S]? Just get a Tele-Dem and Choco to the maw! Also, HOW ABOUT A TELEPORT-WAJOAM! Christ… SE whine about congestion in Ahty, this would stop that!

Warp: This is cool ^^ Also means: You wanna go to Pashhow [S], get the warp III and freeking OP there! Yup, those new teles are pointless.

Absorb-ACC: I’m a Drk 60, nearly fainted with this. When I think about it however, we have this spell, its the most expensive of the Absorbs, Absorb-DEX. Its closer to Ab-acc since the updare too, but now Absorb-DEX is totally useless. How about instead of a new spell they fix the Absorbs, up the amount they steal. Cluttering up the game with new spells and JA when old ones just need tweeking annoys me so much…

Ninja Sneak: Bye bye Silent Oil market, forever. Ninjas should not get sneak, ya know why? They have it, its called JT: Stealth. I know its no where near a 100% sneak, but its not meant to be. On the movies, when the goodies stood in a forest, he can hear the Ninja jumping about the trees but he cant see them… SE said they want people not to sub Nin all the time, so why is this at level 25? Insane…

SCH Spell: In case you don’t know, the SCH spell gives full benefit of their weather spells. This, quite obviously should have been on their spell list moment SCH was unlockable, or just a factor of the weather spells. The spell counts as their AF weapon, which is stupid, its a nice idea, but then why are WHMs stuck with a crappy weapon? Is this just a lame cover up for not putting the spell in from the get go >_>

  • SC ‘fix’: I’m doubtful this is enough to help, it will just mean people will occasionally SC Colabiri and still not invite BLM.
  • New Job Abilities:

SAM: SAMs can now solo SC every 5 minutes with ‘Sekkanoki’. This is stupid. SAM was already buffed to the point of broken, SE said it themselves when they re-nerfed 2 handers! So now what? SC dmg is upped, and now SAM can solo SC every 5 minutes. Are SE really so stupid as to think SAMs will use the double TP to WS with others and not just solo SC? How does this encourage party play? Outside of SAMs 2hr no job should be able to solo SC! I know SAM had their crazy ways of doing it with Mediate and that’s fine, but now BLU, DNC and SAM can all reliably solo SC. Skillchaining is about players interacting in a party, group play! Giving every job an option to solo a Skillchain is a stupid way to ‘bring back’ SCing! Am I the only one that thinks SCing, MBing, SATAing and managing hate; where players need to work together, is fun? Party play now almost entirely requires no co-operation.


The was a time when people always set up a SC and a MB, and imo MBing Freeze is impressive and shows party co-operation. Melee used to have to manage their hate, not overdo what the tank could handle. With all its updates PLD just needs to look at the mob and 1000 units of enmity are bestowed upon them, while other melee mindlessly damage deal to their max. Don’t have a PLD? Dont worry, your subbing Ninja or Samuri so DD mindlessly anyway as you wont get hurt. Invite a THF? Awwww man, setting up SATA, that’s got to be a pain, cant go afk during a fight and eat Tacos now.

This game is broken. Ahty has ruined the skill that was once needed to get good Exp. Now players are rewarded for being idiots. I have no problems with the faster exp in Ahty, thank the Gods for it, but why do people have to be morons to get it? The game is more fragmented then ever and updates like this are not helping. Are SE blind?

WAR: Ok, Warrior doesn’t get much, they are very strong though. But did they have to steal one of the Monks signature traits? Counter+ should be a Monk Job Ability. Job lines are becoming blurred. This does not address using shadows to tank. Tanks are meant to take damage! Switching sub from NIN to SAM doesn’t help this fact at all! WHMs still don’t get invites because people still avoid damage and this just helps that!

