WotG: #yvan eht nioj#

5 Dec

long time no post, bad me! /slap self.

I’d like to say I’ve been busy with WotG, but due to its laughable release i was a week late getting it, as with most of the people i know. However on Friday 30th Nov it finally dropped through my post box ~yay!

It installed fast, then there was a small update to get rid of all my .dat mods >.> which also didnt take long ^_^ off too a good start. It booted up to reveal new title screen music <3 I hated the ToaU one, so i’d replaced it with the CoP file, but no need now!

Having had 7 days to kill since its release id read about the new zones and Campaign so i new a little about what to do and where to go. I grabbed Spen and we headed for the Rolenberry Maw ^^ clicking on it we got the intro CS, which was very nicely done.

The maw swallowed Mill up placing him inside a mysterious zone with what appears to be Atamos in it.


While looking up in awe a light appears that turns out to be Cait Sith, who unknowingly knocks Mill of the ledge his is on plunging him into a water of sorts. He then wakes up in the past where some Jeunoian guards find him.


The CS had alot of new music which was cool ^^ at the time i was on windower and its still lagging me out :/ so it was jittery ; ; but it was very fun to watch~

I was spat out in Rollenbery, and the first thing i noticed was the great new music, which spreads accross all the zones around Jeuno. The zones are shwish in the past, with fortifications all over, much like i expected the game to be like when i first started. We ran around exploring for a while with Mandys following us :P we killed a few mobs, which are alot tougher then they check, im not sure if this is an error or what but everything seems like its a tier above what it checks o_O; The next stop was The Eldime Necropolis. In the past it was a sacred burial ground to the Elvaan. I buffed right up but turns out there are no mobs inside – CRAZY! It was very cool to see it all neat. I signed up to fight for Bastok, however i needed to run to the Republic first. Flagged the scholar jobs quest, i dont think l’ll be unlocking the job anytime soon though. While in there i also got a map of Grauberg

Now the task of running to Bastok @_@

Its a picturesque stroll. Rollenberry to Pashhow were pretty straight forward. I gotta say Pashhow is awesome in the past, its so pretty. I kinda find it odd that places looked so much nicer during a great war o_O. I guessed where the zone to Grauberg was and got it right :D Graberg itself is one big-ass zone, and the mobs were alot harder. Me and spen fought a large mob we came accross which checked DC to me and EM to spen. Normally i can solo a DC pretty easily. . . but i should have thought more about the crappy /check in the past, so it was really EM to me and T to Spen. After getting quadov link we died XD

I wanted a pixie to come raise III us, but none showed up ;_;

A wondering BLM got us up tho and soon enough we were in Gusta! One thing about North Gusta – theres a ramp from the lower section to the upper section. Why does this not exist in the future?! Its actually carved into the hillside, it would have taken effort to remove it >_< they better explain that away or i want it putting in the future zone!


Gustabergs music is uber minted! Its a remix of the original theme, its nice to hear something new with undertones of the old. Same goes for all the City areas (i’ve downloaded the WotG soundtrack all-ready). Bastoks theme is very catchy @_@ i keep humming it. Speaking of Bastok its great in the past, makes me feel proud to be Bastokian ;P Its allot more colourful, blue flags are everywhere and there are more trees about. Why is everything so much nicer looking in a time of war? lol

So finally i became a member of Bastoks Fourth Legion. Ive tried a few of the quests/missions – atm stuck trying to get an item for mission two, a Gnole Claw. I’ve read the drop rate is about 4% which seems to be true, I’m hoping they up the drop in the next update.

So my first impressions? It seems like a great expansion pack and i haven’t really tried any of the content. The idea is great and done well so far, the music i’ve heard so far is the best on the game in my opinion. Now to try Campaign!

Red Mage Rules: –

Playtime: 100 Days, 17 Hours, 7 Minutes and 32 Seconds


3 Responses to “WotG: #yvan eht nioj#”

  1. Katella December 5, 2007 at 4:30 pm #

    WotG sounds very nice! I can’t wait to get my copy. One of the things that I absolutely love about this game is the graphics, and from everything I’ve heard, the expansion areas are quite lovely!

  2. amarithia December 7, 2007 at 1:14 am #

    Neat! I only got as far as the first cutscenes while unlocking dnc. I can’t wait to finally have a chance to go back and really get started. Glad to hear that the trek wasn’t too bad. I’m heading toward Sandy first though and I’ve heard that’s the worst :/

    By the way, you’re my second favorite elvaan male face ^^

  3. millionsknives December 7, 2007 at 1:28 am #

    The expansion is very neat ^^ people complain its abit barren in content, but im sure alot more will be added.

    lol, ty amarithia. Mills face gets all the gals ;P (ive actually modded the face to make him look happier cuz its a very grumpy face @_@!)

    + sandy is horrible to get to! so gl with that!!

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