Blood, guts and gore, all over the LS floor!

8 Nov

Two weeks have past since the last Suicide Moogles Brenner so the time had finally arrived for a repeat performance, Woot! Blood, guts, and gore all over the ls floor was the expected outcome!

The battle was the now standard 30 cap Brenner event with one rule, no /nin. The rule had caused allot of debate from one particular summoner, you know who you are! but lets not get into that :P

Twelve members showed up for the event which was a nice surprise, SM is a small social ls and to get twelve people on at once was weird lol we all talk too much and it was hard to follow any of the convos when we get that many on! Luckily twelve made an even six a-side match ^_^ and this time id made sure to confirm the booking so we got in on time without a hitch, yay!

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 BOOM! Ahhhhrg! [Death]

The matches were a blast! Id come along as Drk/War this time and my damage was so pretty damn cool – and drain is very nice in PvP! One thing i didnt think would be so handy was Bind. I used that spell more then i probably have in my entire time on the game, binding the little critters who have the flame or [Run away!] when they’re about to die is really evil and fun lol

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The first match was computer picked, and it ended up my team had two pet jobs and a whm, giving us quite an unfair advantage, we were up on points for nearly all of the first match, but at the last minute we somehow fell apart and lost o.o; gratz to the other team tho! For the 2nd match we stayed in the same teams and mine won this time, yay! this was due to Ozrox’s strategy: kill Amith, the summoner. It helped quite alot ^^; i felt very bad for Amith, but that damn AoE paralyze move had to go ;P

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For the next match Me and Oz were set as team leaders and picked out teams, i didn’t really like this as it reminded me of P.E when u pick football teams and the last one always feels crap. This wasn’t really the case as in my opinion everyone was great so i basically just did ip-dip-do, Oz on the other hand was more planned and i think he got 3 Warriors on his team – this lead to a major power imbalance XD

 My team lost. odd huh? lol

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[A blog i read a few days ago mentioned how all ls members gang up on the leader and its so true lol. why? ; ;]

 Brenner Awards!:

 Best Player:Maruk! 30Thf/15Blu – what a combo! He capped his marksmanship especially for Brenner, and it was a good idea too @_@ he’d ranged attack us to near death (i think he had sleep/drain bolts not sure tho) and then when u did get up-to him he’d have cacoon up and use some badass blu spells, and thats not mentioning when he’d rape u with SATA. I really didn’t think Maruk could be that focused lol. You get 10 Aram points Maruk!*

Best Looking in 30cap gear: Me of-course, duh.

Shortest Innings:Amith D:

Good Sport:Amith XD

Commando: Ozrox

Other news:

Myself and some other ls members helped lee to finish off his RSE. Miyakia came as her friends Thf character for the TH2. Lee needed the body and legs i think, and after a file of killing 3 keys dropped all at once XD so we had a mad rush to find the chest so he could lot on the other. but atleast it made for a quick RSE run ^^

Image Hosted by

While we were there we spawned the Aroma Leech and got the drop for him on the first kill^^ so gratz lee, you got the full set of 30 RSE. . . and i still dont after killing those damn Aromas time after time…. *evil eyes*

Nin news: im level 12 now ^^ yay dual wield and shadows, tho im gonna be the tightest ninja ever for the amount sehei (sp?) cost! Im finding the job quite fun, with meat and /whm i can go on solo for quite a while and get good exp, im not sure when l’ll start partying, i’d imagine being a ninja in the dunes isnt great at all – and i normally enjoy the dunes!

Besiged! I went to help Hades out and .  .  . well . . . i guess im bad luck XD

Two level 8’s in a row >_<;; The first one didnt go well, Lamia are horrible and mean, if only they were mermaids instead…. anyway, we won the first but lost a few generals, so at the start of the second we had two left and,

They dropped dead pretty fast.

The Galka went down almost instantly. Our last general, the hume, poped up on my screen so i stuck to him like glue. Good news was four other mages did too, bad news was, that hume general is very, very dumb. He just ran off and got a train off mobs! No amount of mages could have kept someone alive through that amount off ass rape off trolls. His Hp got to 0 very fast after all our Mp ran out ; ; we all fled to the Candy Shop in a last ditch attempt.

Image Hosted by

Everyone was counting down the time before the trolls up and left, the shouts were somewhat like this:

20 mins to go- Awww man we’re doomed.

15 mins to go- Hold them back! OH GOD HOLD THEM BACK!!! Mages -Ga and run!!

10 mins to go- Keep it up hades!

5 mins -to go Woot we’re gonna win!!!!!!!

4 mins to go- where’d they go? we lost?! ; ;

Dang, and i died right before we lost too D:

Image Hosted by

 Better luck next time Hades >_>;

 Red Mage Rules:When you’re feeling down, go to your Mog House and change to Rdm/Nin, exit and equip two swords. See how cool you look? you’re right, very cool. All better! (lolRule XD)

Playtime: 96 Days, 5 Hours, 48 Mins and 50 Seconds

*Aram points maybe be used on any Aram. They can buy you love, effection and good will; each for the bargin amount of 20 Aram points, Ring the hotline for details. **Aram points may NOT be used to buy sexual acts.



2 Responses to “Blood, guts and gore, all over the LS floor!”

  1. Ozrox November 8, 2007 at 11:16 pm #

    omg rofl, what a post mate, that was awesome. loved the pictures and the narrative, just got a question to ask tho… “Commando”? o.o?

    keep it up, I love reading this blog.

  2. Charlene February 1, 2008 at 11:12 pm #

    Hey all 2 all that dont know me im spankeys sis nd just got on for the first time! Ha n e way how do u make a dog drink? Put it in a blender!

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