Old Friends return & Party time

24 Oct

 Given up on the Yagudo necklace front till i get some thf help, i decided id rather spend 1/2 term leveling up since i only ever want to party when i have the full day free.

 Fheonix was leveling his thief and i jumped on board as my level 18 cor :D i love corsair but i have to say im not sure what i should be doing in partys really, at the moment i sub whm and help heal, im trying to get into the routine of rolls on the mages and melee, i have no mage rolls so i tried to keep corsairs roll up on the mages and then Attack and Acc on the melee. The party didn’t start off great, couldn’t get any members, we ended up with something like thf, cor, whm, whm, pld and war. We were fighting and doing ok, but after an hour or so the whm and war left, then then party really got good! exp picked up and we chained worms like no body’s business, just shows less is more. A pattern seemed to come up, that id always bust when i doubled up on a 6, the next number was always a 6 o.O odd… apart from that i was pretty lucky. I ended on level 20 Corsair – Healers roll! Pretty soon l’ll be subbing rng or nin for cor and DDing, i cant wait.


[Stand back Fheonix! We do not know the power of gigantic worm!]

 After that party i took a break from FFXI, i think i had a nap :P when i got back i saw Codes name pop up on the ls :O! Code! hes been gone for months, nice to have him back, tho im sure it wont be for long ^^;

i was still in a party mood, wanting to level something. 33blm has been a problem for a while, makes me a gimp0, put my flag up and got a party. I dropped my band to get another, i only wanted to get lvl 34 and fast.

 i accepted the invite and noticed we had no whm <.< >.> hmm, but when i got to garbagehouse i was pleased to see we had two pl’s lol, so screw the whm! As ud prolly guess with the setup: nin, nin, drk, thf, rng, blm and two pls, the party was freeking awesome.


Ding lvl34

Ding lvl35

Ding lvl36

Ding lvl37

Woot! un-gimped blm! i can finally walk around with it not having to /anon and seek as /blm :D will make life alot easier. I also got Windy Ahty warp today, and in the course of speaking to the npcs to get it i noticed i have the Warp II quest active, so i think l’ll get blm to 40ish for bcnms and warp II ^^ After i leveld the party disbanded, got to escape too :D love it

In Ahty someone was shouting for a 60cap Ballista in Jugner, ive been meaning to do one for the past two years, and as this was certainly on i thought if go. I teled down to enter and then i thought id OP to bastok to get gear and OP back, but… damn the beastmen owned the outpost, so i was stuck as rdm/whm with no gear >.< i tried to get to sandy and get my gear as i thought it would be fastest but i missed the start ;_; I had some Jackass complaining to me because id signed up and not come for the fight, STFU! im the one that just lost 2k for the privilege of that XD

till next time balista …


 News! Weissbrev aka Trooper/Pooper is back too :O Same thing as code, he’ll be gone in a month but l’ll enjoy it while it lasts. It was getting late now and i was just about to go beddie boos when trooper mentioned he was going to unlock Dragoon. Ive had this quest for a year now, i have the egg but at the time never got the CS to hatch it so put it in my MH and gave up. I wanted to give dragoon a go as i think i looks fun. We got together and teled all over the show doing the quest. It had an… interesting if not kinda lame story.. :/ but o well, my dragon mod made the CSs cool ^^

Fight time! Last time i tried this was a year ago with the ls:


aww i love old pics, memories. back then i couldn’t get in lol, i think only 2 or 3 did in the end. Today i could tho, and its uncapped >:D bye bye dragon


no time to test drg out tho… cuz… cuzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzz

When I woke up it was the next day ^^ and again i was ready to party! o.o idk what is it about the holidays, but its the only time i want to party.  

Seeking on rdm for ages! JPs dont seem to make partys, there were alot of people seeking including a pld and whm. Id have made one but ive no idea where to go, and to be honest, i couldnt be assed leading a party of JPs that cant understand me. Eventually a blu made one, so the set up was, Rdm, Whm, Pld, Blu, Thf and War. not bad ^^ we headed to Mamook and i was sooo slow as i kept forgetting things (like my staves which are always on me id sent to myself -.-;) i ran my little legs off and eventually got to camp.

