WotG: Lack of effort? (My first rant post?)

30 Dec

*I’ve had this post saved for a long time so i thought id finally publish it*

WotG is great so far, and that mainly comes from Campaign doesnt it? Understandable, its just out so theres no story yet.

“With Aht Urghan remember when your first stepped into the city? All those NPCs dressed in gear you’d never laid eyes on. Then in the Thickets or the Woodlands, such odd and higgel-de-piggel-ee pathways. Remember your first time seeing the array of colours offered by the dense woodland? Remember seeing that first Aht Urhgan Attercop and thinking ‘ZOMG! that spiders yellow!’ and was that a pink bird with a massive beek you just saw go by? Remember that.”


In previous expansions they’ve had to make all the areas from scratch, but in WotG they have a template as nearly all the zones have allready been made. I’d assume this would greatly reduce the work load as most of the textures etc are already made. Because of this you’d expect the zones to be rich in alterations and differences yea? Natural zones should basically be the same, nature generally doesnt alter that much in 20 years, but zones where humans (tarus, galkas, elvaan and taru >.>) have had input should be pretty radically different. Just a normal city will alter alot over 20 years, never mind if a world war has past. 

Windy, from what i’ve read, was totally leveled during the war, i thought id see a radically different windy, in its former glory, not the  Windy we’re used too. The windy we know was rebuilt in the post-war chaos from quick materials like rope and wood so people had somewhere to live. Yet present day windy has much the same layout as the old windy and looks pretty much the same. Taking WWII for example, the city areas that were leveled to the ground weren’t built to look like they did before, you take the opportunity as a clean slate and improve on the layout that was there before, and if not that atleast the architecture would be different. 20 years has past, styles change!  The lack of difference takes abit of the games realism away for me and seems lazy.

Also in Natural zones, while the layout shouldn’t change, foliage should. I know theyve added alot of plants and grass in the past, which doesnt seem to reallymake sense, why would these all die out after the war? It should be the reverse, they wouldn’t be there during the war as troops would have trampled on them. Also, say in Rollenberry, there are tall trees that run all the way along the central path, 20 years ago i expected to see these as little saplings, planted just before the war broke out when the people had time to care about making Rollenberry look pretty, but in the past theyre the same size as 20 years in the future.

Gustaberg is another thing that annoys me, as ive said before theres the whole ramp to the top of N. Gusta, but also Gusta has alot of fortifications in the past. As the great war only lasted just over a year, and id assume the expansion is set about 6 Months into it, they sure do build fast. But 20 years in the future theres no sign whatsoever of these forts all over Gusta. why? The Quadov blew up every single one of them up during the war and made sure the ground was perfectly level with no evidence of the fort whatsoever? I cant really see a reason why Bastok would disassemble them all.(i hope they say that these forts were left over from Elvaan/Hume wars, and when the Great war ended and all nations were allied, as a sign of faith each nation disassembled their forts). Also Bastok has a supplies entrance that you use to get through to Gusta (which again disappears without a trace,) yet in Gusta the path thats been eroded by people walking it, seems to ignore that this entrance exists :/ little things like that really bug me.

Also, why the hell are aht Urghan mobs all over the Middle lands 20 years ago? Walking out into the Thickets in Ahty is great, so many unique mobs make u feel like your really are in another place. Nearly all the mobs in Ahty are unique in style or colour from the mainland – giving FFXI a realistic feeling. Ahty with its Colabri is like Australia is with its kangaroos, so isolated that evolution took a different course.

WotG pops up tho… and Colabri in Ronfaure? riiite….  numerous other mobs from Ahty are reused in WotG zones too. Not only does this make WotG seem lazy but it also takes away something from Aht Urghan as the mob are no longer unique to that side of Vanadiel.

NPCs are another issue. Fashion! It exists! According to FFXI we should be wearing clothes from the 80s/90s  though because fashion actually doesn’t change at all in 20 years. NPCs in the past wear gear that exists 20 years in the future bar 2 armour sets. Again to refer to Ahty, nearly all the NPCs have new, exotic gear to make you feel like you are in a different place.

Idk, am thinking this through too much? Vanadiel is a very tangible world, with lots of history, and when diving deeper into that history great care should have been taken. This expansion pack ignores the geography of the land and the people in it, making it seem like no thought has gone into it! 

Personally i think they’ve been lazy with the zones, just sticking in a few more bushes here and there, and not thunk what they were doing through. Future zones really needed to be patched/altered abit to make this all work (which i know will never happen). Some people say the WotG expansion seems incomplete, i don’t necessarily agree as Campaign is great. The zones however and the amount of thought thats gone into them gives this feeling of rushing. Was the expansion thrown together very fast for some reason?

“With Wings of the Goddess remember when your first stepped into the city? All those NPCs dressed in gear you’d seen before. Then Rollenberry or Pashhow, such oddly similar pathways. Remember your first time seeing the few bushes added in here and there?  Remember seeing that first Mamool Rhino and thinking ‘ZOMG! that… wait… whys that here?’ and was that a pink bird with a massive beek you just saw go by? wait? in Ronfaure? why?”


4 Responses to “WotG: Lack of effort? (My first rant post?)”

  1. Ozrox December 30, 2007 at 11:16 pm #

    well, in my honest opinion, you’re probably looking too deeply into some things, but i do know where you are coming from with this post.

    the layouts have barely changed, though that said, they are all foreign and un-explored to me, since i’ve only dabbled slightly in the campaign side of things.

    if anything, i believe the expansion isnt done yet, theres the dark kindred sitting in isolation waaaaaaay up in the Xarcabard area and i dont see a way to get to them, affect them or fight them at any time other than when some of the “blackhand” type undead/demons appear, other than that we dont see the actual Kindred from what i know.

    imho, the expansion needs more time to be expanded itself before you can start being critical of it

  2. millionsknives December 31, 2007 at 12:46 am #

    i agree it too early to diss the story, quest and campaign as more will be added and expanded. + the music in WotG is the best in the game

    but as for the zones waited to be added i just think they’ll show the same lack of effort :/

    i guess i just had high hopes cuz ive always read about vanadiels past and stuff ._.

  3. Ophenix January 7, 2008 at 6:08 pm #

    I am very interested in Sch, Dnc is a cool job the solved alot of issues with the party balance, but other then that I have little intereset in WotG.
    I still didn’t bother to even unlock the windy campaign. unlike both CoP and ToAH, which I am progressing in slowly, but with great enthusiasm.
    SE probably knows that WotG is missing somthing… let hope they give it to us.

  4. millionsknives January 8, 2008 at 12:47 am #

    the jobs are a good idea, if they dort out DC/MB scholar will find a place too.

    I love campaign tho, i dont ever plan to party as a rdm again because of it~

    i just feel the zones/mob/npcs lack effort D: i read that the zoned took 1.5 years to make too. . . . bs! xD

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