A Few Piccy Points

12 Jan


Christmas~ Though I didn’t really do the event this year :/ Just didn’t have time to play FFXI much while it was on. I wanted those santa boots >.<!


My dragon; Buster. Hes my hero <3 I’m suprised at how overpowered Drg is between 1-10, its mad! I think l’ll be taking this job further.

Ding Dark Knight 60. AF helm [mine.] In this party there was me as Drk60/War and another Drk60/Sam. My god, Drk/Sam kicked my ass at damage. We set out for pink birds so i just had cheep meat on me and no sushi, and i couldnt hit these puks for shit. The drk/sam also didnt have food but being able to WS so much made up for it, he had great Absorb-TP timing, unlike me who sucks at it… I get the idea of how it works but it’s so inconsistent.

Anyway after so much suckage on my party I’ve given up Drk for a bit :P As i cant be assed to level Sam up to 37


Decided to start Pokemon up with my faithful Black Mandy, Howling Howl :D named because of his scream attack :P

It seems ok to kill time but SE could have made this allot more fun, clicking random commands and hoping it responds isn’t great. Closer to Pokemon would have actually been a better idea. I’ve read about how it works and its far too complicated @_@


Did a few PP runs with the plan to pool the drops and split the money. Drops were dismal for the most part, we eventually got the Boots which made us 100k each. Spen had an extra orb that he could keep all the drops from, and he got Ni! lucky f**k!

Being a sweet little plum tho, Spen donated them to the group fund, so we ended up with 200k+ each ^_^ Split in a ratio to make it fair as he put an extra orb in~

Playtime: 110 days, 6 Hours, 18 Minutes and 4 Seconds.


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