I want to kick ass ._.

29 Oct

With not much to do yesterday me and Amith decided to have a 1 on 1 in Brenner to liven things up! Hes just hit 70 Drk and as you know i just got 75 Rdm ;P slightly unfair levels wise but we just wanted a bit of fun, Brenner/Balista are still new to me so I’m up for exploring whats best whenever i can ^_^

 We got in and started to mash each-other! drk/thf and rdm/blm as i couldn’t be bothered to change sub but it worked out for the best ;P Amiths dmg was pretty good but with a few enfeebs he wa pretty screwed lol, i flicked off my new Thunder spell followed by a blizzard and he was pretty much dead. Ive been trying to figure a way to beat Oz in 1 on 1, its one of my goals in FFXI to kick his ass. I lost to him in my first try as my sleep seemed to only last two seconds, but this time round against Amith all my enfeebs seemed to stick and last for the normal length. I dont know if they’re nerfed or not now.

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A rdm Vs drk is obviously pretty unfair tho, so Pod decided to come along as his 66 blu/33 nin. In our first match with them two Vs me we had 5 minutes before our Brenner reservation was up, and i killed them both with a min to spare XD Remember i said /blm turned out to be a good thing? because sleepga got through Pods shadows, making life easy.

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 After that we decided to go get the Gheselba Outpost Balista spot. This time Amith and Pod were more organised and they were allot harder to beat. Pod started to self-destruct, get my stoneskin down and then ami would nearly mash me. In the end tho i did kick their asses mostof the time. So pod Switched to his 73 Bst/nin as he was sick of dieing.

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Things stopped going my way from then on. 70 Drk/thf, 73 Bst/nin & Courrier Carry Vs 75 Rdm/blm = Dead Millions.

Poison potions were my downfall D: Pod bought some when he changed jobs (he takes things way too seriously lol) and without being able to sleep them i didn’t have time to buff me up and de-buff them because 3 people hitting me made casting spells very hard lol >.< Without stoneskin i was a gonner D:

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Also a slight problem was I have no idea how Bst works, i dont have it unlocked and never partied with one. I thought once his pet was dead there’d be some sort of wait before he could get another out but i guess not, i tried to pick of the pet and then deal with them two but another pet just poped out the blue >.< Spaming DoT spells was all i could manage to hurt them in the end

I guess it makes sense thats i couldnt beat two lvl 70+ people and a pet, but im sure there must be a way >.<

It was fun tho ^^ and because of the sparing with Amith im pretty sure i stand a better chance of beating Oz in 1 on 1 now for when i next fight him >:D

I want to kick ass ._.

Other news~

 Me and Maruk took down his WSNM, so gratz for getting ur WS and level 75 on Sam. A guide said two lvl 75s could take the monster down and while we did do it that was a damn hard fight! The mob hit hard and fast, plus it possessed a spooky resistance to enfeebs. Maruks Hp kept getting pretty low but he didn’t die, i came out of the fight with about 20 mp. close call! Although getting out of the Caves was harder then the fight! I had no Mp and we kept getting agro out of the blue, even with sneak. That was scary ._.

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 OOO cute story too, my little 4 year old cousin was over for the day, shes never played or really seen a computer game so to her what was going on my laptop screen was just a TV show. I typed ‘/wave motion’ and told her to wave at Millions so she did, and then he waved back! She was stunned lol and kept waving to him every other minute, all i had to do was quickly press up and enter so hed wave back and she thought it was magic lol. I also showed her that he could move wherever she wanted etc. Then she noticed his sword, she instructed him to go fight something, i zoned him to the Thickets where she saw the spiders, ‘waaa’ she whimperd followed by the order to kill them! Millions started on the spider but i was too busy entertaining her to notice the Spiders had linked, when i looked back at the screen Millions stumbled and fell to the ground unconscious (doh back to 74!). My cousin stood shocked as Mill lay on ground, i needed an excuse…

‘…em, hes just tired… so hes… gone to sleep for abit.’ Well, lame excuse but as they were getting ready for bed i thought it might stick that he’d decided to go to sleep… in the leaves… the important thing is she bought it lol, though after 5 mins of him on the ground she began to question why he wouldn’t wake up ^^; Amith rased me later so all was well in the end as she saw him ‘wake up’ just before she went to bed ^^ (and i got my lvl back, yay)

ahhhh to be young :P 

Red Mage Rules: i cant offer one today as i was pretty sucky


2 Responses to “I want to kick ass ._.”

  1. Nyanoh October 30, 2007 at 3:04 pm #

    Your cousin sounds adorable! You might want to get some exp buffer on your 75 so you don’t lose it so quickly ;)

    You sure seemed to kick ass in your brenner matches! A lot better than I did for sure. With Bind, Gravity and Sleep, seriously you’re a made machine!!

    It’s fun to read your posts :)

  2. Podginator November 12, 2007 at 5:38 pm #

    I had spare dammit, from a year ago XD

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