THF: Another hate stealing ability, a nice idea too. Tied to timer of Accomplice, which is more powerful then Collaborator but gives a longer recast. Basically its like if their was a tier 2 Provoke on Provokes timer, you can choose to voke every 30 seconds or have a more potent voke every 2 minutes. Sweet, but…

Wait, SE wants thief to be a tank? What? I don’t get it >_> Thiefs are menna tank and then get behind the mob to Sneak attack + Trick attack?

SMN: Syphon, wow, this is possibly the lamest fix yet. SMNs can now drain 300-400 Mp from a Spirit. The idea must be that spirits will now be left out, as that Mp back makes up for it, this gets rid of the Summon > Buff/DD > Release! Oh, but wait, the player base arn’t all stupid… SE is. Now summoners can be forced to cure whore, summon a spirit to get Mp, release it and cure whore some more. Huzzah!

DRG: Nice idea imo.

BST: If SE really want BSTs to tank with pets and spam Reward, then let them stack the items needed to 99 -_-


oh my.

Oh my oh my.

lolsch is now ZOMGSCH.

I’m all for buffing the job, a friend of mine ingame (Sylbianna) is a SCH, but this takes the piss. A new Job Trait allows Scholars to access additional spells for a few minutes by using a charge, cool. However…

For a start they got my fraking spell! A few jobs can Dispel, but only one can use the spell Dispel. Its Red Magic. En-, Phalanx, Refresh and Dispel are Red Magic, no other job should get the spells as-is. Theres not much red magic in the game, and its what makes Rdm unique. If your wondering, yes, I would be happy if they did the same thing but under a different name. Its the fact that SCH gets one of a RDMs signature spells that pisses me off.

I’m annoyed at this one spell, makes you wonder how Black Mages feel now that SCH has the entire IV nuke set. Wouldn’t want to see a WHMs face when they saw every -na spell come up on the SCH spell list.

SCH doesn’t have MAB like BLM, but they can stack Ebullience on the IVs so I’d like to see how that compares. Nor can they -ga nukes. However they can -ga cures and -na spells (not to mention things like Stoneskinga) along with using Rapture on cures. At level 75 a charge for SCH now takes one minute, meaning they can enhance the potency of a spell or -ga a spell every minute at the minimum, they could save up to four charges to do these multiple times in a row. Compare that to WHMs who can pick to enhance potency or -ga a Erase/na every 10 minutes.

Sch also got sleep I/II, RRI/II allong with RI/II.

Sublimation was added too, this allows Scholar to save up a DoT convert, level 35 so perfect to sub. Refresh will not work while this is in effect.

So, SCH is now majorly buffed. But not in the right way. Stealing other jobs signature spells, traits and high level spells isn’t the way to go. Hypocritical from a RDM in a way, but a RDM definition is to use many fields of magic, but being limited to weaker spells. Sch can use many fields of magic to near same potency now.

Why not sub Scholar now? The only reason to sub WHM is for Erase and Stoneskin, only reason to sub BLM is escape, only reason to sub RDM is Gravity.

On sub, SCH offers Drain, Aspir,-Nas, Dispel, Sleep (not that WHM needs that on sub now), Regen II, Raise, -Spell cost, -Spell casting time, Skill bonuses and finally DoT Convert.

SE said they wanted people to stop subbing WHM. With Scholar it didnt work the way they planned, hmm, how to fix that? I know, give SCH sub everything people sub WHM, BLM and RDM for! Before everyone was stuck with WHM sub, now SCH is so far ahead everyone is stuck with SCH sub….

Looking at SCH as a main job Vs others, obviously BLM, WHM and RDM are still specialists. On the healing front mainly due to Haste. From my point of view, at level 70+ Rdm is less needed as every mage job will have its own semi-refresh that doesn’t stack with the refresh spell. I’m not freaking out too much, I don’t party so couldn’t care less, the idea of what this buff has done annoys me tho.

The SCH job has no direction, is it a mixture of mages? Heavy DoT job? Oh, it can alter spells through the use of Job Abilities. Wait, weather changing spells? What is this job meant to specialise at?

