A few points before FFXI.

12 Nov

Theres a few things i forget to write about when I’m explaining Millions day, so a thought post before i get on ffxi :O

Cool Enimity info

 First is this Blog: http://kanican.livejournal.com/

This is one of the most interesting blogs & ffxi reaserch ive read, and ive only read four posts of it. The Enmity testing the writer is currently testing is amazing, and should be all over the FFXI community. I cant really sum up what this team has found out so i highly recommend you read it, not just if your a tank, but jobs that use magic will find this especially interesting. They’ve managed to calculate how much Enmity a spell will give that will stick with you for the duration of the fight and also how much Enmity a spell will give that will decrease over the course of a fight. It really busts the game open, im amazed anyone can think how to do this, id be lost on where to start testing.

Bye Barthezz

Second is some FFXI news ive forgot to write for a few weeks. Barthezz has left Hades and moved server, which sucks. Barthezz has always been a mystery, he joined SM randomly pretending to be a newbie, helps everyone get to rank 5, he disappears, appears, helps me out, doesn’t talk for months, leaves SM, joins again, flys to the moon and the way he left was in his typical mysterious and weird way 

He recently came back to the game and rejoined SM, which i thought was great, hes a good friend to have and ive learnt everything i know as a Rdm from him. Recently he decided to get me ‘up to speck’ in gear etc so we’d been trying to organise times when we could go get some gear of NMs. Now that im lvl 75 i was glad that i could finally return some of the oodles of help hes given me over my time in-game. Barth seemed to be settling in again, when one day i noticed on my friend list it said he was on Midsomagar (sp). I assumed he’d created a mule there or something as his friend (gf?) plays on that server, but after seeing him on the server again and again i got kinda worried and set and message asking if hed moved servers, and the answer was yes ._.

 Im really kinda annoyed at him, not because he’s moved servers but because he didn’t even say bye >_> it was so out of the blue, it kinda made me wonder if he actually thought i was his friend or if he just thought i was around him to get help, which isnt the case. Goodbye Barth and thank you for all the help you’ve given me and SM ; ;.

 New SM site!

Its actually happened! I bought www.SuicideMoogles.co.uk 

Ive put it off for a while because i didnt know where to buy the domain from, and it seems kinda shady giving my card detail out without paypal, and it seemed like a waste of money. Last night tho i began to think how the forum just really cant handle what Sm is begging to need, and thats some sort of bulletin page. I also realised i waste my money on alot more crap then a website name, also i was so tiered i just didnt care about my unsafe feeling about giving my card details out :P

The name cost £6 for two years, and i was then ripped off by wordpress because u have to pay them £4 to rename ur blog with your own address. I was up till 4am last nite making the site look pretty lol, but i think it was worth it.

Note to self

This is the week where you got those cool blue lights for your room XD

seriously you should see them! £10 from Tesco for some pointy lights on a wire that make white things glow! Its not the retro neon tube, theyre actually nice lol. i also got a bundle of cheep fairy lights that ive put on my wardrobe ;P my room looks class now


2 Responses to “A few points before FFXI.”

  1. Vash The Stampede aka Vashwood December 13, 2007 at 6:54 pm #

    Damn you Millions Knives…. I’ll take of you yet.

  2. millionsknives December 14, 2007 at 1:54 am #


    poor vash… always so jealous that my hair looks so much cooler then yours…. ;P

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