My crazy LS

21 Jan

SuicideMoogles, I’m pretty sure everyone in it has mental problems :P

That is one crazy ass linkshell i own. I logged on today with the plan to do nothing but check the AH. However Kroger had noticed i was on the LS and laid out some bait to get me into LS chat, and i bit ._.

Gossip… my one weakness….
From that I have no idea really how we got onto religion, but somehow we did. A debate on what we thought of religion and why people were religious started up and LS chat filled with peoples view points on the matter,

Somehow, we then got onto political correctness, and discussed that matter,

and in some way that brought us onto a discussion regarding swear words,

which lead onto a debate about the Americans alterations to the English language,

which lead onto a debate about where language came from,

which lead onto a debate about American/English relations of old,

which lead to a debate on countries leaders,

which lead onto a debate about education @_@

and i think that might be where the cycle ended. I have no idea how long all that lasted, but SuicideMoogles must be the most topical LS on the Hades server! Id never thought about it before but we must debate atleast 4 issues every day lol, one thing leads to another and we spend hours trying to solve the human condition. I cant believe that such a small LS discuses such issues and raises such debates – we’re all so fun loving and then with the flick of a switch its like we’re on the set of BBCs Question Time or Newsnight!

After it all ended I sat and thought about it for a while, I couldn’t help but feel amazed about the things we talk about. It made me laugh but feel quite warm inside. ^_^ I think its because SM is a teeny LS that we have debates like this, we know each other quite well so get to share and listen to opinions. Plus there is the whole matter that we are all very opinionated ^_^; heehee. At any rate I love that weird little things like this happen in SM. Just wish it was easier to keep up with LS chat @_@ because when it gets going I’m lost in a sea of light green text.


Also id like to dedicate a few lines to Izzy. Izzy is amazing for putting up with all the testosterone in SM, she’s often the only girl present in the LS ^_^; She was the only American in that series of topical discussion’s, so poor Izzy was out-numbered on a few issues too lol. So I present her with an award for ‘Most compassionate member of SM’ because shes very sweet and kind. We love you Izzy!


P.S I found your sneaky blog Garry! And its never escaping my links section! You have no idea how much searching that took to find @_@

P.P.S my sister has started a blog too for any SM members (or otherwise) that want to take a looky, It’s in the links under TaruTaruBiscuits ^.^ Now SM can be seen from a whole three viewpoints, madness eh?

Playtime: 112 Days, 21 Hours, 38 Mins and 9 Seconds

RedMage Rules: Equip the right elemental staves for the spell you’re using! My Sleep with a Light staff a few days ago isn’t the best way to do things >.<!


3 Responses to “My crazy LS”

  1. Ophenix January 21, 2008 at 11:23 pm #

    Sounds like a fun LS… all we talk about is vibrator and S&M.

  2. garciewaffles January 24, 2008 at 12:09 pm #

    Aram, we all know that SM is awesome and that no other shell can compete. This, surely, is just rubbing salt into the wound. D:

    And I didn’t know my blog was so secret lol

  3. millionsknives January 24, 2008 at 6:33 pm #

    fhe: u talk about vibrators and S&M on the ls? how unlike u! lol <3

    gary: /nod + anything that isnt advertised on the BBC is a secret – ie. EVERYTHING!

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