Campaign Exp record and Barthezz is back :O!

17 Feb

I made a personal record today :) My previous record of EXP gained from a single Campaign Battle was 3200 but I broke that by getting 3600 from a Pashhow Campaign. Spen (74 War) and Izzy (60 Sch) were with me got 1500 and 750 respectively from the same battle. Rdm really is the best job for getting EXP from the system. We can gain points for exp in all the fields, I also tanked mobs through that battle as Rdm/Whm. Sure Rdm/Nin would do better on the tanking front but Rdm/Whm can hold those mobs fine plus it doesn’t cost anything, has Erase (which is a godsend against Quadov NMs who AoE knock back gravity), has -Na’s and keeps me self dependent as I have Reraise. When tanking Divine Seal + Convert not only keep me going but keeps ze hate on me if some other fool tries to come and steal my exp *angry fist motion* The point is I <3 Campaign and Rdm lol.

One complaint is the faultly Mobs in Pashhow and the frickin’ NPCs. The Npc’s randomly charge out halfway accross the map to kill the mobs. Sonia ran and claimed Adamantking miles from the fort which pisses me off to no end xD they do this all the time at Pashhow. I’d always thought they followed player who were out to hold Mobs but she really did just run off.

Also the mobs are faulty, we were waitng 15/20 mins after the first wave for a 2nd one, eventually I ran to 1/2 down the map to see a Quadov NM stood still until he agro’d me, i ran for my life linking about 5 other quadov and dropped dead xD. He then headed towards the fort. I got up straight away and chased him, as soon as hit got to the fort 50 NPCs swarmed the NM, killing the it in 10 seconds, I shit you not. Its early days yet so I’m sure it’ll be fixed.

Ooo Ooo, another tip is you can lock the bastard Quadov NMs that AoE Gravity+Knockback into just constantly Protecting themselves by dispelling them constantly lol, makes them allot easier to kill.

OTHER NEWS!!!!!!!!!! 

Theres been two 40 cap Brenners in the LS. They’re allot more hectic then the 30 cap we’ve been doing and very fun. Ive gone as both Rdm and dark, Rdm cant hold out but Drk/Whm is hella fun! Blink helps a suprising amout and diaga really screws people over.


I love this shot of me killing Maruk >=D The way he’s kneeling down, falling to the ground with Chibimoon stood staring while I drain the last bit of life from him. Seems like it has a deeper meaning xD

We’ve had a few brenners with 12 people and then they get down to about 6 of us as people have to go. Im really not sure which I prefer, 6 a side is so hectic and mad which makes it fun. However I like the 3 Vs 3 as it feels more personal and you can really analyse the other team.

I’m also gonna point out how insanely overpowered Sam is in 40 cap Brenner, freeking Seigan makes them untouchable. I’d never leveled Sam and i dont know much about it, but id always thought Diaga got rid of Thrid Eye/ Seigan but apparently not xD. We took subjobs off for the last round which totally screwed me over as Drk/Whm but Sam was still strong as ever >:| DAMN YOU TROOPER!

Look who should pop up two days ago…


Barthezz xD

He’s back and transferred to hades :D As soon as he got on he was back to helping me which I feel bad about >.< We went to skill up in the Tree and I finally got 240 sword skill and this:

Then the next day he’s on helping me camp Ose and get some WS points on it @_@!

We are at the Ose for frigging ages and didn’t see it pop. I’m at 90/300 points from it though :D can’t wait to get that WS! Also while there I treated myself and got me this:

yes, yes, its kinda late as I’m 75, but what the hey. At least it made up for not getting the Assault Jerkin.

Barthezz comming back makes me realise how little I accomplish in game without him >.>; My last major breakthrough was Rank 10 in Bastok and that was with his help. When he logged on I thinking ‘hmm, I should really go to the AH and get some better gear xD’ because nothing has changed since he left lol. In the end there wasn’t really anything I could get except Wooden Gauntlets and l’ll be fooked if im spending 700k on them. Oh well… I did plan to have Nin at 37 by now, but Ni has jumped from 270k to 350k just as I need to buy it. I saw it for 270k and thought, ‘It’ll fall in price.’ -_-. I burnt the last of the seals I had with Lee and Spen on PP in the hopes of Ni but we didn’t get anything useful at all.

CoPs being slowly going ahead. The Minotor fight was allot easier then I thought, Chibimoon back-tanked making it easy as hell. Even getting there went very smooth ^^ We tried to farm a few subligars after but didn’t have enough people.



Tonight is the first try of 2-5 @_@ wish us luck.


Leveled Cor and ranger with Chibimoon and Gary.


Mills first meeting with Datsi :O Chibimoons 2nd char newly arrived from Shiva.

Red Mage Rules:  We’re the best at Campaign :o Keep getting assessed to rest the skill caps and you can max out exp :)

Playtime:  117 Days, 10 Hours, 49 Minutes and 24 Seconds


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