14 Feb

Ah sweet Amith, one of the factors that keeps me playing FFXI

Here is Amith:


He is far away in this picture.

Here is Amith with his pet:


His pet is a purple wolf. He is still far, far away in this picture.

Why an entry all about Amith you ask?! Cuz for!

SMs member page shows this mysterious mans basic info:



Aka: Dave

Hometown: Bastok

Jobs: Smn, Drk

But who is the man behind the name? Idk, and this blog entry isn’t about that. This entry is a tribute of sorts to Amith and shows why I like the little moogle hater.

I’m gonna spend the next 27 lines listing the reasons I like Amith.

Here I go!

  1. He’s a Summoner, he can summon pets ya know.
  2. He’s a Dark Knight.
  3. He teases me about getting Drk to 75 when I haven’t )’:
  4. He’s always there to help me.
  5. He’s called Dave, that makes me laugh. teehee.
  6. He’s someone I can count on to talk too. If I ever need to open a vain he’ll be there like a teddy bear to soak it up with his many layers of stuffed wool.
  7. He’s funny. ?
  8. He’s sarcastic.
  9. He’s Scottish, wait, that’s a bad point.
  10. He found out about Izzy’s gun. She has a gun ya know.
  11. He picks my side in arguments, unless I’m arguing with him, then he kinda doesn’t, but that makes sense.
  12. He comes to raise me when I’m dead. Oh-Ho how easily bought I am.
  13. He sounds all monotone in my head. I’ve heard his voice but I’ve forgotten how it sounds, its replaced with my imagination and given a voice like the robot from Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  14. Amith
  15. He makes fun of me all the time and is friends with Batman irl. wait, is that two separate points?!
  16. He keeps my secret about the LS secret (that i hate them all, especially Lee, I mean, god damn Lee, I’m sick of his Leeing.)
  17. He has wings, he cant fly with them unfortunately. I’d liken him and his wings to a penguin.
  18. He’s an Xmen member, his power: to make rainbows.
  19. He loves SuicideMoogles so very much. It says so in his Bazzar comment.
  20. He does stuff.
  21. He hangs out with me on ffxi. :O
  22. He does silly things with me.
  23. I can waste hours with him and have fun …. awww no I broke the ‘He’ and ‘Hes’ Chain.
  24. He stays up all night with moi.
  25. He’s my blogs only avid reader ): :)
  26. He knows my Rdm is the best job but still tries to fight the Smn and Drk corner. Good show old chap!
  27. I can be a jerk to him, and it all blows over in the end. Just like an episode of Star Trek. Like when he didnt come to something because of Sky, I was crazy and insane in the membrane to be angry, but its allllllll ok now. Sorry btw.

The list does go on! There’s at least another two points, I cant reveal all my inner thoughts tho can I? gotta keep people guessing!
Its great we can waste hours together and have fun, (well I have fun at least). The two screenshots above illustrate this point so amazingly its almost unholy. The two of us were up late after a Garuda run, messing about chatting. After running around the desert for ages we stopped, stood opposite each other for a while, then he summoned and we stood sumore. It was hella funny for some reason, seemed as if we were about to dual *cue the cowboy music*. I’m glad we do things like that, its pointless and kills my sleeping cycle as we stay up till 4am but the way it happens shows we have a PSYCHIC LINK! and it makes me giggle, so much giggling goes on.

Furthermore, Dave is always up to help. Simply, id be fooked without him and get nothing done. Id like to repay him more but he never really seems to need anything I can help with and when he does need something he asks as soon as I get a party.



Circa 07/07/07 Because I got a new computer I lost allot of my old screenshots, so this is the oldest I have of that little demon bunny. According to the SM site we’re helping Chibimoon and Lee with Bastok mission 3-1. Look at him and his wee little dark ^^ such a copy cat! It seems like we’re ignoring him and he’s stood thinking ‘;_;’


Circa 14/07/07 Em, ok. Seems like he levelled dark very fast o_O Here we gather to defend the empress, who Mills is having an affair with :x


Circa 13/08/07 Prommy time, here we are sitting! WOW!


Circa 13/08/07 @ 3:05pm There he is! *pooka pooka*


Circa the first day of this blog :)


Circa 13/10/07 Me in MY Vermy cloak. I’m pretty sure this is one of only two party’s I’ve had with Amith 70+. Mainly because im not a fan of refreshing for hours on end, but with a Smn there things are so much nicer because of Hastega and Earthen Ward :3 If we could set up LS merit partys more I’d go D:


Circa 13/10/07 Where’s Wally? Here we see my last Dynamis to date, I lost all the exp I made in the party before hand and so haven’t gone since. When you hate partying as much as I, exp loss on mass is a big deal >:| Now I can exp off campaign, I may start up again.




Circa 16/10/07 My first Brenner with him! Well, I’m not gonna have any shots of me dead am I?


Circa 20/10/07 :3 Puuchuu.


Circa two days after the last pic. Amith has Diabolos :o! omgubersmnlol. Here we killed a few level 1 Mandys to make us look big. I’m grabbing him there because I’m all ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! DON’T EAT ME!’


Circa 16/12/07 Just standin’ I actually think he was AFK or just not talking in this picture. I took this to illustrate how much better I look then him. Actually I look better then anyone else on the game really, but this gets my point across. However now I’m using it in his tribute post, so l’ll lie and say I took it to show how good he looks …………… next to me.

That brings us to the end of the picture section, I got bored of looking through screenshots :P

The point is, now I’ve dedicated a whole blog entry to him like he’s always wanted (with 1237 words no less!) he has to come to the Linkshell meet in July ^.^ because I cant wait to meet him! So Amith, please vist the forum here and post ur name ~yay.

Next time your walking down a dark street and fear some chavs may mug you, think of the Dave appreciation groups motto – ‘Never fear, Dave is near!’.

He wont be there, he’s in Scotland, but has a nice ring to it.


6 Responses to “Amith”

  1. ophenix February 19, 2008 at 7:53 pm #

    If you like him so much why don’t you marry him :3

  2. millionsknives February 19, 2008 at 11:30 pm #

    awwww, does fhe want his own post too? ^^

  3. Spankey February 20, 2008 at 12:38 am #

    lmfao dood + yea Amith is Uber, but then he spoils it by being a lolsmn >.> i mean come on 1 RDM spell(silence) + he is fooked wif a capital :O

  4. millionsknives February 21, 2008 at 12:01 am #

    lol ^^ yea, now hes trying to be a drk, but we rdms still win ;P

    we can have an irl fight with him in july lol ^^ that will prove which job is better

    also, sum1 got to this blog by typing ‘amith please’ into a search engine o_O lol wonder who

  5. ophenix February 22, 2008 at 2:10 pm #

    Wan’t me >.>; Was not me looking for Amith X Kroe yaoi… I swear!

  6. millionsknives March 2, 2008 at 1:56 am #

    :o caught in the act fhe! theyre over 18 so its all legal tho :P

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