‘To the Sky…’

24 Feb

Im not gonna beat about the bush, I got Sky a few days ago :) Finally!


Of course its because Barthezz is back xD When he’s around there is no time for tea and biscuits! While talking it came up that I didn’t have Sky access, and in a shriek of horror he decided it was time to advance my FFXI career. I’d been stuck on the Antican Quicksands Caves BCNM for a good while. We went in with me, Ked and Barth. I was pretty terrible but we got the job done ^^; Later Amith and Spankey popped on for a few fights. Notably Amith tanked the Pot NM as a Drk/nin very well! Thank you to everyone who helped with that frenzy of missions!

Story wise, ZM has been amazing so far. Really giving Vana’diel some depth.

**SPOILERS ONWARDS! highlight to read**

Ive always been up on my Vanadiel histroy, with the 5 races born from Altanas tears etc. Finding out the truth was sweet. I love all the past history and conflict between the three races. I’ve always had a thing for back story that took place in the same setting yet years before hand. I hope they elaborate exactly how close the 3 races were to the Gods 10,000 years ago, did they communicate physically or in a more spiritual sense? Or are all of the Gods sleeping around that time? I find that relationship interesting as they’re family essentially:3 


The bit above i’m not sure of :x Is she talking about the tele-points or the crystals I went and gathered? I assume the gathered crystals, but if they did scatter why are they in small statues? Glad i now know who/what she is, shes been in a few CoP CSs (I think) and I’ve had no idea who she was :P

Very fond of how they explained the 5 races, the idea is just beautiful!~ Question: The Ark angels were/are Zilart made ‘minion guards’ who evolved into the five races thru the crystals power. Why did the Zilart take time to construct a cute wee little Taru and then Elvaans with big ears? Why have one Angel that looks like themselves and not just all? Also how does even a crystal split them into male/female and then galka with no gender? How are the Angels still around if this is true? :x Very minor points and I dunno if I’ve missed something, but I like that explained away :P


Enjoyed the ‘twist’ with the Archduke, finding out he was the younger brother! lol. I just thought that was mint, its a really little thing but so funny & cool <3 didn’t see that coming. I wonder if hes really dead :x cuz if so that’s just crazy. I thought the whole scenes were very tense, great to watch.


TENSE! The CS were amazing. The fight, ^^; kinda disappointing, SE should make that harder.


Again, great CSs, i was all :O when the poor people actually got hit with the swords, NEEDS MOAR BLOOD :P. I’d loved to have played thru these missions when they were first out, then finding out the archduke is a Zilart would have been a surprise and id have fainted! Getting Sky when it was first out must have been great!






STRAIGHT TO THE MOON! … er I mean sky!

Seeing that sequence of Sky starting up was great! You see those clips on FFXI music vids everywhere so was extra cool to finally see then in-game. Now I’ve done all that I want my earring! Divine Might here I come!  <3 FFXIs story, best so far out of the FFs imo, infact its my fave game ever (well, maybe 2nd to Yoshis Island)

The day ended quietly with me wondering aimlessly around sky. Its a beautiful place. Hmmm, but do I join a sky shell now? I’d quite like Genbus Shield, a bit of Zenith and Crimson. But can I be assed? *Ponder*


Red Mage Rules: Use chainspell to skill up magic in Besieged :3 Revitaliser allows you to do this multiple times for much skill ups! Handy for dark magic indeedy.

Playtime: 119 days, 14 hours, 53 minutes and 32 seconds.


5 Responses to “‘To the Sky…’”

  1. Binachan February 24, 2008 at 3:36 pm #

    “Sky when it was first out must have been great!”
    I thought the same! ^___^)/
    Congratulations for your sky! ^^
    Now it’s time to find a sky ls and to rock! °_°

  2. Ozrox February 25, 2008 at 2:59 pm #

    Join my shell!

    we’re doing DM on thursday too!


    join my shell…

    or i’ll kill you…


  3. Katella February 26, 2008 at 9:20 pm #

    Looks very cool, I haven’t gotten sky yet either, a fight and a couple cutscenes away from it. With my limited playtime lately, not sure if I’ll get there anytime soon, but its neat to read about other’s experiences with it. I love the missions for the storylines!

  4. millionsknives March 2, 2008 at 1:54 am #

    Binachan: Theres the ls sorted xD ty for the grats ^^

    Oz: hope DM went ok ozzy! Guess it did since Ami has his earring ^^

    Katella: Get those CS done! its easy as pie :3 even if you dont attend sky still nice to say you have access :D


  1. So long, sweet Gold Bolt. « Red Mage Rules - February 25, 2009

    […] This time last year I got Sky access, I’ve no offically been stuck on Divine Might for over a year D: Kinda funny really… […]

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