What SCH needed was a basic fix, with some new spells or JAs. Being able to -ga Raise, Reraise and Warp would have been a nice alteration without pissing off other jobs too much, I’m also fine with them getting Raise II so Raise II -ga? The DoT Spells needed fixing to be real heavy DoT so then SCH wouldn’t need IV nukes, was that not that the plan all along? With the weather spell fix SCH secured a place in every BLM party, a sweet niche to have. Those coupled with the new DoT convert, shorter Stratagems and perhaps Blink would have made the job viable as a main or support job. If MBing was brought back Scholar would have definitely be wanted for Ebullience then a Magic Burst. Not replacing BLMs there but being worth while enough to be wanted.

And SCH AF, perfect for the Job. Update the old AF please SE -______- Its not fair on other jobs.

But alas SE are too stupid to address SC and MBing. Imo the actually chain Dmg should exceed the stand alone WS dmg, doesn’t that make sense? This would require a nerf to WSs but overall it would be better. People who scream ‘dont nerf things, its baaaaad’ can GTFO, sometimes things need nerfing, and bringing everything up to match what’s overpowered just makes the game too easy.

That’s just about everything I wanted to complain about, really I wanted to bitch about SAM, SC and SCH :P

So, I’m not happy. 4 months and this is what we get…


8 Responses to “Update Bitching”

  1. Ozrox March 11, 2008 at 2:08 pm #

    just quoting ya here…

    ***WAR: Ok, Warrior doesn’t get much, they are very strong though. But did they have to steal one of the Monks signature traits? Counter+ should be a Monk Job Ability. Job lines are becoming blurred. This does not address using shadows to tank. Tanks are meant to take damage! Switching sub from NIN to SAM doesn’t help this fact at all! WHMs still don’t get invites because people still avoid damage and this just helps that!***


    this job ability is NOT the same as counter.
    infact, the premise is that you retaliate after taking a hit.
    lowers movement speed, gives a chance to hit back after taking a hit, thus retaliating.
    checked this out this morning before work on colibri, gives a swing after taking a hit AND gives TP…

    war/sam get a nice kinda buff from this since 3rd eye rarely lasts the full 30 seconds of its recast. war/nin wont benefit if they arent actually taking a hit in the face (AoE moves wont trigger this id imagine)

    just to let ya know so you dont get all “lolWAR” on my ass.

  2. Weissberv March 11, 2008 at 4:51 pm #

    OMG D: hardly anyone plays samurai, i do think it should be enhanced a bit more, LIKE THAT NEW JA, shame i can’t use it :/ its level 60 and i’m level 51 :/

  3. overlordlaharl March 12, 2008 at 11:16 am #

    lolWAR XD… wait D: XD Ah well the update doesnt please everyone :(

  4. Ophenix March 12, 2008 at 3:21 pm #

    SE sucks.
    The only good thing they did was add Seedspray so we can PvP and make bukkake jokes.

  5. sylbianna March 14, 2008 at 11:46 am #

    I….I’m really sorry, I didn’t really know what to say to your comments, and since you wrote such a long entry….I kind of thought for a long while and kind of wrote a really long entry myself. I’m really sorry if it’s messy, but it’s just something I feel like I’ve been wanting to explain for a while. By no means do I mean any offense!


  6. Ophenix March 14, 2008 at 6:45 pm #

    Its ok Sylbia, we love you as it is ^^

  7. millionsknives March 15, 2008 at 12:23 pm #

    hmmm, with war i guess thats better then first thought. lolwar ^^

    Pooper, ur crazy D: every1s a sam

    Its all your fault spen! ; ;

    /cry with fhe ; ;

    /blist izzy xD j/k

  8. Ophenix March 23, 2008 at 11:01 pm #

    FYI, they added a set of gloves that enhances Absorb spells. Could be nice to have ^^ past NM. Somthing we should camp ~.^

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