In 2008 I will be mostly eating…

9 Jan

Vegtables! Thats one of my new years resolutions, and even now i feel the need to eat… hmm.. tomatos? wait they’re a fruit rite?

No fear, as another one of my resolutions is to eat more fruit! Gawd i lurve smoothies <3

So in total;

  1. Eat more fruit/veg -i.e eat tomatoes and drink smoothies
  2. Be less bitchy, -i.e don’t bitch! (as much).
  3. be less critical -i.e do I really need to slag Bleach off all the time? no! I’m gonna look for its good points.
  4. be nicer to friends -i.e like, em, get friends a drink when they come round to my house?
  5. and dress/look how I feel -i.e I got my hair cut because its easier to handle and more me, and screw skinny jeans, I’m back to baggy clothes.

Yea, im a changed man eh? :)

Hope you all had a good xmas & new year. Mine were great ^^ xmas eve and xmas day were the best in my life I think. Just spent it with my mum and sister but was allot of fun~

I’ve seen allot of FFXI resolutions on other blogs, and I think its a neat idea ^^ so here I go:

  1. Finish RotZ and CoP, maybe ToAU
  2. Change nation and finish either the Windy or Sandy Story.
  3. Level a Craft – For this I’ve chosen Woodworking
  4. Keep up with WotG Missions! I wanna do them as they come out.
  5. Get another job to 75 to replace Rdm – Ranger has been chosen for this ^^
  6. Try out Gardening to make ze gilz.

Ok, so they’re not that epic. Number 1 is very important, ive played for to years as of this January, and the only story I’ve Finished is the Bastok one. I felt great when i got rank 10, like id actually finished something in the game, so this year im gonna crack on with missions.

I’ve started to level ranger recently, which was to sub on Corsair, but although I’m only level 16 in it I’ve fallen in love with the job. I’ve wanted another job at 75 to replace RedMage for a while. I had chosen Drk which is at 60 because of my long term lurve for the job. However after partying with another Drk i realised i suck at that job lol. Also i dont like the Drk community, all so critical and emo >_> . So then I had a fling with Cor, which i still love as a job – i like a working DD/support idea, and the rolls are really fun. However i think i need a drastic change away from support. I left the new years resolution pretty open at just get any other job to 75, but at the moment I think I’m going for Rng.

So that decides my craft :) Woodworking. (im still not really sure how ‘worth it’ levelling woodworking is, ._.)

No fancy ass gear I want, that’s wasting my life a bit too much :P

Playtime: 109 Days, 17 Hours, 32 Mins and 35 Seconds


5 Responses to “In 2008 I will be mostly eating…”

  1. Ophenix January 11, 2008 at 12:43 pm #

    Were it not for skinny jeans I’d be getting half the tips I do at work :P If you have the ass, show it off <3

  2. millionsknives January 11, 2008 at 2:53 pm #

    But they’re not comfortable!!!!!!!! lol

    besides, i think the skater look is sexy o:

    o well, back to my tomatoes….


  3. Ophenix January 12, 2008 at 11:06 pm #

    You need to actualy be a skater to have the skater look :P
    sides, Blading is still in! VIVA rollers!
    I’ll send you a pic o me in tight jeans tomorrow, you can decide for yourself.

  4. millionsknives January 14, 2008 at 4:41 am #

    i can use a skate board… just… not well….


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