63 Moogles Killed! YAY FOR EVENTS!

9 Nov

– Disclaimer: Please, if you are fond of Moogles, do not read this post, remember i lead a Moogle hating ls… –

Event Back-story:  The Beastmen have been gathering crystals and massing in force as all the adventures are away from their homelands and off in Aht Urghan making 1337 exp! The Moogles decided that during this crisis where a Neo-crystal war could erupt they would hold a competition to see which is the better nation at war efforts as their leader is forgetful and while their at it, it seemed like a good idea to give out phycodelic 60s sunglasses. IM THERE!

When i got on FFXI the event had been out for just over an hour, so that was nice being one of the first to try it (ok, like the 900th but what the hey.) The little Moogle told me to venture to the Beastmen strongholds to retrieve crystal shards, in my heroism i chose Palbourgh cuz im lazy and its so close. I stabbed the Moogle, watched him fall to the floor and wriggle around. You and me both know events are made by Moogles to see how many adventurers fail and die in the process of them, so i kinda think of Events as a Me Vs Moogle week.

Event Moogle >> ‘Opuk!! Gods it hurts!! YOU OPUKER!!!!’– What a potty mouth moogle, saying O**k like theres no tomorrow! But anyway i left the swearing Moogle and set out on my voyage!  

Event Moogles 0 – Suicide Moogles LS 1

It was fun what with there not being any guides ^^ i was aimlessly running round the mines looking for a crystal, i went straight to the very top and ran all around that, no luck >.< it was actually on the 2nd level, i was making things too hard for myself ^^; got the crystal and BAM! back to Bastok. I went to find a moogle to present the crystal shard too, since i was pretty sure there would be no Event Moogle in the Markets anymore i went to the Mines :P

Event Moogle >> ‘oooo kupo, is that a crystal i see? [Good job!] Adventurer, i have a special treat for you in my pouch! May i take a closer look at that crystal? OPUK!!!! ARRRRG’

yea i shoved the crystal into its eye, it basically asked me to.

Event Moogles 0 – Suicide Moogles LS 2

Anyways, he got me wondering what this treat was, so i took a look inside his Moggie Bag. WOAH! Pink sunglasses, im getting me of of those! *yoink* hmm, these arnt rare/ex, silly moogles *yoinks the whole bag*


WTF? Moogles can use /shout? I didnt know that >.>;

Moogle: Oh noes kupo! [Whats your position?]!!

Event Moogle: <pO>s

Moogle: Concentrate on what you’re typing kupo! please tell me ur pos!

MillionsKnives kicks the Event Moogle.

Event Moogle: BLUGH, *cough* all i wanted was to help the… kup…ku…

Moogle: STAY WITH ME!!!

Event Moogle: AAAARG (G-4)


The Event Moogle Falls to the ground.

 Eeep, better make an exit!

MillionsKnives Casts Warp.

MillionsKnives Vanishes!

Heh, heh, thank the Gods i subbed Black Mage! While wondering around the Markets watching the Moogles rush around i heard a rumor that if you bring 20 shards of the crystal back u get extra cool glasses :O So i set off on my quest to get the coolerier sunglasses, Spencer and Spankey came along for the ride ^.^


Spankey Killed the new Event Moogle before he got the quest, so that was a minor setback, but it shows true spirit :D

Event Moogles 0 – Suicide Moogles LS 3

This time we went to the Beastmen strongholds as u get two crystals from there, we even helped to whap a few of the NMs guarding the crystals which allowed us to carry four more shards ^^ you just /help on them and everyone helps kill them as its quite hard. A Drk claimed it and wouldn’t /help despite everyone shouting it, he died as you can see in the picture above :P. We got 20ish shards each pretty fast. By the end of the night the score was:

Event Moogles 1 – Suicide Moogles LS 63


Yea they got one in ; ; One threw a Small Axe at spen when they saw he was reaching for his Great Axe (those things are prettyhard to hide). The Small Axe got him right in the mouth…. nasty…. he Home Pointed tho and everything was cool.

 And i got these:

Ty for a new event SE ^^

If you want tell me how many moogles you KO during the event and l’ll add then to the running total.

 Red Mage Rules:Remember to equip the right elemental staff for nukes -.-; Nuking the NM i did so little dmg because i didnt check what staff i had on.

Playtime: 96 Days, 11 Hours, 13 Minutes and 58 Seconds


4 Responses to “63 Moogles Killed! YAY FOR EVENTS!”

  1. Nyanoh November 9, 2007 at 11:18 pm #

    OMG! You.. you… moogle hater!!! moogle murderer!!

    Tho, those glasses do look pretty fancy on ya…

  2. Ophenix November 11, 2007 at 10:43 pm #

    You cant make moogle pie without breaking afew moogles ^.^

    Mill, Iv made a small pic for you =^.^= The caption is “Fucking pimp”. You can assume the content your self :P Once I have time to redraw it and shade it properly I’ll post it for you.

  3. Othelia November 11, 2007 at 11:34 pm #

    Those moogles had it coming…

  4. millionsknives November 12, 2007 at 5:06 pm #

    Nyanoh: lol ^^ l’ll have to get you in the moogle killing spirit

    Fhe: i cant wait to see the pic ;P im sure its squeeky clean

    Othe: DAMN RIGHT!

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