Mill’a Mill Ding!

20 Oct

Brief entry as i didn’t do much today;

i got level 74 Redmage! A JP party and we went to kill some Imps, was very smooth and easy, had a Cor/Whm which I’ve never really agreed on but in our set up it worked. With me being ill and tierd i kept making little mistakes, mainly a refresh on a melee here and a haste on a corsair there. It was a nice party tho, i just hate making mistakes in-front of a Japanese >.<! i want to prove them wrong with their views that English speaking players blow.

course now I’m gimped when subbing whm and blm so gotta get them to 37 -.-; but yay for 74! Could i actually get level 75 on a job before ive been playing for two years?! the race is on!

Also today was Dynamis Windy, so here’s the story:

I didnt go.

kinda killed my blog plan for 2nite lol. I didnt go because id just lvled up and would have been back down to 73 again in the first 3 seconds. :P

The rest of the day i pretended to be a Black Mage while lazying about. I dunno if its weird that i like to /anon, dress up as a blm as my rdm and run around but just makes me happy >_>;;


[Is it a Bird? is it a Back Mage? No! its Millywoo. Seriously, im the master of disguise am i not?]

In other news, Congratz to Amith who got Diabolos! I wish could say i helped him get it but im not far enough into CoP. It was his 15th try i think? phew, glad i quit smn ;P


[Gratz Amith, hes freekin awesome.]

 Red Mage Rules: Don’t play when u are tired, or you may find u suck monkey balls.

Playtime: woops forgot to look, l’ll add it 2moz


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