U going down ShadowLord! …again!

12 Nov

Dum Dum Dum. 

Yea im back shadowlord! And this time Munchetta wants Rank 6 to show up on his screen, that means killing YOU!

Getting to the throne room tho! Jeez that took forever, i dont know if we were actually following anyone but if we were they didnt know where to go >.> lol. Spen also fell down one of the holes so i had to drop down and escape him, then on we were a seprate group, but using my AMAZING map reading skills i got me and spen to the zone first lol ;P

Finally we got there~ obviously with so many of us it would be a doddle, i took the oppertunity to watch all the CS again, i wish that there way a way to just watch all the story through rather then going around to find the Bards etc. The fight began with the cool boss battle music :D We kicked ass, though Spankey Chainspelled and started to nuke before the ShadowLord went into his second form >.< when that did happen Spank converted and died, silly Spank lol

[Bye bye Galka man!]



Amith needed to get rid of the latent on his scythe for his quested weapon skill. We went to the Boyaba Tree so me and Maruk could skill up too. I was at 209 skill and after hours i barely skilled at all ; ; idk y. The important thing is ami broke the latent and we killed his WSNM too :D

Early on Amith Stunned of the the mandys and 3 others linked @_@ he died lol, me and Maruk were left with four Mandys to kill and then a crawler agro’d @_@! But we won :D Maruk and Mill are ze dream team! When i see him in his Sam gear and what he can do i just wanna quit rdm and lvl sam XD. Amith got a Raise III from a passer by so nothing to worry about :D

Speaking of Mandys:

Mandys live in little houses, SOOOO CUUUUUTE, awww it has little stairs going up to it ^.^ awwww 



/sh Optical Hat, Do you need it? Helpers cast lots on items.

Hmm o-hat run, that sounds like a good idea :D i can lot on the drops and Ami can get his hat! maybe i can get an o-hat

hmmm 250k for pop item… l’ll pass on that..

but um, i can lot on items. This is such a good idea!


no it wasnt a good idea, it was kinda fun tho

10 people set off, i thought we’d need at least 12-15 to kill the mob, id seen my sister do it a few times and seen how close it can be with a tonne of people. Me and another rdm were the only healers and there was only 1 nin tank.

Everyone tried their best but we just had too few people, so we wiped…. twice ^^; I cant imagine what it must be like to just wave goodbye to 250k, poor people D: Amith didnt trade his cluster tho so he got off, and i got a scroll of Firaga III… not sure it was worth 2k exp tho XP

[ )’: ]

Lastly, what an evil fishing guild in Windy… that mean taru forces the fish to swim upsidown!

Red Mage Rules: –



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