FFXI: Jan so far~

21 Jan

Windurst [S] is just so good >_<! I’m Bastokian born and bread, but I’m so temped to join the Windurstian war efforts ;_; I feel so ashamed… The Music, look and quests are so much more interesting then Bastoks >_<

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Windurst [S] doing the quests :x The climax of the quests is a tense battle at Fort Kanaga-gankoooo where a young Ajido-Marujido is in danger!



Oh noes! What will Mill do?!


Stone III it… Duh…

I like that you can see its little nose peeking through the stone lol. I was kinda worried about this fight as I’d heard the mob has an instant K.O move if used face to face, and if it uses it face to side/back your HP is reduced to 2%. I knew a Rdm/Nin could kill it, but alas my ninja is still under-leveled D: so I trotted down as rdm/whm for lolbar spells, paralyna etc. The fight was actually really easy :P It used the KO move and I swear it hit me face to face but I didnt get a KO, just down to 2% HP. Stoneskin wins blah blah blah, :P In the end I decided to sleep-nuke with Stone III. My reward? stay tuned :O

A reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally cool CS followed! If theres one thing that should stop people complaining about WotG its the excelent CSs~



[Ow. I loved this bit, the arrow hits the Yagudo and he bursts into flames. I was quite shocked o.o]


[This Mage Taru just plain wins, the design is excellent. I’m glad to see the old-school mage look in FFXI, and i think the black cloth over the face is a great way to do it.]


[Ta-daaaaa, my reward for saving my little Taru friend, a ‘Star Globe’. Its a replica of something from Heavens Tower, but o.O doesn’t look like any Star or Planet I’ve ever seen. Can anyone explain?]


[So I finnaly finished the last mission of WotG so far :D Delayed so much because of the ridicules drop rate and price of Gnole Claws.]


[ <3 ]

So other going ons, hmm *takes a look in the screenshot folder* oh yes, *ahem*


We tried to kill Guivre, notice i say tried ^^: I have no idea how we failed. The mob must have been at 20% when it used some crazy move on Garry and K.O’d him. After that no-one else really jumped in to tank it so we wiped at 5%ish >_< and then a passing party killed it with its remaining 5% D: Ah well, was fun and killed some time.


Spankey randomly came across Bloodtear Baldurf and engaged, and easy fight… if he had some MP lol. I cant remember what we were doing before hand but somehow we were all able to get a tele-holla and save the Mp-less Elvaan :) The Lumbering Horn was used to make a Purple belt as a Birthday present for Elle~


Summons are the new in thing to do :O in the past 7 days ive killed Garuda Prime four times (lost once ^^;) and Titan Prime once. So I finally have some Avatars! and a nice 20k profit :3

Speaking of the profit from them, seems the Gil sellers have caught onto this. A group of 5 Blms and one Whm are going around farming the 10k profit, they enter and within less then a minute their out again. 6 people making 10k each on six avatars, 360k in all, just cycling that over and over :\ so I’m pretty sure in a few updates time SE will take out that 10k reward. DAMN U GIL SELLERS!


Ding Ninja 26. Finally leveling it to sub on Rdm. I had a really nice trio with Lee and Pedro 25-26. People were seeking but no one was responding so we decided to just stick with three of us. We used our bands and could chain Gobs in the lower tower for 150-160 exp a kill, fast kills too. Not great exp l’ll admit, but not bad either, it was alot of fun too ^^ nin, nin and whm was a sweet set up. Much prefer this over a 6 man set up.

6pm! Brenner soon, I better be off~

Playtime: 112 Days, 22 Hours, 19 Minutes and 5 Seconds


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