2 Mar

Entertained myself tonight with watching all 6 episodes of FLCL (also known as Fooly Cooly or Furi Kuri). I love this series to bits, I forget just how much I like it as I dont own it on DVD – however I’ve nicked it off Spen for a while. It’s a must watch for any anime fan (with good taste). The series is very multi layered, really its 12 episodes despite only being 6. I know what your screaming ‘you’re crazy Aram! for it cannot be 12 if it is only 6 episodes long!’ you think I’m crazy eh? well I can explain! The first time you view the 6 episodes its just mad, crazy action that makes no sense. Entertaining none the less. Upon viewing the 6 episodes for a second time, after someone has explained a few things, you begin to see the symbols for what the story is really about.

The series follows Naota, a 12 year old boy who begins to sprout various robots and aliens from his head after being run over by Haruko, an odd 20 year old girl. FLCL is about why these robots are appearing, who Haruko is and what she’s doing. However on re-watching FLCL, you begin to see that everything is actually symbolic for Naotas struggle with the onset of puberty and the new feelings he’s experiencing. Its all beautifully abstract. I have no idea how anyone read between the lines to find this out in the first place, I myself never realised until stumbling across an essay on the net explaining it all. I cant find the particular essay, but this site explains FLCL very well:

FLCL has amazing animation and the characters are designed by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto too :O, so even if you don’t want to follow the story you can just gawk at the visuals.

Other attempts to entertain myself have been through Super Mario Galaxy. A minted game but gets old after 30 mins of playing, its far too easy so looses my attention. Over the past week I’ve tried to get people to play through some co-op games with me, but it seems I’m the only one that’s really interested ^^; I cant really think of other games to play, since starting FFXI games that aren’t online, co-op or group play in some way seem so limited and dead to me.

I’ve tried to home my drawing skills too, allot of manga I draw now looks ‘meh’ to me. After years I still don’t have a definite style, but there is hints that shine thru. I’ve always tried to draw the perfect things I see in my head, now I’m beginning to move away from standard ‘manga’ style and add a more cartoon look, slightly reminiscent of FLCLs manga. I think its more me, its much easier to draw.

flcl manga
[FLCL Manga]

The new header for my Blog kept me occupied for an hour or two, so did looking through the themes and deciding on one XD. I wanted to de-clutter the blog, I think this theme is more clean. As for the header, got sick of seeing that same Tavnazia scene where Tavnazia is cut off xD so up goes my little milly pic, with his small top hat!

Also I just found out that (apparently) Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing Testso in the Akira live action movie. I had no idea who the actor was, seeing a pic of him he looked familiar which got me-a-wonderin’. I realised it was the guy from 3rd Rock From The Sun but more importantly he played the lead role in one of my fave movies Mysterious Skin, a nice little surprise :) even if my hopes for the movie are extreamly low o:

I think the plan for entertainment next week is to get people watching Battlestar again, heehee


2 Responses to “trying-to-amuse-myself”

  1. ophenix March 2, 2008 at 10:25 pm #

    FLCL ftw.
    I miss you Mill ^.^ Wish I could log on more often and make that Emo mood of your go away.


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    […] noticed a few months ago that so many people were getting to my blog because this posts original title had ‘FLCL’ in it ^_^; Which is reflected in the most viewed posts […]

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