The day ended with a Gyspy curse~

13 Dec

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Awesome screenie no? I still cant get over Campaign and how good it is, i have like 1000000 screenshots from it lol. Although my initial hype of doing it 24/7 has died down i’m still out there fighting for Bastok allot ^_^/ At the moment on Hades Bastok owns all the areas in The Darfland Front and The Gustaberg Front, which is awesome! Reading on KI Bastok doesnt even have North Gusta on a few servers and i’ve heard that Bastok itself is being invaded! Hades ftw!

Bastok <333333

Speaking of campaign the new spell its given in is working a treat:

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Oh yea :D [Slow II] [mine]. Only one merit on it so far, meaining its not much more potent over Slow, but damn, after casting Slow for 70ish levels it feels sooooo nice to have a new enfeeb! Amith said something like ‘whats the point of meriting rdm? no ones impressed by tier II enfeebs’ … I AM!!!!! <33333 ^_^

Drk News!!!

Dum dum dum!
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Yea! Look at that totally cool pose i’m pulling! xD what is that?! am i going forward or backwards?! I think im maybe hopping on one leg down the hill.


but the real news in that piccy is that i’m…….. wearing a Hauby :D! I’ve read people saying how it makes such a difference and it really does! Before i had +14 acc and abit of dex, (yea… never did get woodsmens), and it seemed to be ‘miss, miss, hit, miss, miss, miss, hit, hit, miss’ and now with +24 acc its ‘hit, hit, hit, hit, hit, miss, hit, hit’. Soooo nice ^_^ The party i leveled up in and put it on for the first time had 2 Sams tanking, before i leveled they could tank fine, but after i put it on i had to keep away from Berserk because even with it off i got hate! I feel so noobish when i get hate ;_;

PS. Ty Maruk for letting me borrow your Hauby :D

I also got my $$$ ribbon yesterday~

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New Ops available now i guess. The last one i did was Military training No1…. wtf is menna be entertaining about that mission lol. An NPC hits a crab and you have to cure him till he defeats it o_O ooooooook. Me, Pedro and Spen went and cheated, they just damaged the crab to 1% health and then let the NPC kill it :P Actually it was so bad it was entertaining.

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heehee, i actually found a cool thing like the airship glitch ^_^ you can walk in mid air along the fortifications in Rollenberry which was pretty cool. A few other people that ran by tried to coppy me but couldnt do it, heehee. Though when i fell down i couldnt do it again >_> ah well, my 5 mins of fame.

Windower, oh how i miss thee. Its still lagging me to hell so i have to run the game in full screen windower for it to work :( I’ve treated myself to try and make me feel better by upping my game graphics to just about as high has they go. Looks beautiful now :D can you tell? Also the custom FFXI font i used has been fixed thank god! So that was another treat ^^

Lastly it was our Prommy-Dem run a few night ago. We were late starting as Lees net went down, but Pedro came along instead. Then on the way up we tried to kill an NM we found… but it kicked our ass XD. When we finally got into the Boss everything went smooth, untill our Smn Kroeger went AFK. His 2hr was ment to kill the pets the Nm summons, however him being AFK they over-ran us and we wiped >_> the mob was at 5% health too. no biggie tho.

i kid,

its a biggie,

i’m angry,

i put a Gypsy curse on Kroeger,

Now when ever he goes to the toilet theres no toilet paper….

yea harsh, what u gonna do tho.

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Red Mage Rules: –

Playtime: one min, l’ll get it!


5 Responses to “The day ended with a Gyspy curse~”

  1. Ophenix December 15, 2007 at 3:58 am #

    You dare put the curse with whome the entier country of india is eflicted?! “The-Unshakable-Right-Hand-Curse”!?

  2. Ami December 16, 2007 at 12:53 pm #

    thats not what i said why do you exaggerate ; ;

  3. millionsknives December 16, 2007 at 1:10 pm #

    its a good curse ^_^

    is too! u said no1s going to be impressed with enfeebs! will my mummy was there ; ;

  4. Kenjetsu AKA Kyle December 18, 2007 at 8:44 pm #

    Dammmit XD I so need to do things with you so I can be on this once in a while ; ; its like I don’t exist XD

  5. millionsknives December 19, 2007 at 1:24 pm #

    lol yea ; ; i wish we played at the same time ><

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