222 to go.

22 Oct

I’m nearly better :D throat is really annoying now and feels weird to breathe but i think it’ll soon be over!


First up 2day was G2 for Kreoger, a drg in the ls whos mad on soloing (G2 is the one with 3 mobs in Xarcabard). Last time i’d tried this it was to help someone i didn’t really know, as he was helping a friend or something. The outcome wasnt that great…

 ya see, we died right next to the mob, so i couldn’t reraise as it never despawns. A galka from their ls came to raise us, but in his 40s, he agro’d the mob and just died, made me laugh seeing him come round the corner and insantly die :P u’d think they’d mention it agros.  Everyone else HP’d while i fake d/c’d to try and get a raise the next day. Luckly Spankey came the next day and chainspelled me up then we ran like fuck :P ty for that Spankey!

Anyway, that was then, this is now. Since that horrible time SE had apparently lowered the mobs levels so me, Kroeger, Oz and Amith went to try. Though now i think about it, even if the levels hadn’t been lowered it would be damn hard to die with me(74rdm) Oz(75war) and Ami(74smn) there.

Turns out they were really easy, allot easier. Ami even swapped to drk for the last one. I also took some pretty pics, i love the icelands, the snow makes for such pretty pics. When its dark weather and there’s a purple glow it looks even better. On a side note, ive been wondering if i should swap the Xarcabard music for maybe ‘In the farplane glen’ from FFX-2 (the game may lack but that is a great bit of music) or ‘People of the Mountin’ from FFX -ie the Gagazet one. I’m just not sure if they fit, and i hear the Xarcabard music so little i kinda feel like i should listen to it when i do hear it.

I have too much time on my hands if im debating things like this lol, i should be filling that thought time with collage work.


back on topic, Gratz Kroeger

Next on the check list was Whm, now ive levelled up im a 74rdm/36whm and i dont like being anon D: so off i go! party i get! cure i do! exp i get! level up! yay!



so now…

i said during half term id get utsusemi:ichi, so now… im gonna finally kill some Yagudos.. 

I set my hp as windy and went as rdm/blm so i could warp back to trade them. i figure its prolly faster then subbing thf and running there and back all the time… k i could bring a scroll of warp but i cant be bothered to level my thief from 10 to 15.

i don’t know how long i was doing it for, maybe longer then it felt, but i finished the night with about 30 necklace’s. They drop allot faster then i was expecting and i didn’t find it that boring. It gave me time to talk to the LS which i hadn’t had chance to all day since I’d been a whm in party. I wish there was something i could do to show my love for SM, i feel like there should be something… but i don’t know what. 


Im not moving my HP or leaving windy till i get 250 necklaces, so they’ll be plenty more of the picture above to come!

Well maybe l’ll level blm or rdm, but farm mostly :P

Red Mage Rules: Keep your sub leveled, a lame and obvious rule but needs to be one!

Playtime: 92 Days, 12 Hours, 27 Minutes and 38 Seconds


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