They were acting weird, we were killing things asif we were looking for a camp/going to one. But we ended up back at the zone to Mamook where we started after about 20 mins, i didn’t quite know what to say. After the big circle we started to kill spiders, it was a moving camp switching between spider pops and it was pretty bad. The spiders didn’t chain and we kept resting when there was no need to. Normally id love it if people let the mages rest for mp when we were all out, but we were resting when there was no need.

it was odd, killing Tp burn mobs which give rather low exp but u chain them, yet, we wernt killing them fast so it was just bad exp. I stuck with it but when we rested for the 3rd time and every1s mp was only half down id had enough, i decided a while back that if a partys bad i was just gonna leave. We had such a good set up tho >.< so i asked [jumping to new area?] [camp]? [experience points] [slow].

[ideas]? came up from the leader >.>; hmmm, i have no idea, but somewheres got to be better. i jumped onto campsitarus.com but that didnt really help. I could see them all listing areas and saying they were full. Halvung camp up from one of the members and everyone seemed happy. We scooted off.

Oooo Mt. SoyHam. Its really nice looking here with the volcano in the distance, its cool the way the magma glows from so-far off. And the trolls, they’re the only mobs on the game that have sensible names! Hilltroll ‘Inster job here’ is how it works, and having Hilltrol Pladin and Hilltroll Monk made life so easy as i knew which to silence, rather then Momook ja Fliglabobulator and Mamoom Disconbobulator where i kinda guess which is the mage.


[I have tonnes of nice screenys from that party, the landscape and the trolls make very interesting pics ^^ such a contrast with the players]

The party ended up going alot better then on the spiders, we started out kinda slow, those trolls take ages to kill with their high Def and Hp. But we got the hang of it and chained them eventually (and there was no more useless resting). The party functioned well, Whms tend to annoy me as they waste SO much mp, especially tarus. I dont know why whms dont seem to know how to manage mp, they go straight for the highest cure even if its not needed. really annoys me! Also why do most whms think its against the rules to rest for mp now they get refresh. *slaps self* end of rant, sorry!


Still it was nice, i used my empress and anny ring to get about 12k exp. So 30k till i level up :) Servers are down now so thats all for tonite!

 Ive also just found out that Podginator is coming back to ffxi :D Again same with code and pooper, i dont think he’ll stay for long, but we’ll see!

Three friends return for the three partys ive been in… hmm maybe after the next party Evasn will return? i can live in hope… Just been trying to look him up to contact him and tell him to come back lol, its harder then i thought it would be tho >.<! i know the city hes in and his name but not much comes up. l’ll keep trying tho.

RedMage Rules: A good rdm will keep enfeebs up throughout the battle, so try it if u can! That 15 mp slow could save on a few cures.

Playtime: Cant check, maintenance. coming soon!


7 Responses to “Old Friends return & Party time”

  1. Nyanoh October 24, 2007 at 10:18 pm #

    Hey there – I really enjoyed your post. Such a busy busy time in Vana’diel… your screenshots are great to look at too. Go go 75~ Good luck!

  2. millionsknives October 24, 2007 at 11:49 pm #

    Thanks for the compliment ^^

    have to admit, im not normally this busy in ffxi! but its the holidays so i have lots of free time lol

    *gets back to leveling >.<!*

  3. Ophenix October 26, 2007 at 8:40 am #

    Thf as fun with you ^.^ You make such a cute little Corsair.
    I think you should get that job up to 60 at least. You’ll look hot in Cor AF… /blush

  4. millionsknives October 29, 2007 at 3:53 pm #

    oh fhe, u flatter me *^.^*

    and since u want to se me in cor AF i guess it’ll have to be the job i level now rdm is 75


  5. Podginator November 12, 2007 at 5:35 pm #

    Won’t stay for long, lol, you foolish fool, ^^; I’m actually having fun this time round :D

  6. Idetrorce December 15, 2007 at 11:22 am #

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  7. millionsknives December 16, 2007 at 1:54 pm #

    :O on what?

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