SM IRL Meet!

10 Feb

ok, ok,

it was a little while ago, i just cant think how to write it up. But something hit me today, after my Horlicks and Soya milk – it was the immense need to throw up! I havn’t done that yet, but boy do i feel sick. However a second thing has hit me….












:O I didnt think it would ever happen either, but here i go!

Date: 26th January

Time: 10:20am

Location: Sheffield

Activity: Suicide Moogles Meet up

Attendees: Myself, Livi, Spen, Lee, Garry, Charlie (Spankey), Kyle, Kim, Kroeger and Mark (Maruk)

Outcome: Funness!

It was very cool :) alkward at first as always, but that fades bit. I had met Kyle a year ago in Dec 2006, and Charlie in Dec 2007. It was my first time meeting Mark, Kim and Kroeger :D

We wondered around allot, seemed to get a bite to eat every seconds as an excuse to go indoors from the cold lol. Had a very awkward eat in Cafe Nova. We went in and as soon as i saw the ‘Please wait to be seated’ in a Cafe i knew this wasnt the place for us. We were past the point of no return though, cant have so many people walk in and then walk out xD the waitresses that served us looked like theyd seen a ghost lol, were we really that roudy? So we sat, in this freeky posh cafe, apparent comeuppance for me insisting that we go somewhere ‘not gypsy’ (which Kyle and Kim found hilarious o.O).

A small saga in there was the quest for cake. A foreign waitress mentioned something about cake being 2 for 1 with coffee, but no one really heard what she said so we didn’t have a clue what the exact method to get this cake was ; ;. It must have taken us nearly an hour to figure out what the deal with the cake, do we go up and order it? Do they come to us? Is it 2 for 1? Is it free with coffee? Have we missed our chance? Did she even mention cake? What matters is in the end we got it! … It was gross xD Kim had s slab of lemon cake which was gross lol, and the rest had some odd chocolate cake o_o but anyways, 2 for 1! Turned out at £26 for 8 of us all with coffee and cake! :3 not bad~

It was great having Kyle in there, he cant be quiet to save his life xD cringe worthy but its what makes him a laugh! You could see the fear in the waitresses eyes! <3 Kroeger had this hat he bought ‘specially which caused sooo much fuss lol. When he took it off for someone to wear another would appear on his head! Magic! Been meaning to ask if theres something behind that :x nice hat tho. In ze Cafe i noticed Spen had a cigarette burn too, from a game he was playing, id like to see what hes like at uni, sounds more fun XD. Another instance of the weird cafe was Kim needed the loo and we couldn’t see it anywhere, so she asked and was handed a bit’o paper with the secret code for the toilet o_o which at the time was very funny.

Later we met up with Spankey and Mark. Finding Mark was a right mission! He had no idea where he was and we couldnt pinpoint where he was either. The only clue we had was he was ginger and he knew to look for Garrys blue hair, eventually we found him at the bus station. Mak had kinda stopped playing FFXI, im so glad i met him tho. I actually spend quite allot of time in game with him, so was great to meet him irl, hes just like i though hed be, only mini ;P

Spank i’d met in Dec as i said, so picking him out in a crowd was easy peasy, he had a book with him from the train like last time :P. Spank is just like in game and a really nice chatty guy.

We headed towards the trams to get to…. wherever we were going, some centre, the Arena? That was a mission in itself, complicated trams @_@. When we got there, we kinda got lost ^^; I lead everyone across a field to the wrong place~ Woot! Our aim was to go bowling. Spen sweetly took the day off work and set up a regime of what we could do as he knows the lay of the land :3 but the bowling alleys were fully booked till 10pm!

Our answer?

Go for more food!

Oh man, the food. This resteraunt was great, i had 1/2 ribs :3 so nice. bit of FFXI chat went on ^^. After that, Sweeney Todd! 10 people went in, 5 hopeful of a good movie. 10 people came out, all hating it. What a lame movie, we ALL hated it, i even fell asleep during it. But it gave us something to bitch about as a group. While queuing, we lost Kim, and after a while looking found she was sat down at the other end of the cinema. She did this so much lol, every time you turn around shes found a seat xD

Tram back~! and the mysterious ghost tram :) lol

By that time it was getting late and Spankey had to go. I love the way spankey talks about FFXI btw, he really takes it as a game to have fun with, and once uve met him you understand why he dies so much, he really just doesn’t care! With our last hour the rest of us sat in burger king and got some hardcore ffxi chat going lol. This chat sparked a little of Maruks love for FFXI back (I think its after we were talking about dream gear, he had a loooong list of Sam gear he wanted). I thought it was weird the way we all knew one another, but its kinda alkward to talk, but then FFXI pops up and BOOM! we’re away with some weird language we all understand. By the time our trains arrived we were all ready to drop – there was allot of walking in that day!

I had a great day. Things were kinda slow and abit awkward at times as we didnt know what to do, but we all loosened up towards the end ^_^ Allot of us said we wished we hadn’t been so shy afterwards. If only we could have met each other again the next day as things could have really got going!

I loved meeting everyone! <3 you SM! Wish I could write more about what you all did and what you were like, but I was in such a state at the time I can barely remember it! Seems like it was all over in 2 seconds! I had lots of fun which is for sure, I cant wait to see you all again in the summer :D They’ll be even more of us :O! Then we have a whole 3/4 days around each other :) who will kill who first eh?

The pics of the day are Here, only SM members can see them~

Thanks guys for a great day! Hope you all had as much fun as I did, a blog entry cant describe it at all!


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