B A N G lvls

18 Nov

Just allot of leveling done recently, and nothing makes a more boring post then talking about leveling :P

So l’ll be using bright colours throughout the post and using an explosion theme to make it more interesting! Look for the hidden messages!


Cor, Thf, War, Nin and Drg have all been on the explosive agenda for leveling. Apart from Drg ive had LS partys on all of them <3 i love LS partys, they make me so happy i could just BLOW UP!

I got Cor to 22 now ^^ Which means i have to stop leveling it untill i get ranger up to sub, as i will be using my gun from now on to blast enemies to death! I really like cor, it ignites so many good feelings inside me. If i had millions of gil i’d be leveling it up to 75.

Thf next, only got 1 level on that ^^; One of my sisters friends got FFXI a few days ago and named her charcter Sylbianna. She’s allready level 11, so i thought i better intoduce her to the dunes. A few LS members came down to party, it was pretty disastrous. . . The main problem was a JP Sam we invited. They were LFP in Gustaburg, a Rank 10 Sam/Whm. My sister invited them and you’d assume the /whm was for solo, so they’d show up as sam/war.

but no… and let me just say Sam/Whm is useless at level 10 in a party… XD

We gave him the benefit of the doubt, then when he got to camp all he was wearing was his fishing gear and G.Katana, this should have been another sign to kick him. He was the wierdest player ever, he used his 2hr on an easy mob only managing to get 1 WS out of it, when we had died on the mob before, why not use it then?! Used a hi-potion for no reason, kept running to pull when i was a thf >.> and we died alot because he couldnt voke!

Ended up i had to pl on Chibimoon to get people some decent exp >.<! Which i hated doing since it was Sylbias first party – i want her to be an uber rdm, so that when she joins a party they’ll be blowen away by her explosive greatness!

W-w-w-w-w-w-warrior, another ls party ^^ who’d have thought there’d be so many! Had a sweet party with Hanki, Ami, Munch and Spank in Yutunga with a Pl. Managed to un-gimp it for sub on my drk :D BAM!

N-n-n-n-n-n-n-ninja!  Always thought id hate ninja, and while i do hate that all i think when i click ninjutsu macro is ‘…..there goes 5gil…’ i think its a fun job ^^. Part of the reason its so fun i think is because im staticing with my sister Datsukiwhos also a ninja – it makes tanking nice and smooth. With two ninjas we barely take any damage in a pt, it also gives us the option of duoing nicely. We’ve gotten through the dunes and into qufim ^^

Here are some pic’s in-keeping with the posts theme:

Moi leveling ninja up to party with Chibimoon, here our pl spontaneously combusted!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Here im partying with Chibimoon, tho as u can see her head exploded by accident. At the same time the fly erupted in flames:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

While moving camp me and Chibimoon ran across this: (so shocking we all blew up with joy)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Not everyday that happens. i thought ‘WTF DO I DO!?’ then voked in panic, jeez the VE hit me harder then i thought it would. I thought a lvl 17 party could kill it but nooooo way. Lucky for us we had a pl, so sum1 dropped and we invited them to kill it ^^ no hairpin D:

l’ll end on a happy explosion, and thats my fire in my MH. I had to post how sexy i look in beetle armour on my cor, when Mill gets his gun out i could faint x_x

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

phew, reading that and thing BANG every few seconds really puts me on edge… Later!

RedMage Rules: – (need to start playing rdm so i can write some rules >.>)

Playtime: 99 Days, 8 Hours, 19 Minutes and 25 Seconds


One Response to “B A N G lvls”

  1. Ophenix November 19, 2007 at 5:00 pm #

    Ask me next time and I’ll try to get SG on it. Having a THF with TH3 realy helps drops :P

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