FFXI Update of DOOM!

5 Mar


na, i just love the word dooooom. teehee. I think this will be quite an anit-doom update, lets dig deep into the FFXI 1/2 of my brain and see what has been going on!

What a week its been, firstly a goal to top all other goals of goals was accomplished!~


Oh me oh my oh strawberry pie! Its finally happened, and after the initial few hours of crying over spending 300k on a stupid spell I was all excited to start my rdm/nin life, oho yes I was! The screenshot is me as a 26 nin but its pretty :3 you love the bird in the background, yes you do <3

At around the same time Spen got war 74, so the war/nin + rdm/nin team begins . . . . NOW! A few days ago Spen got war 75 too~ Congratulations!

The first test of this ‘Ni’ was on Spens [Bastard Sword] Traunt WSNM. I personally have died to the NM two times, and so, I hate it.

So much hate.

Barthy-baby jumped on for the ride!

and DC’d mid fight ^^;

I personally have died to to the NM three times, and so, I hate it, so, so, so so much

The formula works like this (green for yes, red for no):


Apparently its more likely l’ll engage hate then lurve in everyday life.

Me and Spen could have killed it prolly, but there was that mid fight panic and the ‘OH NOES’ + it was our first time using Ni, and we both quit Nin as soon as we hit 37 XD

BUT! On the second try we pwn3d it! *Engages lurve*


SO! The Ni test was complete! After that Lee needed G2, so i gave that a whirl.

Poor poor mobs,

Not because of me, oh no.

That Nerf last year.

Their eyes are still black and blue from the bat hitting them.

Anyways, they were allot easier then I thought, something was needed to test my POWA! But what?


Hmmm, no…


Too easy…


Damn, can’t kill that…


That’ll do.

While getting Ami some cloak for his Blm and Stonega II I noticed we were near Titan, ‘IMMA DO EEEET!’ I said to myself. Tried with Spank, and all though it was a long fight he was piss easy ^_^ *Engaged lurve*


After that I duo’d a few more and then started to solo them. They’re actually really easy when you get used to it, nice way to get used to Ni. Now I have a 20k a day income :D, I just quickly shoot Titan and Garuda in the nads. I have died once on my first solo Garuda try, somehow her 2 hour did 1000 dmg to me o.o! On my next try it did 0 dmg tho ;P Mucho lurve was engaged.


Is that a gasp I hear?

heheheh yeh, treated myself one

What do you mean ‘one of what?’ a Scorpion Harness!



Didn’t think anyone would notice.

You make me blush!

You’re surprised I didn’t post a pic of me in it? Why?

‘Course I’m not vain enough to dedicate an entire picture to a Scorpion Harness! /slap

…. anyway. I noticed the last few has sold for 180k! 5 up on the AH, how can i loose?! I’m there!

*Bids 180k*



*190 -.-*


Ok… so I ended up paying the 200k, but I’d gotten my hopes up. Looks better then the gayass pink thing I had before.

A few random notes + piccys


Thanks Amith for helping to break my latent! Tip: dont try to break it on Colabiri -_-. Now for the NM :D A chest key allowed us to make a 6k profit too :3


Whoop Whoop to Izzy on her full RSE! The story of that is over on her blog ^^


A good way to make some money would be to sell Nanban Kariginu, would it not? Force poped Edacious Opo-opo drops it and sells for 30k. I needs one! Could sell any more :D

well, its not

Me and Lee traded about 900 of those fucking bananas and only 3 pops! No drops either. Too view my feelings on this matter please view the ‘Lurve and Hate table’ above. While we were there, decided to help Lee with the Magic Fruit spell. The time we spent together there reaffirmed in my head just why I hate Blue Mage so much ^^


Realised how hideously under-levelled my Elemental Magic skill is. Besieged has been the answer, there’s been a tonne of level 5 waves for some reason, so Chainspell + Revitaliser made me a happy bunny~ I’ve capped Dark Magic and Ele is will on the way!


My second encounter with Guivre, remember the first here? Wiki says a skilled rdm can solo him, thats bullllll. He kindly jumped on me from around a corner shouting ‘Imma pwn u lolz’, quickly used a RR scroll I had on me and died xD I’m not sure how I feel about this death, L’ll have to consult my table later to find out.


I normally solo Besieged, to skill up mainly and I hate to just spend it healing people. This time Amith and Spen were there so I joined them~ They died about 7 times each while I didn’t die once. Don’t know how they manage it, decided that all melee are in fact brainless poops and just looking for uber dmg numbers while expecting mage’s to wipe up after them. If you don’t want hate don’t get it!! Still, time with friends is always fun.


Oh, wait, I am that vain.

Red Mage Rules: Get used to Ni :3 practice makes perfect and Avatars seem like a good enough way to ease into it.

Playtime: 121 Days, 19 Hours, 42 Minutes and 17 Seconds.


5 Responses to “FFXI Update of DOOM!”

  1. Ozrox March 5, 2008 at 2:01 pm #

    Nice update mate, congrats on pwning so many things <3

    if i can find the time i’ll help ya with the WSNM for savage blade, its hilariously easy with 3-4 people. having done most of the leg work for the quest for a friend a few days ago i should be fine to help soon maybees!

  2. millionsknives March 5, 2008 at 2:57 pm #

    ty for the comment oz :D l’ll hold u to that offer of help :P

    Still need to get a pearl off you and try out sky :X

  3. sylbianna March 5, 2008 at 5:47 pm #

    goodness! O.O Congratulations on all of your accomplishments~! You really have gotten so many things done!! I didn’t expect such an amazing blog entry, so much done, so much gotten! I really can’t wait until I finally can play again, I hope all of SuicideMoogles is having fun! I miss you~ I wonder what you’ll do next, I can’t wait for your next blog entry ^-^ It’s always fun reading! See you soon~ ^-^/

  4. ophenix March 5, 2008 at 9:53 pm #

    Congrads on Nii ^.^
    Do me a faiv, get into a small pt and try to tank while spamming Sleep and Sleep II o keep hate…
    I so so so wanna try it!!

    Nya… I wish I could be on more so that I could compete with you again T_T

  5. millionsknives March 9, 2008 at 2:12 am #

    fix ur net izzy!

    level up that rdm fhe, go kick maats ass then we can compete ;P

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